Technics Graphic Equalizer Model SH-8046

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Technics Graphic Equalizer Model SH-8046
Technics Graphic Equalizer Model SH-8046
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Wellbred Nfed: In the late 1990's a friend of mine had a Technics touch control EQ that had separate touch controls and read outs for left & right. His biz was recording 78 rpm to CD -he had 40,000 78's. He's dead & I've looked & looked for something similar. Are you aware of other brands that have this feature?


Mark Schommer: My Technics equalizer is somewhat like this though mine doesn't have touch controls. Mine does have separate displays for right and left and it has presets if you want different equalization for different using. Mine used buttons on the top and bottom of the displays to adjust them. Technics with your equalizer and mine seems to have made some cool equalizers. My displays are also vacuum-florescent. 

luisfer412: how much is it? and u can tell me how can i set up it? what frecuency i need to up for the 7 EQ levels?

uxwbill: I agree wholeheartedly. It's not the volume, it's the quality...although I would say that a system that can stand up and deliver while maintaining good behavior is always nice...especially if it doesn't look the part and nobody sees it coming. Out of all of the modern stereo receivers I've played with, I think the Sherwood RX-4109 is probably the best when you can't have vintage stuff. Made in China, but pretty well made and I did get a service manual out of them. Plus it sounds pretty good.

lynchburgcsi57: @randomrazr Google.

JGonYT: I ended up getting one of these- It is really cool!

Agellius: OK. I appreciate you getting back to me.

Agellius: Great video. I would appreciate some help if you know the answer. I just bought one of these from a thrift store, but the spectrum analyzer doesn't do anything. I can switch to the SA view but the indicators don't move. I know it's hooked up right because I can hear the difference when the EQ is on or off. Am I doing something wrong, or is the SA just broken?

themaritimeman: Wow, what a marvel of vintage technology! The VFD display, the touch controls, the electronic equalization - that thing must have been expensive when new! I'm curious - how do you automatically know what many components on the circuit board do, like the ICs and capacitors? Do you look up schematics, or does it come natural with tons of experience? Great video!

Bubba Gump: Thank you so MUCH for posting this! I found this to be very informative and helped in my decision to buy one that I found on ebay. Your presentation was excellent and went a long way in explaining how this unit functions. This was key, since it's a used item and didn't come with a manual. Great job and keep the youtube posts coming!

James C. Gockel: This is really COOL and yes, they don't make them like this anymore, in fact, my New Home Theatre System is ALL Pioneer, Top Of The Line, but, I'm not real Happy with it, cuz even though it does EVERYTHING that a Home Theatre should, it's Display and Functions are rather LAME to say the least, in fact, EVERYTHING is Automatic on it, so you can't Adjust the EQ or anything really, other then going through a Setup Process and Adjusting the Speakers and Subwoofer, plus there's no Spectrum either. :(

moldymac: That thing is awesome! Love the touch sensitive adjustments.

clubcar98: Just say NOOO! Oh who am I kidding, im being a hypocrite right now, I would love to have that thing! Ive never seen a older Technics piece of equipment ever, I once saw a newer CD player but it was far cheaper then these nice ones you have. I absolutely love the touch buttons for adjusting the equalizer! This thing must have been a pretty penny when new. I wish I knew all the stuff you do about this, im good, but not that good. Where do you learn all this? haha

Mark Schommer: I have a Technics equalizer but not that one. Mine isnt the touch sensitive but it still does most of the stuff yours does. My left and right displays are seperate.

treymilli: I have an EQ like this in great working condition. I'm trying to sell it. How much you think it worth? Thanks

uxwbill: This is not for sale. I have no idea what the fair market value of this unit is. You can set the equalizer parameters to any value that you believe to sound good.

Maurizio Malavolta: wow this kind of thing would became the new "classic" hardware in less than 10 years

James C. Gockel: Funny thing is, I have the CD Changer Connected to the CDR/Tape Input of the Receiver and the Equalizer still won't Show or do anything, so I don't get it; however, I was told, that if I Connect the EQ's Output to the CDR/Tape Input of the Receiver, then Connect the CD Changer to the Tape Input of the EQ, then not only would it work, but I could Customize how my CD's all Sound, so what do you think of that?

daniel davies: were can i buy one of these?

ChadLand011: Technics from the 80's were really great, like you said they don't make em like that anymore. Disposable junk made in China is the norm now, I still use a Technics from 81 and it sounds way better than my buddies new $4000 amp he just bought. I'd like to get a tube amp from the late 70's cause I love my Rock and tube amps seem to make Rock sound perfect. I run a Tube amp in my truck just for that reason, its not about how loud but the sound is the best. Volume means nothing to me, its quality.

kragskov54: Terrific video! I picked up one of these units at a neighbors yard sale this past weekend. The neighbor bought it in the eighties and it looks like new. He assures me it functions perfectly. I'll be integrating it into my system tomorrow. How wonderful to get the lowdown on this extremely cool piece of equipment. Thank you for your insightful presentation. Ingemar.

treymilli: I have an EQ just like this one. In great working condition. I'm going to sell it. How much you think it worth? Thanks

randomrazr: @lynchburgcsi57 funny...

nipperoid: thats the coolest thing i ever saw!

vatchvult: Very cool.

digidude86: nice find, I got that same exact one I got and I love it,

uxwbill: That's the thing...sometimes I have to! Anything I buy or acquire, I try to be sure I can put it to good use. My quest to learn more about electronic devices and repairing them is almost as old as I am. My preschool teacher told me once (when I was in junior high) that I would go to the board and draw all kinds of electronic devices. I almost wish someone had taken a picture. Anyway...from that point on, I read a lot of books, starting with the Readers Digest Fix-It-Yourself manual.

TCN0101: At those conditions, I would not, but I feel that was a pretty dumb choice giving the set away.

answer6234: Hmm intresting

Beeftinkle: yeahhhhhh moms are dumb craps

TheDutchOwner: The designer(s) is/are really clever :)

uxwbill: @Agellius Unfortunately, I don't have an answer. My own equalizer has one dead channel that I need to troubleshoot--it is dead on the spectrum analyzer and the actual audio pathway.

djfunky1: I found one just like it last week while helping a friend throe out some old furniture. Everything works fine on it.

nsub6: awesome video that is really neat that its tutch

uxwbill: @summitsvift There is a silver version of this EQ. I've seen it in a video.

gmcnewlook: @randomrazr they are/were a brand of panasonic

uxwbill: It's a mixture. Some comes from experience and the study of other circuits. A lot of things that are common in various pieces of equipment (like power supplies or phono preamplifiers) have a lot of things that are similar. Once you see one, you've seen a lot of others. Other times I do look up the datasheets or service manuals for these devices, but usually only if I really can't figure out what a given circuit or part seems to be doing. Vintage Technics says it cost $350 new.

Ken Crooks: I finally found one of these locally in mint condition. It is a really cool EQ. Nice job explaining things on the video.

summitsvift: @uxwbill yes I can buy it from about 50 $ in silver, shame that any newer models of Equalizers were never made in silver, but hope it will suit my old Technics design.

James C. Gockel: Also, I have a Vintage Pioneer Model GR-860 Graphic Equalizer hooked up to my New System, more for the Display then anything, lol, but here's the Problem, it only Displays when I'm either Watching TV/Sat, using the Front Audio Ipod Input, usually for my Phone, works with the Radio of course, but when I Switch to DVD, Optical or the CD Changer, it no longer Displays anything, so whats the Problem, is it cuz those are Digital or something? :-/

uxwbill: @MsGnorts Yes, but... The problem with hooking up an equalizer to your speakers is that equalizers usually only handle stereo signals. You have speakers that reproduce 5.1 (.1 being a subwoofer) channels of sound. So while you can do it, hooking the equalizer up will force you to listen in stereo only or whatever "upmixing" modes your speakers offer.

john smith: i have the sh-ge70 very nice unit

MacintoshUser1986: Look like those are capacitive touch sensors, very unusual but also very nice for a vintage stereo piece.

xidam2727: Just got one from Ebay :)

TCN0101: crap, my mom just gave this and a complete set of other matching equipment to a stupid guy at work. The guy managed to blow the speakers, and i'm really mad for her doing that..

MrMaguire: that's a really cool way of adjusting the equalizer, stuff like that always amazed me when i saw it. it seems like they dont make things like that anymore, i wish the engineers were a little more open minded. it seems like they just make what people want instead of being creative and making something cool.

exodia333: thats the sickest eq I've ever seen way ahead of its time it looks like

uxwbill: @FalloutFanBoy101 They show up from time to time on eBay and you might get lucky and find one in a thrift store. Those are about your only options.

uxwbill: @Agellius You may want to stay tuned. Although I do not know when I will get to it, I do plan to examine and repair my own equalizer. My guess is that the problem in mine is similar to yours, even though it's affecting both the audio and spectrum analyzer on one channel. I do know that my unit has a visibly bloated capacitor it, and I'm sure that is causing some of the problem. You may want to look for the same, just be careful as there is a lot of IC logic in here that could be zapped.
Technics Graphic Equalizer Model SH-8046 4.8 out of 5

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Technics Graphic Equalizer Model SH-8046