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2013 Suzuki DR650SE - Walkaround - 2013 Quebec Motorcycle Show
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Drowned bikes. wet boots. Suzuki DR650. BMW F800GS & HP2 on the trail.

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marlboro18061967: Великолепно!

RE_Remus_: DR can be a freaking beast to start. Got one myself, DR 350 S but still. I dont regret that I bought the DR, but at times when its cold you need time to start with kickstarter lol. E-Starter would be helpful then. You got a like for the video btw ;)

GURken: XT600E better :)

Glenn Snelling: Dr 650 beating a Hayabusa over the quarter mile !!! If the quarter mile was dirt, uphill with rocks and tree roots then yes but flat asphalt ? No way, I refuse to believe that, not in a million years. You wouldn't see which way the "Bus" went. A fully worked DR against a stock standard Busa wouldn't stand a chance. My Bandit 1200 would flog any DR 650 all day long. 

fireloko99: What is this songs name????

Andrew Connellan: Speedo on the black one looks like mine...constantly on zero.

Jeff S: Awesome, best motorcycle review ever! lmao :)

Quiett55: I just myself a Nice DR650, I hope that it brings me the cool looks and Chicks that Bike deserves. Great Vid.

Zone Television: This and the DR200 by far the best dual sport bikes in the world.

Kevin Lee: Seriously it really is the best bike in the world however some mods need to be done let me explain. DR650SE Suspension Issues and crash: I broke my back very severely when I hit a desert wash-out on a dirt road. The rear suspension didn't work very well, and the bike actually sprang back up like a bucking bronco, and hit me in my butt. The force of the impact was incredible I heard it snap like a tree branch. It caused my L3 to shatter/burst and my T-11 to crack pretty bad. I've had 10 surgeries and a failed lumbar fusion. I found out 2 years, after the incident that my back is destroyed. It sucked working with constant pain after bing cleared to go back to work by a radiologists MD and 2 ortho doctors. This almost paralyzed me for life. That's why I have had all these surgeries.they don't want to fix the problem just gloss it over with deep injections and RF ablation. Nothing seems to be working. My back has never been the same. It began to bother me while back years later. It has giving me severe problems. I was told by another two ortho doctors that it supposedly had completely healed up. They then corrected their assessment by looking at the detailed studies. Because I had an MRI done recently and they now found out they were wrong 'cause about half of one of the worse had collapsed and my vertebrae hight 40%. That is a 60% loss it's just crushing my nerves, and it also caused other parts of my spine to degenerate. I live with a bunch of metal in my back holding my spine in place. I was so mad cause I had rode my Honda duel sport, with no issues, and my Honda 250, and my KTM's no problem, hitting Ruts bigger or going through whoops that are no big deal. Why in the would Suzuki. after researching myself and going to different webpage, clearly knows from feedback (and I'm not the only one.) They keep manufacturing, to my knowledge, a terrible suspension; putting riders safety at risk by a horrible suspension system is unacceptable. It is been the Dr650SE's that can and will hurt people. The DR is one of the best bikes in the world. But at best the stock system makes it as a 90/10 bike at best!and no single track. I also wonder if they have been sued yet in a class action complaint!' by multiple riders all over the world who were injured riding the Suzuki DR 65OS To at least force a mandatory recallc? Seems like everyone I know has had to immediately change out the dampeners, and put shims or just plain and simple install a new modern spring kit involving for the rear mono suspension/ spring. Anyone can give an answer on any class action lawsuit please advise. It has been a living nightmare. By the way I'm looking into getting replaced vertebrae and disc combos on three layers with new mechanical joint implants. I heard that only a couple doctors practice this Thanks be safe Kevin B

Brodie Paine: If it is such a good bike, then why is it not voted as the best bike of the year? Why is it not included in super sport shoot outs? I honestly don't understand. 

Elliott Alameda: what windscreen is that at :48. I wanna get one for my KLR

lewieajbeastforlife: Please explain how a dr 650 with 46 hp 'destroys' a hayabusa which would have over 200 hp?

ErikBernard: I just bought the 2014 dr650se soo pumped to go riding

Miguel Flores: South Florida - have 2007; best purchase ever - looking for any recommendations towards everything (GPS, maintenance, mechanics, accessories etc.) Thanks 

Guayabera Media: I've only road street, never road dirt but I really want to start, would you say to go for a bush pig (to use the aussie term) like the DR or 690, or just plate an enduro? (I have to ride to the off road spot). 

Mark LaFlamme: Fan-freakin-tastic. 35,000 miles on my beast and still thumping.

ossa60: I sold mine to a cousin this weekend.......HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I don't know what to do with my life....I'm hopeless!

mike burrly: This video pushed me over the hump on my decision. I'm goin for a dr650 baby! Screw the klr!!!!

Adam Kadmon: im guessing his speedo is disconnected so he can sell it as a "low mileage grampa owned never been offroad ever ever in its life only ridden on weekends never full throttle cause my 88 year old quadriplegic grampa owned it" bike just like every other beat to crap bike on craigslist

Zone Television: I am now officially a FAN of SGP !!!!!! GUYS please do one on the DR200 !! :)

Zone Television: Hell yes

E2D: Is it really that good of a bike? God damn. Lmfao nice video.

tbjimcollins: Loved it! Nothing like a DR!

Dwayne Self: I own a 08 Dr and It's the most awesome duel sport in my book! If memory is correct It's a 6 speed heck can't remember because I also ride a concours and a yzf, but Hell who's counting gear when your in the zone... Love the video laughed my ass off, some complain about all the fancy gadgets on the other models but it has everything you need don't have to worry about some fancy tachometer or some trip meter going out anyways who's looking at that if you are your probably on the ground not riding.

Karl Pershing: Beautiful girl on a dirt bike = YUMMY

Николай Складанюк: а это самый быстрый способ передвигаться летом вне дорог и в городских джунглях.

vladedy: how tall you need to be to ride a DR 650? Is 1.80 ok?

Geoffrey Lucius: good tune

curly27784: It's lack of technology is part of what the makes DR such a good bike. There's nothing more frustrating than having a high tech bike with an electrical problem when you're in the middle of nowhere. As far as the claims of awsome torque....IT'S ALL TRUE!

tazka69 .: haha i was wondering if i should buy one just because it had pretty nice power and the one i looked was pretty nicely tuned but after this video, goodbye ktm and welcome suzuki!

carloux1: Love the song, love the DR!!! PS: I would pay for that song! I know it is from one of the riders, does he upload the song or something similar?

Glenn Snelling: I have a DR 650 and I absolutely love it but I think some of the claims are a bit exaggerated. It's a bike that's been relatively unchanged since the 90's. Husabergs, KTMs and some other bikes are technologically superior. The DR is air cooled, carby fed, steel framed, analogue speedo and only 5 gears which is a bit dated now, but having said that I absolutely love mine and intend to keep it for a long time.

fredy samael Arango: how is the name of that song?

Polo God: nice bikes and sexy lady on it.... 

secretgardenproject: composer is strummerdrz on youtube if you wanted to send him a message...

moonshinedesigns: I love my dr650. Best of bike ive owned in a long time. Ride safe!

Filipcreate: What is the music?

Bud Rhodes: I'd take a Honda XR650R or XR650L over this....

Jrmcmlln: I was going to buy one then I saw this vid. So I bought an sxv 5.5 instead

spudhead: hey what song is that?

secretgardenproject: if you aren't ready for the power and general awesomeness of a DR then one of those Hondas would not be a bad stepping stone.

David A.: Lol

josephisthegreat: How do you pop wheelies at that speed? I cant do it past first! Respect.

Dao's Place: This channel is awesome. One day if I'm ever in your area, I'd love to team up and do a Dao's Place/Secret Garden video together!

pan theMan: there's a man ,who really likes his bike. Loved the video!!!

eveRide ADV: HAHAHAHA! Priceless!

5dot7: bought one today!

Anthony West: Loved the "crop circles are just DR650's doing donuts". Nice vid!

ossa60: I just got to argentina from Colombia in myself, in one ot these. It's reliable and tough as hell and rode effortlessly for days over 4.5 thousand meters over sea level and highways. Just added a 5.3 acerbic tank, a windshield and bag panniers. You can make this bike whatever you want it to be with a very low budget. You can even install a big bore kit and turn it into a 800cc. No other bike gives you this flexibility. Wind shoulders at high speeds is the only inconvenience.

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I have a question. I have a 16-35 f 4 and a 24-70 f 2.8 II (so I am accustomed to fantastic bokeh that I don't want to give up to) both Canon. I want to complete my gear with a 70-200 but I cannot decide between the f 4 and the 2.8 IS II.
I can justify the higher price of the 2.8 because for me quality is the first thing, but I am worried that I could regret my choice since I use my gear principally when I travel, and making 10 km a day with a 16-35 f 4 (615 gr) and 1.5 of the 2.8 in the backpack will be annoying me. I also have the fear that, for the higher weight of the 2.8 I wouldn't use it as much as I want.
My 6D with my 24-70 2.8 II is now around 1490 gr. (the weight of the 70-200 2.8) which will go to 2170 gr. with the 70-200 f 2.8 IS II.
So what do you think I should do?
Thank you very much.

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