Cummins 4BT In Ford F350

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Cummins 4BT in Ford F350
Cummins 4BT in Ford F350
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93' Suburban 4x4 Cummins 4BT conversion 26 MPG!
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Diesel Conversion Specialist F150 4BT Cummins Converison kit
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stanzomanny: The gum shot was nice!

Serge Smith: Should have been a 6BT!

David Blanco: How does it ride ? im thinking of putting a 4bt in a 1996 chevy 3500 dually x-tra cab , does it seem kinda lagging ?

utoobube: LMAO!!! Got a good laugh out of the comments

Jimbo Jerry: Subscribe to justhes youtube channel. He shows step by step how to do this swap into an 86 swb f150 and he uploads new videos every other day. Shows how to replace shocks...bushings. 4bt...transmission....everything. He deserves more views n likes for all his hard work check him out

Mitchell Stout: What kinda mileage do ya get... I'm fixing to buy an f350 that needs a motor and I can pick up this with a tranny for less then 3k... How though was the swap... 

Mitchell Stout: What kinda fuel mileage do ya get... Considering doing this to an old ford I can pick up fairly cheap because it needs a motor... I am aiming for mpg not ponies...

Gustavo Pereira: que bostaa ..

Tim Schneider: Didn't some 4bts make the same power as a 1st gen dodges...less weight better fuel economy...nice truck bro

Noah Howes: Why not a 6bt. The 4bt are way underpowered

thespeez: How much does the 4BT weigh in comparison to a small block V8 Ford, Chevy or Dodge? Is the 4BT good for a half-ton full size P/U? What suspension modifications would one suggest? Is the impact on handling significant? What transmission(s) are best? How badly do these engines vibrate? How much would it cost for a conversion?

craigcanski: This is sweet! I have the motor all pulled out of my 89 Chevy crew cab 1 ton. What is the gear ratio of your axles? And what is your top speed with the th400? I have the same trans on the 4bt that I bought

051282ify: what can a transmission used in thoses engines 4bt 3.9l cummins

Justin Wissinger: I want to put one of these is a 97 F350 with 6 in lift and 38in tires. I will be pulling a Tandem axle lawncare trailer. Will this be a good motor? I wont be keeping it stock of course

LRK29485: What if you put a turbo on it?

neko ninja123: i put air filter a cross front the battery. sorry gums my camera is sensibly

stanzomanny: I didn't see an air filter? and oh yea those gums !!!!

Sunfadedlovejaded: Look at those gums on that chick

Sunfadedlovejaded: on snap!
Cummins 4BT in Ford F350 5 out of 5

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Chuck Kahn: Awesome time-lapse of the TWiT studios in action by +Derrick Story using a 3rd generation iPad mounted to a Losmandy StarLapse motor with a Makayama mount with wide angle lens. The time lapse was captured using iStopMotion for the iPad by Boinx Software. WOW!

Cummins 4BT in Ford F350