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Suzuki DR650 Ride Review.
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2015 DR650 Review
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MXTV Bike Review - 2011 Suzuki DR650SE
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Ralph Livingston: I was a virgin until age 26. I got my first Dr650 at age...26.

steven j: Damn!! Here in Ga at my local Suzuki dealership I can get a 2016 DR 650 for 6499.00

yeah nah mate: Just got quoted $9500 by an ipswich dealership for a 2016 dr650 this seems a bit steep I was sure they were more around the $8500 mark could you point me in the right dealers direction or am I just a Jew hahah

oldfrogdivin: Excellent upload , I got an old 96 Dr650 sitting in my carport runs like a beast i got an upload of it on my utube thingy under my name its for sale too In Florida USA....Are oz bikes speced different then the us version? Well done!

jon lane: Been trying to get this song for years now... Send it!!!!

thealvaco: What's the song? Nice video btw!

Al GESBREK: Love your Vid & comments ...watched it twice,laughed my head offffff ! I'm 71 ..had an xt350 last year ,because of my age I think I will be on a suzuki 650 v-strom next year ,with a fairly agresive tire ,so I don't land on my ass--- can't afford any more injuries. .happy trails ..Al

cat escobar: One of the VERY BEST DR vids, I*ve ever seen - great job, secretgardenproject :D
And your other DR vid too ( - There can only be a winner :D )
I ride 2 DRs 650 SE (both ´97) - & I love my DRS :D

albert michelin: deadly video! check out my videos if your into dr650s. I own the 1990 dr650s and the 2015 dr650 se. ive owned 2 dr600s as well. wouldn't trade them for anything.

Rustic Thumper: The bike, the music, what a beautiful combination

MaxPaing: only 34 horespowers my dr 650 from 91 has 45 horsepowers could it be that you mean Kilowatts not horsepowers

Shawn Couwenhoven: I was dieing!! Those comments are hilarious 

Tummysticks315: love my 1990

Thermoman 69691: This style of bike will always give great pleasures… if you had to use a vehicle and run for your life, what would you choose?¿? Me… my trusty XRV650 would be my gateway out of here;)) Great video btw!¡! 

C moore: I really enjoyed the video. Believe it or not, I'm 65 and have been riding for over 50 years. I started before there were any dirt bikes even available in the US. Motocross wasn't even here yet. All we had were what were called scrambles and flat track. I've broken everything that can be broken at least once. I'm planning on getting a dp bike as another toy. I gave a fusion in my neck so I know I won't be able to be as aggressive as I want to be. The doctor told me if I hurt my neck again I will be paralyzed. Actually, nobody makes what I really want. I want to run Pikes Peak in June in the senior division. I'm looking for something that I can go anywhere but still ride 250 miles on. On top of that, I'm short. I've raced everything but trials, so I definitely know what I'm doing, I just don't know if this is what I need. I like liquid cooling, but I don't want a klr because they are too heavy for off road. They are more for soft road. Any suggestions? The BMW 800 is too tall and too heavy.  A little pricey, too but love the Rotax.

byers: Sorry the rider is great not the bike! when he rides a XR650R that is tricked out like the DR650 he will know!

Bush Pig: What happened to the awesome commentary!?!

DR Dan: The DR 650 is a good adv bike with a few mods.  It needs a seat and a larger tank at the min.  I have that and bark busters, skid plate, heavy springs front and rear, exhaust, carb mods, pro taper bar, lower gearing, rear rack and wolfman bags.

The motor is very smooth for a big single which helps on the highway.  The stock seat sucks and stock tank is too small.  Add a better exhaust, with carb and air box mods and you should be getting close to 40 hp.

The skid plate, bark busters and pro taper bar are crash and trail protection.  It would suck to fall and badly bend the handle bar in no where.  Broken levers and a hole in the crank case can ruin an adv ride quickly.

I took my big pig to the CO Rocky Mts last summer and had a blast.  Dropped it several times with no damage.  Got a nice scar on the skid plate.  It saved the trip and my checking account.

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