LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone

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LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
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LG840G (White Version) Cell Phone Review/Overview - TracFone
LG 530g Tracfone review
LG 530g Tracfone review
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Samsung S390G & LG LG530G (Tracfone) Comparison.MOV
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Bill Nolan: whats the resolution on the video? thanks

Bill Nolan: When you say it has a freee  browser on it does that  mean you can get wifi on it ?
how good is the video quality compared to  an iphone?  Would it be ok for downloading  vid onto  a youtube channel ? Quality ok?   Thanks for your help

PrtyBlaque318: Does this phone have capability to record phone calls on both ends like where you hear the caller and the other person on the phone too while ON a call? Thanks!

sheldordaworrior: SOMEONE PLEASE HELP
i have this phone and its stuck on "dload mode"
i need my phone back because i might be getting an interview soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive already scoured google and came up with nothing, its almost as if im the only person on the planet with this problem

michelle kearsey: Can I download java apps on this phone?

michelle kearsey: Seems like a nice phone btw u have a sexy voice

Louis V: This review is retarded u start doin one thing then skip to something else wtf

serenadesea: I like the voice keypad tone for dialing phone numbers

Juda Cohen: Can I go on the web(to download ringtones from phonezoo)?

Bournefort: No, unfortunately it doesn't. Some of the newer Tracfones, like the LG840G, do though.

Bournefort: Only certain videos with very low bit-rates. I wouldn't recommend it on this phone though. You pay per minute for internet usage and the quality is not going to be very good.

Bournefort: Yeah, you definitely can. Keep in mind it does cost per picture though. So if those ladies are sending tons of pics, it's gonna cost you. Hopefully the pics will be worth it ;)

Neenah Guy: Does this 530 model have voice dialing/commands?

KatiuskaWook: Can I use whatsapp on it? :)

Bryan Gregor: Can i get pics from girls with iphones?

kazip55: Can u watch youtube.

lildigiman: 7 is Max volume, and I don't know of a way to disable vibrations.

hoftroyanti: Please tell me how to take the Tracfone LG53G off vibtrator. Also is there any way to set the volume above 7? Thank you.

Bournefort: #1 Go to Menu > Settings > Audio & Ringtones > Keypad Tone > Volume > And then set it to silent. #2 Unfortunately, this phone doesn't have the spell check feature. It seems like every other phone that I have encountered from Tracfone does have it but the LG530G does not. #3 You can disable this or set the time frame to the phone shutting off due to inactivity by: Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Auto Key Lock > Off Hope this helps!!

Bournefort: Yes, the calculator is controlled by the actual keyboard. The arithmetic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division) are controlled by the center circle key though. So if you wanted to do 17 + 3, you would type 1, 7, (up), 3. You can also perform more advanced stuff like trig functions,sqrt, exponents etc...
LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone 5 out of 5

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LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone