Mascara De Solda Automatica

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Leonardo Machado: Olá, Moacir Tenho um amigo que perdeu a visão de um olho por não soldar com a máscara. Gostaria de saber se essa é a melhor no mercado, pois quero ''presenteá-lo'', antes que ele perca a outra. Grato pela atenção Leonardo Machado

algis179: geras daiktas!

Rodrigo Rodrigues: Bom Dia Moacir, que marca e essa mascara... desde já agradeço pela atenção.
Mascara de solda automatica 4.5 out of 5

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Jacqpierre Bleeker: awesomr racket i hav it
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GimliTehDwarf: Great job on this knife! I used it till the tip broke off and sent back to Kershaw and they replaced the blade for 10$. Glad I got it back in the pocket. I have about 35 knives and find myself carrying this more than half the time!
MrImperioGamer: olle puedo poner por ejemplo esto en mi closet??
Eric Richardson: +Abby Treanor's gift to me this fine evening. 
Bob Romanko: There's a much easier way to do this. Put the spring in it as you did, with the brake on, and the cover over the spring. To release the brake, remove the brake handle from the saw (2 bolts), and use the handle as a wrench to release the brake. Then install the handle, and install the cover. Works great! 
ROBISDISTURBED: @megamarsvin i don't know noting this days i don't even get why marijuana is illegal in the 1st place...

Mascara de solda automatica