Cummins 4BT In Ford F350

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Cummins 4BT in Ford F350
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Mitchell Stout: What kinda mileage do ya get... I'm fixing to buy an f350 that needs a motor and I can pick up this with a tranny for less then 3k... How though was the swap... 

Jimbo Jerry: Subscribe to justhes youtube channel. He shows step by step how to do this swap into an 86 swb f150 and he uploads new videos every other day. Shows how to replace shocks...bushings. 4bt...transmission....everything. He deserves more views n likes for all his hard work check him out

Mariana Guerrico-Hatch: I agree with Nathan - it is better to use a 6BT and if possible try to get a 94 to 98 1/2 model. These engines have a linear injector pump. WIth a TH400 transmission, I'm sure that you will have all the power you need to tow.

idontgiveafuck08: @MrStreck that body style did not have the 6.9 ford down away with that motor in 87 and started running the 7.3 idi until 94.5 when the 7.3 di powerstroke came along plus that truck looks like it had the 351w or 460 but i agree with ya the 6.9 was a hell of a pulling motor

MrStreck: you was better off leaven that 6.9L international or 460 big block

SakoTGrimes: I realize that the 6bt would be better for towing, but I like the 4bt, it's different, and still miles better than any wussy gas engine. Those are for cars!

Seattlecarnut: I would've thought that a 6BT would've been better for the Ford F250 or F350; but a 4BT would've been perfect for the F150. That being said, however, you seem to have been able to fit this 4BT 3.9 litre Cummins diesel quite well. I love how it sounds. How about taking the truck for a spin? Let's see what she can do.

landon460: Obviously I do because I nailed that one on the head. I'd put a 4BT in a Jeep, Scout, or Early Bronco but when you get into fullsize territory you might as well go with the 6 cylinder. Sure you can build the 4BT up to 6BT level but you'd be better off with a stock 6 cylinder to begin with. More power initially, more power potential, more parts out there, end of discussion.

slingingofstars69: i woulda put a intercooled 7.3. its more efficient woth no smoke going everywhere which means all power to the ground and better fuel economy.

bobby21j: dont get me wrong, you can pump some power outa those 4bt's but a 6bt would have been better..clan swap though, looks good 5 stars

Flattrack450r: @shelbyfin man as much as id like to i cant my house just burnt down on labor day and i dont have anytime to work on the truck but once everything has settled down ill talk to you and if you still have it we may talk im from ohio also so it mite be tough to go to georgia for a motor

Tyler Long: @weedissafer to old for a powet stroke. that truck looks like early 90s late 80s, powerstroke came out in 95, but it could have had a 6.9 idi diesel, or a 7.3 idi. then from 93-94 they had a 7.3 idi turbo diesel. then it became DI and was named the powerstroke, not being a smart ass with all the info just like sharing knowledge :)

dutch1999: Jesus that truck sounds like hell. I agree with the 6BT in a 3/4 or 1 ton. 4BT is best in a 1/2 ton.

DrMcelroy: Its not too small at all, these engines came factory in step vans that weigh a couple thousand lbs more than a 1 ton pickup. They put them in light duty Ford pickups from the factory down in South America, theyre capable of makin big power and loads of torque and get almost twice the mileage of the 6 cyl engine. Theyre very capable engines

stanzomanny: I didn't see an air filter? and oh yea those gums !!!!

weedissafer: @12VDISLMT do you think a 4bt cummins is a bit small for that truck though?

earsneyes1: @jeffcougar1968 Those motors stock have only 80-130hp or so, but all the tricks that a 6bt uses can be used on the 4bt. Putting the 4bt in your truck is a way easier because the motor mounts and brackets for a GM commercial chassis make it a bolt in. Add a few bolt ons and you can have a cheap 200-225hp motor with over 500 ft/lbs of torque that gets great mileage. You can go further than that of course; there's a guy that has a Pro Street Ford Ranger with a 4bt putting out 750hp on fuel only.

2heuerdt: how much money and how hard was it to convert this truck to 4bt?

kenfo0: @jay1394ful what a loser you are....

maxhauler: Awesome truck and fantastic swap! I have great love for the classic Ford diesels, the F350 chassis, the Cummins 6BT and 4BT, and the Dodges, so I love seeing a nice swap like this. While still getting plenty of torque, I bet you have one of the most fuel efficient F350 Duallys ever to hit the road!

BeboAltizer: lol, who would have thought that a 4 banger would have the balls to handle being in an f350?

Kahlo69: thats a hell of a swap

landon460: It will hold up and get great mileage but I would still take a 460, 7.3, or 6BT over a 130 horse inline 4. Those motors take forever to get up to speed especially with a 7000lb. truck.

jackcass13: the only way that truck could get better, is if it had a 92-96 front end. the engine could be better with twin turbos ;)

Justin Wissinger: I want to put one of these is a 97 F350 with 6 in lift and 38in tires. I will be pulling a Tandem axle lawncare trailer. Will this be a good motor? I wont be keeping it stock of course

weedissafer: did it have a powerstroke before? if so u shoulda left it the 4bt seems a lil small for a f-350

Batojiri1: who says 4bt and 6bt have to smoke? its poor tuning that causes 4bt and 6bt engines to smoke. also the 4bt has far greater fuel economy than a 7.3L T444 international engine, 26-30 MPG on the 4bt vs 14-18 mpg on a T444 that is operating properly.

Alicia Guerrico-Hatch: i put air filter a cross front the battery. sorry gums my camera is sensibly

GRAMPS6BT: It's a great engine to put into any vehicle even up to a one ton. My 350 tbi that came in my one ton crew cab isn't exactly fuel efficient and is anything but powerful. I'd take a 4bt any day over that gutless wonder of an engine I have now. I love that 4bt sound!

bradmann85: i want to put this engine in my bronco. same model front style as your truck. i love this engine for the high gas milage and great for just driving around. same engine ive seen in a bobcat.

danmonsterhog: you got room under the hood for 2 lol

marlboro bill: Isn;t it funny how the 4 cyl cummins is preferable to the 7 litre for ford diesel?

thespeez: How much does the 4BT weigh in comparison to a small block V8 Ford, Chevy or Dodge? Is the 4BT good for a half-ton full size P/U? What suspension modifications would one suggest? Is the impact on handling significant? What transmission(s) are best? How badly do these engines vibrate? How much would it cost for a conversion?

craigcanski: This is sweet! I have the motor all pulled out of my 89 Chevy crew cab 1 ton. What is the gear ratio of your axles? And what is your top speed with the th400? I have the same trans on the 4bt that I bought

051282ify: what can a transmission used in thoses engines 4bt 3.9l cummins

Sunfadedlovejaded: Look at those gums on that chick

EasternAggie: Yeah but there is every bit as much potential in them as there are in the 5.9's. Remember many of the 12v 5.9's were only rated at 160hp. It doesn't take much to get a 4BT up to 3-400rwhp.

Sunfadedlovejaded: on snap!

1100HondaCB: I found the 4BT to be better at pulling. The 4BT is a high compression engine. I drive vehicles of nearly the same dimentions with both the 4BT and 6BT engines in and the ones with the 4BT seem much better. The 4BT engine seems better at pulling up hills and hold their speed better.

BNFab: obviously never had the experience with one.. Some tuning you can make a lot of power out of them... who gives a crap about horsepower when you start making torque....

zjm92: hey buddy I just wonder how is that driving? I see there's room in that engine compartment for me to stand in there lol... I mean a dually 350 is engineered for a 7.3 powerstroke..

KDXLT306: was wondering what tranny you used and how it was mated to the 4bt

spuddud19: @kpshc707 why are you talking about the girl for? the video is about the truck

Noah Howes: Why not a 6bt. The 4bt are way underpowered

mirc225: mpg?

Jhon Handcock: looks like ya lost more than ya

landon460: I would have at least used a C6 tranny and given the setup some integrity.

mugabajones: hell yeahhh

AMCtilldeath: what kind of hwy mpg did you get? laden and unladen

David Vardy: @MrMindfreaker 453
Cummins 4BT in Ford F350 4.7 out of 5

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Cummins 4BT in Ford F350