1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 #CRTV420

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Naff Gutts: guy in blue @ 36:35 ROFL

Shaun Kelly: weed. Weed! WEED!!

Mark B: That is some sick ass crap

Joseph Kroon: Weedmaps TV only does 2 minute long videos that are just dubstep which is annoying because they use high quality cameras and have excellent editing. Therefore this channel is superior to Weedmaps TV because this video is of significant length

Daytona Farrer: What's the song at 7 past

Tyler Brill: I just came back from Denver. The quality there is insanse. Smoked some Blue Dream and was just completely lost. Ended up walking around the 5th floor of my hotel looking for my room until I remembered I was staying on the 3rd floor :/

peter reid: yo yo yo this is dj fart bong and i wanna say much respeck to colorado.

Soonmush: Good video, thanks for sharing! But I got so jealous...cause I'm afraid that Finland will be the last corner in the world as what comes to legalize M.J :( Alcohol has so incredible strong roots there.

toe-tuk: one common theme wit all  dem  peoples,, is dat day all be lookin like skreet bums,,   nasty,,  tattooed up,, and skanks,,

richie jackson: the earth is flat ....

Bird Man: so many people ripped out of their minds

eddy1367: R3dband

Anthony Alexzander: The feds always lie  that is why we need to be on their backs constantly to make sure they do their jobs. A government of the people for the people not of the elite for the elite.

bLazInNG420 S: 32:20 love at first site :) she was into you man

Hervé Côté: stupidyty does not get out of stupid peaples

puppycat412: thanks for the upload

puppycat412: heh, u throw ur voice a little when you talk to black people.  o.o

RICHARD WOLF: now the yanks got it leaglised but we still aint in uk fcuking wrong, hating life lol

Pudgy Clarke: what dates are the cannabis cup held on this year
1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 #CRTV420 5 out of 5

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Naff Gutts: guy in blue @ 36:35 ROFL
Lonnie Mather: Megatron:this is my planet(megatron rips sentinel apart almost to death)megatron:now we need a truce all I want is to be back in charge besides who would you be without me pirme?prime:time to find out(pirme gets mask out and attacks megatron and rips his head off)
MikeysRC: @RcWorld7 Then your plane will pitch UP every time you give it throttle.
Inge VS: the cats seems not impressed...bot even by the puppies spread sit lol
Антон Фурс: то есть ИПС на 16 гиг? а МВА на 32? это вообще не дело, странно
Silent Hague: do all the people where you live sound like you? to my Australian ear you don't have an accent :)
sliv booshay: Johnny that is a pretty cool find. My first new bike was a 1981 DT 80 ( got it new in 83 ) you are right parts are hard to find

1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 #CRTV420