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Suzuki DR650 Ride Review.
DR650 Review
DR650 Review
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MXTV Bike Review - 2011 Suzuki DR650SE
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Greg Jaynes: What's that song in the back ground. I really like it.

Djerun88: This is fun..but did you realice, that the suzuki dr 650 is a softenduro and is only handsome to some kitty, kitty !

Michael Wilson: whew for a minute I thought this might be subjective.... Have a Dr450, though fun and versatile it is limited. though off road I have enjoyed big bore singles for nearly 43 years.....
Will try one somehow someday very soon, but sorry have already ordered my 1090R....

Jack Johnson: lol , i was 172 cm , and 18 years old driving the beast first and it was the biggest lesson: if you can ride this you can ride evrything

Maiden America: The sense of humor in this video is exactly why DR650 owners are a breed of their own - good fun!! Took my beast to Colorado after my KTM engine gave up the ghost. the DR650 rode Colorado trails that I seriously never thought she would. Telluride's Black Bear Pass - yup. on a fully loaded DR650. Truly a madly versatile bike. I live near US129 "The Dragon" and Tard her past the Harleys and Busa's like a f**king boss. Keep up the Great humor and loved the video. Had to share it because people who know me - know the DR650 is #MyBeast

Jay Powell: Chuck Norris rides a DR...nuff said!

Pingman: I know this video is tongue in cheek but I'm guessing a 690 enduro would outshine a DR650 in probably every way?

Christos Z: i seriously think of buying one these days , hard to find a good used one :/

blazerunner 99: Damn !! why do the tall peoples have all the fun , since i'am only 5.5 feet the DR650 it is out of my reach , tall peoples do piss me off.

Juanita Pate: Cool,y name is Louie, the account is in my wife's name, just a little about bike.
it's been completely restored and upgraded.
the guy who did the work was the Kedo parts distributor for the U.S. and it has every Kedo part made for the TT.
it has a YZ490 front forks and triple tree, ,longed Oilns coil over oil rear shocks set up and valved for a big guy, I'm 6' 250 pounds, I've just added a Clark 3.5 gal tank, it's bored .20 thousands over, Wiseco piston, ICO Rally computer, Garmin Extera GPS unit, roll map holder, basically one bad assed big bore thumper of an Enduro.
Let me know if there's a way to send you pics of it , I'm 55 years old and have been riding since I was 12.
I quit racing motox and Enduro in the early 80's and got into road racing, but came across this bike and had to have it.
your videos have been a big help requiring long forgotten slow speed off road technical skills but I'm coming along .
as you said the wide open fast stuff is eazy, it's the bunny hops and such that take lots of practice.let me know if there's a way to send you pics and please keep.your buds coming,

MrLankruza: Great for highway and non-technical off road. It ll take you straight up a mountainside if you can pick a straight line. Too heavy to be manoeuvrable

E2Moto: The DRZ400SM is a wheelie machine, but there's a wheelie monster? 0_0

JORGE VI: Hola moteros, tuve recientemente una Dr 650 modelo 2013 y la compré porque me deje llevar por este video y creí que era en verdad una moto buena pero Vaya decepción , es una moto MALA de nueva como a los 4000 km. empezó a tirar aceite y caía al motor y se quemaba y parecía una chimenea, la lleve a reparar y me la arreglaron, después como a los 7000 km. una noche circulando en el tráfico, simplemente se apagó y no arrancó, tenía batería y tenia gasolina pero no encendió, me ayudaron a empujarla algunas personas pero ni a empujones salió, tuve que llevarla de noche yo solo empujandola como 10km. para llegar a mi destino y días después la lleve a la agencia y me salieron con que la reparación me costaría como al valor de US dollar 700. Y me Tardaría porque conseguirían la refacción, la arreglaron y en menos de una semana volvió a fallar y me volvió a dejar tirado en la noche otra vez, así que después de haberla reparado por segunda ocasión, tome la decisión de venderla, POR MALA así que si piensan comprar una, primero piénsenlo bien antes de gastar su dinero y pasar malos ratos el la BEST MOTORCICLE OF THE WORLD ja ja ja

Snapps: i changed likes from 666 to 667 and for that i am sorry :(

Zsolt Hamel: What"s the music's name?

Clu883r: My GSX-R1000 was no match for the mighty DR! I went home shamed. All hail DR650.

Ralph Livingston: I was a virgin until age 26. I got my first Dr650 at age...26.

steven j: Damn!! Here in Ga at my local Suzuki dealership I can get a 2016 DR 650 for 6499.00

YEAH NAH MATE: Just got quoted $9500 by an ipswich dealership for a 2016 dr650 this seems a bit steep I was sure they were more around the $8500 mark could you point me in the right dealers direction or am I just a Jew hahah

oldfrogdivin: Excellent upload , I got an old 96 Dr650 sitting in my carport runs like a beast i got an upload of it on my utube thingy under my name its for sale too In Florida USA....Are oz bikes speced different then the us version? Well done!

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Greg Jaynes: What's that song in the back ground. I really like it.
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