LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone

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LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
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LG840G (White Version) Cell Phone Review/Overview - TracFone
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serenadesea: I like the voice keypad tone for dialing phone numbers

vashon yancy: This review is retarded u start doin one thing then skip to something else wtf

michelle kearsey: Can I download java apps on this phone?

michelle kearsey: Seems like a nice phone btw u have a sexy voice

Juda Cohen: Can I go on the web(to download ringtones from phonezoo)? 

KatiuskaWook: Can I use whatsapp on it? :)

April TracFone: Hi yakk13, this is April from TracFone. We are unable to determine the applications that are compatible with the LG530G phone. You may download Facebook and other applications on your phone. However, we do not guarantee that all applications will work on your phone. If you have further questions, please email us at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank you.

lildigiman: 7 is Max volume, and I don't know of a way to disable vibrations.

ESELkoek: Obviously no.

Neenah Guy: Does this 530 model have voice dialing/commands?

tornmask: very helpful review thanx Bourne!

Bournefort: There are two buttons above the send button. The silver one directly above the Send button is a button that brings you to the calender app. It is convenient and allows for access to the calender with the click of the button. As for the button up top above the silver calender button, this is just a select button for whichever menu is currently on the screen.

April TracFone: Hi THANATOS112220, this is April of TracFone Wireless. The LG 530G can support up to 16 GB Micro SD card. The music player of this phone plays formats such as MP3, AAC, ACC+, and VMA. With the 16 GB SD card, this phone can hold up to 1000 songs that require a 20 MB empty space. Thus, we can assure you that the music on this phone plays great. Should you have any question, please send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank you!

Koletta Spencer: Any owners of the LG530G,can u tell me what the silver button above the send button is for.Tracfone said it was for all recent calls.That's after leaving me on hold for quite awhile.Please help.Their manual shows nothing about the button or addresses it at all.

THANATOS112220: Ah ok, thanks for the info!

Jake Miaczynski: Can you change the theme from white to something else?

Bournefort: No, unfortunately it doesn't. Some of the newer Tracfones, like the LG840G, do though.

Bournefort: Yes, if you have a micro-SD care you are able to listen to music and select them as your ringtone/text tone as well as set pictures as a background or screensaver.

Bournefort: Yeah, you definitely can. Keep in mind it does cost per picture though. So if those ladies are sending tons of pics, it's gonna cost you. Hopefully the pics will be worth it ;)

Allen Maynard: Your choice would be this one or the LG 800 G?

Bournefort: Thanks! That is one old phone! It must have been well-built and durable to have lasted that long.

THANATOS112220: @Bournefort Is it good to listen to music w/ the LG530G? I have the phone (I bought it a few weeks ago), but I don't know if this phone is good for music (though texting and calling on this phone is pretty good). I'm thinking about buying a 32GB micro sd card (which I can get one for less than $20 brand new in Amazon), but I don't know if it will be worth it.

Bryan Gregor: Can i get pics from girls with iphones?

Bournefort: Only certain videos with very low bit-rates. I wouldn't recommend it on this phone though. You pay per minute for internet usage and the quality is not going to be very good.

josh71111: Yes a get mini Sd card with adapter

April TracFone: Hi Josh71111, this is April of TracFone Wireless. Unfortunately, the phone's user manual doesn't have any instruction on how to end or stop a music that is currently playing. However, you may try to press the center of your navigation keys to 'PAUSE' it and then press the End key to go back to the main screen. You may also press 'Options" and then select 'Exit. Hope this information helps. Should there be anything else, please email us at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com. Thank you!

Bournefort: Yes, you can choose between black and white themes. The white one in the video has the white and orange look to it whereas the black theme has a black and blue look to it.

Bournefort: The speakers are decent quality. They can pump out some fairly loud volume. When using headphones or ear buds, the sound quality is improved. If you aren't looking for anything super super nice, I would say that it should be just fine!

Bournefort: #1 Go to Menu > Settings > Audio & Ringtones > Keypad Tone > Volume > And then set it to silent. #2 Unfortunately, this phone doesn't have the spell check feature. It seems like every other phone that I have encountered from Tracfone does have it but the LG530G does not. #3 You can disable this or set the time frame to the phone shutting off due to inactivity by: Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Auto Key Lock > Off Hope this helps!!

missnicholson: Hi, Can you tell me how the calculator works on this one. I have the LG500g and I love it but the calculator is controlled by the round buttons above the keyboard and its just awful. Is this calculator at least controlled by the qwerty keyboard keys?

hoftroyanti: Please tell me how to take the Tracfone LG53G off vibtrator. Also is there any way to set the volume above 7? Thank you.

Koletta Spencer: U didn't finish showing how easy it is to send a message.R there any problems with the phone?I have the Samsung s390.Hate it.Too easy to get unlocked.

ToxxicTess5683: Could you do a Samsung S390G? I like your reviews! :)

Koletta Spencer: Can I put my own sounds on the phone from my card?I like "You've Got Mail","Hey,hey,pick up the phone,u've got a call".

nick golden: The guy below me. Uhm. When I had a 10$ tracfone it told me who it was before spending the minutes. It wasn't even a flip phone it was a moto candybar phone

yakk13: what kind of apps can you get? can you go on facebook or get gps?

lildigiman: When you receive a text, does the phone tell you who the text is from before you waste a third of a minute on it?

Bournefort: Yes, the calculator is controlled by the actual keyboard. The arithmetic operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division) are controlled by the center circle key though. So if you wanted to do 17 + 3, you would type 1, 7, (up), 3. You can also perform more advanced stuff like trig functions,sqrt, exponents etc...

josh71111: Oh i figured it out it was just the red end button.

ProperThoughtSk8er: can you get instagram on this?

trinhqthuan: Can the phone connected to a computer to transfer photos? I try to send by email. I did not go either. Thanks Thuan

dekman: Hi Hoping you can help me out. #1. How do you silence the beeps while texting WITHOUT having to put the phone in vibrate mode? #2. I owned a tracphone 420 and it had spell check. Does the 530? If so.. how do I activate it? and #3. Whats up with the annoying need to deal with hitting "unlock" and "yes" every time the phone is turned on and/or not touched for a few minutes. I am so looking forward to these answers. Thank you in advance.

Steve Kimball: Good demo! I think I'll get one of these to replace my ancient Tracfone Motorola v120c, that I've had for almost 9 years.

UprTupr: Does the airtime get deducted per email?

April TracFone: Hi Koletta! This is Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Yes, you are able to change the notification ringtone of the phone. Should you have further questions, feel free to send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com.

kazip55: Can u watch youtube.

josh71111: dumb question, when playing music how do i stop it, i can only pause it and it kills the battery even when the screen goes black.

Bournefort: Unfortunately No.It only says that you have received a message and the time/date it was received. You need to waste the 1/3 minute in order to see the contact name and message.
LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone 4.9 out of 5

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LG530G Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone