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herman suhario: Nice bike.
Zack The Wolf: Shooting Around at the Speed of Sound got places to Shoot at
xVeyron | Bugatti: 16 Parts
CriS Dim: uso ancora questo telefono, dopo avergli cambiato rom e aver comprato una batteria più capiente mi trovo davvero bene!
brendon douglas: i was about to get the flashdrive then i loose it ( :
Jimmy Kimber: I have this truck, Black LTZ71 2 months old. I dare to ask, what the hell has GM done with the coating on the frame and underbody? its a black wax like stuff that you can pick off with your fingernails. Mine is already falling off. How can they say its the "Most Rust Resistant Silverado Ever" with this crap??? I love the truck but this pisses me off. If anyone can explain this stupid logic, please, i am all ears. 
blaulicht13: Sorry habe Deine Antwort erst jetzt gelesen. Ist bestellt und sollte in den nächsten Tagen eintreffen. Bin gespannt!! :)

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