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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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aragon667: the car looks sick but riding in the back seat for more then 20 min sucks
keenonify: magazine de unde  putem cumpara in Romania ( Bucuresti ) ???
Tony Stiverson: Hey what coil build did you use?
Daniel Hough: wow, well done!
Stupid Man: for the hatsan/ have a gun smith install a secondary high tension spring and wham, damn that hurts my shoulder.
ryusekai: I may have missed it but do you not carry a firearm?
Odor Science: We were told over 10 years ago that the Avian Flu would not jump boarders.  Read the comments below.  It did jump to the US and It, regardless of the CDC's press releases it has jumped to humans.  Greg Boyle Odorscience