1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 -CRTV

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Michael white: Wow. They should have some place for people to lay down. heheh After all the samples dont know if I would make it out the door without falling asleep. hehe

juanshow P: check me out at facebook. thecomputerclinipadilla

CJ Wright: if you really think about we should legalize all drugs

butters thegrate: Weed should not be legal unless u make all drugs legal

TOMMY HAWK: shared this

Leo Haines: Can't wait!!!

Leo Haines: We will be there 4/20/15! Yah, that's going to be the crap!!! I'm going to get tickets today!!!

By Joe For Joe: KirkSH52 That is some of the most judgemental stereotyping I have ever heard. Despite what the U.S. Gov't says, cannabis does have real medicinal values. I am a former U.S. Army soldier who is dealing w/ psych disorders, I also have generative disc disease, which has already cost me two spinal surgeries and a few discs. Pain medication like Oxycontin are highly addictive, which I had to learn the hard way. Since getting a med lisence for cannabis, I have got off all forms of narcotic pain meds, instead replacing them with cannabis. I am a full time college student now, and get mostly A's and B's. Your preconcieved notion that people who smoke everyday are "burn outs" is completely wrong. I love getting stoned and learning, it takes an otherwise boring task, and makes it fun. I have completely revamped the way I write my college papers, which has made me a better overall writer. Please do some real research, as opposed to taking some 1950's style prohibition stance on it. No amount of cannabis can be smoked that will kill you. With the rise of technology, we have produced vaporizers that are cleaner than any filter. You are greatly misinformed, for the love of God, please make atleast one stoner friend. 

oh yea: When is the mid west and south going to get on the band wagon for legalization of Marijuana, why is this part of the country so ignorant?

upstartrebellion: Lol @ the camera staring at the girls boobs after he looked at those bowls lmao

Joey19701975: What the hell happened to Colorado bunch of brain-dead freaking idiots

Aleksandra Czapike: 7.20 song name.?

tlove1983tl: I can't wait to get off papers to roll me up a good wood.

Даниил Шмит: Люди живут!!Не то что у нас быдло-законы

SPLATTERp: 26:00 song name ?

mirco1205: How do you guys in the US handle that with intoxicate driving. Here in Germany you don´t get punishment in most cases if they catch you with up to 6 Grams, but if they find active or even inactive Cannabinoids in you urine during a standart police traffic control they take your drivers license. So illegality of the substance isn´t that much of a problem, but as we all know cannabis is detectable forever in urine it´s almost impossible to not drive intoxicated in the eyes of the law and if you need your driving license for work you´re screwed. That´s the sword of justice here in germany. How do the officials handle that in the US f.e. in Colorado where it´s legalized? Smoke on Friday and drive in Wednesday ?? Or no urine controls?

Tide12NC: Nope!!! at 26:32 you'd have just lost me ever passing to you. That's messed up though. I know the mouth want touch it, but man come on, be inhaling your vaporized spit.....lol you guys better be like best buds or something.

David Hoover: Today, April 15th, is the anniversary of Jack Herer's passing. The man who dedicated his lifetime to educating the world about HEMP and started the HEMP MOVEMENT with his book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". Out of respect for this man, ple...ase forward these 2 links to everyone you know and post them on any social media sites you can access.....To learn more about Jack Herer the man visit .....http://www.jackherer.com/about-2/ ..........To be able to read what is often referred to as the Bible of the pro-marijuana movement, you can read it (FOR FREE) at JackHerer.com

Nick Whynott: wow im shocked nobody has mentioned anything about seeing R3DBAND @ 11:30

ACTI VITY: CRITICAL KUSH - For the curious ones - [ 8Megapixel CMOS + Macro Lens 1.5 ]  [Y]
1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 -CRTV 5 out of 5

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1st US High Times Cannabis Cup Denver Colorado! DAY 2 -CRTV