Purolator Vs Fram Oil Filters

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purolator vs fram oil filters
purolator vs fram oil filters
Synthetic oil filters  fram vs napa vs purolator
Synthetic oil filters fram vs napa vs purolator
( WARNING ) For You Fram Oil Filter Lover's.YouTube
( WARNING ) For You Fram Oil Filter Lover's.YouTube
Inside of the Fram Oil Filter after 8000 mi  with Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40 Synthetic Blend Oil
Inside of the Fram Oil Filter after 8000 mi with Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40 Synthetic Blend Oil
Rant on oil filters. Fram vs. WIX.
Rant on oil filters. Fram vs. WIX.

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Garrett Balay: the thing i really like about fram is the grip on the bottom of the filter

Diego Nicola: Nowaday Purolator is made buy Mann Hummel with same technology and you can find that design in mane bosch oil filters

ThizzFox: "for a camry"

filters arent made for specific cars you freaking fatass autistic pony loving dipcrap

Lee Suggs: Doesn't matter with the filters made out of its matters to me on how many plates there are

Timetryp: Fram shows pleat separation and distortion after minimal on vehicle use.  It obviously cannot hold up to the oil pressures that it is subjected to.  Loose fitting anti-drainback valves and cardboard end caps also imply lack of quality.  I think there are videos showing the amount of sediment that gets thru various filters, but the shoddy construction alone is enough to make me avoid Fram.

Vincent Higgins: Do your homework before making a video people!  Purolator made by Champ. Labs?  Champ. Labs has NEVER made a Purolator filter.  In fact, Champ. Labs is owned by none other than FRAM! There are also numerous other issues with his filter analysis.

SOLID SNAKE334: i never liked Fram filter,

Rafael Michel: Why are you doing a vid when there are ones 100x's better? Really!


fmslick: You're fish tank is low! 

Jason Burt: And FRAM replies, "we make OEM filters for GM, Honda, Subaru...... FRAM may make OEM filters, but I guarantee  they are not the same quality as their aftermarket filters. FRAM is all smoke and mirrors. Buy the way, Purolator invented/patented  the oil filter in the 1920's, it is in their best interest to try and make the best filters for their namesake.

jhon chapter 3 verse 16holybible: Purelater look ok but the gasket that makes contract with the engine on the fram thicker look like would do better job of sealing but purelator do make motorcraft aka Ford filters but i agree with lot's of you i would like to see a oil after filtered through these filters

arios211: I never use Fram not because of the cardboard end caps but because the ADV and the bypass valve fit very loosely.

Robert Diehl: Fram Ultra is a great synthetic filter and much like the build quality of the old orange Frams before they went to paper ends..

frankj19758: This guy has no idea how Oil filters work. Get some years under your belt before you make a video about oil filters. Just because you are taking automotive class in high school, that does not make you an expert! There absolutely nothing wrong with Fram. Purolator filters suck!

Stan Skaggs: I have seen about a dozen of these filter comparison videos.. none actually compare the filter materials.  They just look at the fluff of the metal filter frame or cardboard filter frame.. it is not a beauty contest, right?  How well do they filter?  Anyone? Anyone?  I do not stickup for FRAM or the other companies, but I would like to see some real comparisons.  The filter material looks the same on all the different ones.. Can anyone look into this?  How does flow through each compare.. etc..
The FRAM is nice in that it has a grip black end on it.. nice and pretty pretty.. LOL

Josh Henderson: CARDBOARD.

Dihedral Dodecahedron: Good enough. Straight forward and comprehensive. Good work.👌

julio.g nomzuno: Yeah I don't use fram anymore the gasket on my filter split in two and I had a crazy oil leak I thought my engine broke or something then I check it was the dumb filter so yeah no more fram

TheArfdog: Cardboard? Cardboard?
purolator vs fram oil filters 5 out of 5

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purolator vs fram oil filters