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Francis Paré: No, it´s a 153.
Sportbike Track Gear: @brandonyoung1239 You will find a little more protection from the 2's. It is not a ton IMO. Now the comfort of these new S-MX 1's is a big step up from the 2. Hope this helps
Steven Mahoney: If I do this will I not need the onstar Retention and bypass for an aftermarket radio install? 
TheSweed DE DU: Ifall du inte ens kan stava till "Världen" så tycker jag du inte ens borde kommentera.
RadioJH Audrey: you do such a great job on your customs ♥
WuFFY Oupol: when at kal tire i had one of those smaller bead seaters it was called the bead bazooka or something, my buddy loaded it and positioned it on the rim, stupidly of me i was talking to him and standing on the other side of the tire while he aimed it(out of what i though was the blast range, im a pretty safe worker so this incident surprised me, especially considering ive never seen this happen before out of the hundred of tires i seated at that job. in those six months.), He let it go and the air went IN the tire, rebounded and flew up in my face, i WAS wearing my safety glasses and looking away but that didnt matter as the air just filled the space infront of and behind them regardless, i felt my eyelids puff out and my eye sockets FILLED with air(felt it all the way back to my retinas), i flew back out of shock and reaction, almost took the balancers shank up my ass and clutched my eyes as they went completely numb for like an hour, after like.. 5 seconds of pure terror i opened my eyes and could still see, but for the longest time after that, with every blink i could feel my eyelids were dragging over the dust embedded in my eyes like sand paper and there was a partically glaze over my eyes for months. it was the single most terrifying experience of my life. im amazed i can still see normally and irritated that it didnt fix my (partially) lazy left eye. if there is a god, i think he saved me that day lol i didnt go to a eye doctor or even report it, you just get fired up in northern alberta for screwing up/missing work or just saying hello. and trust me, saying anything to the government wont help since reputations travel fast in crapty northern towns.
tnoutdoors9: Over 2,400 ft. lbs. of muzzle energy per shot with those slugs. Amazing.

Arctic cat M8000 Sno-Pro 2014