Long Range Hunting - High Impact Filming

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kieran whelan: Why don't you just get closer? Surely there's skill in that too indeed deer stalkers take much pride in the ability to close with their quarry....some might say 300 yards from another hillside is just lazy....

Lucas Dias: pra que fazer uma coisas dessa com o cuelinho retardado mental

jack clarke: at first I thought could be considered bit shock horror but the more I've to seen this new up close point of impact filming it's changed my perspective

Hector Domino: Majestic Shots!!! I was upset about the bird shot but your explanation made it clear. Thanks. More Videos Please.

Robert Jensen: Great video, good hunting. Thanks.

GoodieTheHunter: 2:45...NICE!!!!!!!!!!

James Young (ayyy lmao): is it weird that i can eat while watching these

TheRebbelProds: For all of those animal defenders. In the nature there is a thing called food chain. If no one hunts the rabits they will go nuts. By that i mean they will explode in terms of population. When that happenes they will either starve to death or will eat all the farmers food and then you won't have anything to eat. In the nature every grass eating creature has a predator. We are killing better because we don't let them feel pain. If an eagle of a fox gets a rabbit, they will bite them and eat them while they are alive. So yeah, think about this...

Craig Beattie: magpie go boom

Jonathan Bäckstrand: HOLY crap! That first magpie, it freaking exploded! That is pretty extreme

Dave quick : I laugh at all the people whining about the killing.   All I have to say is GO find another channel, like a snowman scaring people...........If you not actually off your butt, doing something to protect the animals, then CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!

中間徹: I'd like to shot not rabbit but dorphine.

BARTUAL100: Pegate tu un tiro en los huevos hijoputa

vulcan1429: Head shots re a waste of time...just kill them and stop trying to satisfy your viewers. We don't care! Handling without gloves is unsafe.

vikke: Nice shooting 275m and headshots.

Goopy Meerkat: Why does he give good meat to ferrets? 

Maia Coimbra: personally i do not like to see animals being killed in video footage, but i understand the purpose of this one.
By the way, great channel you have and congratulations for your work.

MrDunkiemon: How could killing be humane?

MrDunkiemon: I always thought that you place carrots as bait to attract rabbits. 

Ethan Freed: All u tree huggers listen up how's this for cruel imagine an uncontrollable amoints of rabbits that eat up all their food and resources very fast because there's so many so they all slowly and painfully starve to death. Its much easier to kill them fast witth a bulllet and keep population down

Long range hunting - High impact filming 5 out of 5

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Inboxof Anudeep: love you both pls uploadmore it is ur job. i hope u like it. now same topic dont change.... may be god will bless u always
sulabh thizang: Which is better lumix gf1 or Nikon d5200 ?
ConfusedPingu: Those last minute saves joe hart? didnt really work out like that against real madrid did it?
Farhad Firouzi: Great job!
Phillip Stotler: Hi, I appreciate the video, but am curious why nobody has had any inclination to show the view from the opposite side of the treated window. Does the film noticeably alter the brightness or visibility from the other side? And when you were showing the difference of treated vs non-treated window, it would've been super helpful to have an idea for how much indoor lights you had on. I've only found two videos reviewing the Gila mirror film, and neither showed whether or not there were other windows lighting the room, or if lights were on. What's it like from the outside looking in at night? I'll be purchasing some of the window film to do a trial on my own; and if I apply it throughout, I'll try to do a video to fill in these gaps. Hope Lady and y'all are doing well. Thanks again.
Agata M: Ja mam żelowy eyeliner ze Sleeka i jest naprawde super ;-)
riddlerthemarine: Jane? Doris? HAHA!!!! Who's next ? LOL!

Long range hunting - High impact filming