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Anton Nilsson: It's a good game! I had a lot of fun with it. But when they release Dirt 4. There are two things I want from it. First, let more cars be included in the original product, instead of having us to purchase them as DLC, like the Peugeot 205, the Citroën C4 (the Rallycross model), and the Subaru Impreza from 1995, for example. And second, it would be good if there were traditional Rallycross tracks, like Lydden Hill, England, Höljes, Sweden, Euro Circuit, Holland and similar. It would also be good if there wasn't just these Rallycross cars that we see today, but also some cars from the 80s and 90s for example. Like some earlier Mitsubishi Lancers for example, or those mid 90s supercars like Ford Escort RS2000 and Citroën ZX. That would be really cool if they could do this, just like they did with Rally in this game!
Davis Tran: This look like carnival magic waterworks
Tim Shufflebottom: *Looking pale, skinny and weak Vann. Usually I'd write a critique, but you got nothing worth being envious about.* *oh, and don't you think it was a douche move to talk about having ebola? I mean it is still a fresh topic - a little more sensitivity wouldn't have went a stray you asshole!*
Akemi Homura: 732 is missing from the review playlist
Sarunas233: @supzero231 ofcourse,but i wouldnt suggest getting it just for singleplayer cause its good but only that.multiplayer is amazing though.
Jenny Blackledge: @yasminandcloefan 3 der it is enchantix
MsMassago: блески супер просто! ну ты даешь! заразительно показываешь :))) улыбка у меня на все лицо и это в 7 утра, спасибо!

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