Purolator Vs Fram Oil Filters

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purolator vs fram oil filters
purolator vs fram oil filters
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Synthetic oil filters fram vs napa vs purolator
Rant on oil filters. Fram vs. WIX.
Rant on oil filters. Fram vs. WIX.
( WARNING ) For You Fram Oil Filter Lover's.YouTube
( WARNING ) For You Fram Oil Filter Lover's.YouTube
Purolator Oil Filter - Dirty and Exposed
Purolator Oil Filter - Dirty and Exposed

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Ray G: My pops has a truck with 250k. Always uses the Fram orange cans of death. Change your damn oil when its due and you'll be fine. Do you think the metal end caps somehow fuse with the paper to create a perfect seal? Guess what, at the end of the day, its the adhesive that counts. Sure, paper looks cheaper but it works.

MrCrimsonbeast: that was not the anti drain back valve that was the bypass valve

SGDeGalvez: now ya tell me. sheesh.

gimik2: Is there somone taking a leak in the background? What's up with the running water sound?

TheDerrty111: Really a freaking cardboard lol

lightningsmokerXx: Wix , K&N good choices.

stay away from cheap filters peoples such as Fram if you are smart.

ReddmanDGZ: Fram filters are a mess of problems, plastic or sometimes even cardboard bypasses with thermal adhesive, cardboard caps means it's not filtering much after about 5-10 minutes.

William Morton: how does the my little pony toy compare to the purolator? lol good video man!

ubgood y: my opinion his that the end caps are not carboard but a fiberboard , when the filter his tight in the can the filter end cap seal the filter to the spring leaf also you should make a test on media micron with a machine for testing the microns that the media picks up . filter companies dont all buid the same way . but the most important part is when the dirty oil goes in and how mutch particales did the filter pick up on the first pass. to me that is the way to check the performance of the filter .Example if 100 articles go in the filter and 3 come out of that filter well guess what you have a filter with 97% ifficiency.and i rather have a filter with less pleats but with a better quality média . Filters with glass media and silicone anti drain valve and also containing a by pass valve when needed and that has also the right setting. (example 32-40 pressure differencial when the car builders require it ). and a filter that will withstand a 200 pound pressure before buldging if it needs to be built this way . Just my opinion . To me major filter company meet these standards.

George Lerma, Sr.: What about the filtering material? That's most important.

SilverStar Heggisist: I'd love to see a video comparing Fram Ultra Synthetic.

SilverStar Heggisist: thanks you might have just converted a life long Fram filter fan. especially since one of my trucks sits a lot I can see the cardboard deteriorating between long oil change intervals.

btchhopperou812: Frams bottom end filters are GARBAGE. I have done 12,000 mile changes with Fram vs. Purolator vs. Napa gold. All with Mobil1 extended. Fram scared the hell outta me at 9k so theirs finished only 3/4 the test because the oil was getting to dark for my comfort zone(and the fact that I go so long between changes) and it's my DD I did this 'test' with. Napa was way cleaner than the Purolator but Purolator was not unacceptable IMO for the amount of miles. The oil run with NG filter looked only slightly darker than new oil @ a little over 12k. Fram @9K was pretty dark but not black, Purolator oil was decent, for the price I'd say very good. Napa gold was hands down winner but if you change every 3-5k, Purolators my choice cuz of cost.

bottomlayer: Purolator is NOT made by Champ Labs!

Fram is actually the parent company of Champ! Yeah, Champ makes Royal Purple and Mobil 1 filters, but they also make a filter even worse than the orange can, called the Ecore. In addition to the cardboard, the Ecore also replaces the metal center tube with plastic!

There is the Fram Ultra, which uses metal end caps and wire-backed synthetic media like Royal Purple. The Ultra is a great filter at a good price.

But Wix is better than both Fram and Purolator!

Wa3ypx: Oh and I have used the Meister Brau oil with the Bronies

Wa3ypx: I gotta say the Purolator has never given me as much trouble as the Broney gummie bears, although I am older than 3+ years of age.

bjjbrawler1: I usually stick to the Purolator's...
solid contruction and good reputation... every 3 to 4 thousand miles.

Although I would like to see an actual filter media test, like Stan Staggs underneath me has said.

That would be the real test of oil filtration IMO....

Garrett Balay: the thing i really like about fram is the grip on the bottom of the filter

Diego Nicola: Nowaday Purolator is made buy Mann Hummel with same technology and you can find that design in mane bosch oil filters

Lee Suggs: Doesn't matter with the filters made out of its matters to me on how many plates there are
purolator vs fram oil filters 5 out of 5

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purolator vs fram oil filters