Purolator Vs Fram Oil Filters

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purolator vs fram oil filters
purolator vs fram oil filters
Oil Filter Comparison: Inlet Port Sizes • Purolator VS Fram VS Mobil1 VS K&N VS AC Delco VS CarQuest
Oil Filter Comparison: Inlet Port Sizes • Purolator VS Fram VS Mobil1 VS K&N VS AC Delco VS CarQuest
Choosing the BEST OIL FILTER...FRAM vs WIX vs K&N vs Others
Choosing the BEST OIL FILTER...FRAM vs WIX vs K&N vs Others
Purolator Oil Filter - Dirty and Exposed
Purolator Oil Filter - Dirty and Exposed
OIl Filter Comparison...STP vs FRAM vs BOSCH vs MOBIL1
OIl Filter Comparison...STP vs FRAM vs BOSCH vs MOBIL1

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Benjamin Grimes: Sir, may I ask where you got your engineering degree from? Oh, you don't have one, you say? That's what I thought. Educate yourself, fool. And turn off the TV next time you make a video. You sound like a real winner.

Dirt Muhgert: the fiber bottom ends aren't as bad as many folks think. i've never heard of that ever failing in any case. heck, even the factory filters for Bentley have fiber endcaps.

Juan Gonzalez: I never had any problems with fram........

brasspick: My first experience with Purolator filters was in the '80's. I bought a Sears & Roebuck "store" brand filter, made by Purolator. 5,000 miles later, my oil was brown, versus being jet black after using the Frams. Also, my engine ran smoother, and got slighty more MPG's.

Timothy vandestroet: bosh is beather

Robert Keeton: /)

james heichel: the upper valve is for bypass dumbass, if the element becomes to restricted that valve allows oil to still get back into the engine. the lower one is an anti drain back valve to keep the oil in the filter to prevent dry start-up.

Nathan Smith: Thanks, very helpful. Now I can choose the $2.49 Purolator 'Classic' over the $4.29 Fram 'Extra Guard' oil filter.

faxmen09: Cardboard, Cardboard, Carboard.  Fram prefers the term "engineered fiber". Of course Cardboard is engineered fiber. xD   Oh Purolator not made by Champ Labs, they are now owned by Mann & Hummel.

garethrees100: What have you actually proven ? Not much I think

Mitch Thompson: And i paused the video to see if i had a facebook message @0:04

Bill Batross: For years I have been using Fram oil filters in my vehicles. Not anymore! When I recently changed my oil and oil filter, the Advanced Auto employee suggested that I start using Purolator oil filters instead! He said that they are a lot better oil filter then Fram is! According to this video, I guess that he was right!

Junior Sucioz: Idk why everyone is making a big deal about this honestly if you change your oil/filter whenever its due your vehicle is going to be okay

John Adams: Fram filters are known to be a the BOTTOM of the pack. Fram is Almost UNACCEPTABLE.

John Adams: You need a video camera that works. Thanks for trying, though.

Yard Sale Dale: Won't the felts (cardboard) swell up with oil?

sale Hillal: It is not cardboard. Be informed before you embarrass your self in public.

sale Hillal: Purolaters and Frams are both bottom of the barrel filters . Purolaters elements tear.

Peter Piper: Well the Purolator is definitely constructed better. It's also about 50 cents cheaper than Fram in Walmart.
BUT.... when they're out of Purolator, I'll buy a Motorcraft or Bosch.
Out of those and I'll pick up a Fram and not feel bad about it.
Even if it has a gaping hole in it that means your oil is unfiltered for 3,000 miles.
Your engine is still getting oil and would fare worse if it overheats ONE time.
Too much emphasis is being put on these filters.

Justin P.: The only good fram oil filter is the ultra
purolator vs fram oil filters 5 out of 5

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purolator vs fram oil filters