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Labrousse Pascal: Reincarnated Eve .... Nicole.
Palo Kan: the guy on the left probably had the best sex ever afterwards ^^
Espe Estevez: wauuuu que original!! eres una artista para estas cosas eh!! besos wapi!
Silverhawk4903: wait theres a demo?
popacapnyoass3: If you still own this DPMS, about how many rounds do you have through it and have you had any problems with the rings? The reason I ask is I got a Dpms in trade and the bolt carrier was defective. The milling job on the gas chamber for the bolt and rings was butchered at the point where the rings tapper down in the chamber. The carrier was milled a little too deep which allows the front ring to slip off the sharp ledge before snatching back into the ring area of the chamber. When the bolt cycles, the front ring rips and smears which locks the whole gun up tight. Most high quality carriers are beveled at the point where the rings begin to fit snug in the chamber which keeps from damaging the rings. If you take the bolt out and shine a bore light or flash light in the chamber you can see which "step down" you have.
abcd: +deezomaxima were you able to cut off the lower bolt with the angle grinder? Mine are both rusted together and I'm tryna see if I should try and cut it
miichustylee: Podrias resubir los archivos que estan en megaupload por favor? porfiii

Arctic cat M8000 Sno-Pro 2014