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TrippyNos: You made this whole process a lot harder than it should of been. Lol
Johnny Weche: Hey Nathan, did you sell this 604?
Chris Stolle: Hey Spencer, I don't know why youtube wont let me directly reply to you so I have to go this route. I really can't answer that question for you. That decision takes a few variables into account like how much expendable money do you have, how interested are you in flying, etc. Only you can answer those things. If you have the money and the interest, get a DX6. If you are a tech guy, get a FrSky Taranis. If you are testing the waters and want to mess around with a sim to see if you have the bug, then its not a bad idea to go cheap. You can sell it later (albeit for much less than you bought it). If you find that RC aviation isn't for you, then you arent out too much. If you are seriously drawn to RC aviation, get a serious radio. You won't regret it later! Let me know what you come up with!
BoLGetTioNs T-BONE: ดูแล้ว
gqteeflip22: I believe they're using Exynos processors not Qualcomm
TreasureBoxReviews: It should have just remained a trilogy to begin with. 
heathenous81: I can't believe you got the stock. Last I heard that kushnapup guy took all the money from the orders and skipped out.