LG 840g Browser Comparison

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LG 840g Browser Comparison
LG 840g Browser Comparison
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CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR: I have not gotten Youtube to stream in any browser yet... :-/

nybsbfan18: how do i keep the mass storage on? i clicked & dragged itunes to my phone.

BMX Music: Where did you download the doodlejump and Facebook App?

Tedd Huhta: do you know how I can get Text Free on my LG 840g?

Mr. GeforcerFX: its in the prepaid apps settings

MobileTechnology Reviews: All of the apps available for the LG 840g are free. I'm not sure if Text Plus has a Java application that will work on the 840g, but you can try a Google search to find out.

MobileTechnology Reviews: I not sure I understand what you are asking? Could you please clarify?

jose coreas: how did you get the minutes off the widget contacts

jose coreas: can you get free apps such as text plus

MobileTechnology Reviews: Nope. You can only access YouTube via the stock browser

katypidge: I may get this phone- can you access youtube through UCbrowser?

FlatusOhlfahrt: got it to work - thanks

MobileTechnology Reviews: Yes, there is a full landscape QWERTY keyboard for sending texts.

MobileTechnology Reviews: Check in the description. "How to remove virtual Java keypad"

hulkame: Does anyone know how to log out of facebook on lg840g

FlatusOhlfahrt: when I access opera mini I get the navigation screen at the bottom... I noticed your's doesn't - how do you get rid of that? (nav screen like w/ google maps)

kanji4flame: Is there a full keyboard when you sent out a text msg?

MobileTechnology Reviews: jayh57 is incorrect. When the phone is on WiFi, the 3g is basically turned off. If you do not have WiFi available, then the phone will use 3g (minutes)

MobileTechnology Reviews: Mine doesn't do that. I think you had a defective phone.
LG 840g Browser Comparison 5 out of 5

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Ade Larsen: In Australia, Who makes or supplies the longer heavy duty Squid poles ??
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LG 840g Browser Comparison