Toyota 3b Diesel W/ Garrett Turbo Bj60 Bj42 Fj62

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GunKindOfGuy: where did you get that power steering bracket

Trife Lyf: Purrs like a kitten. I am in love with my land cruiser. Best purchase I've ever made.

nickly28: no bad

vandohky: Wow, like brand new.

mohumph88: Hello, good video. by the way i want to ask; do we need to change the piston for turbo-ing the 3b engine? thanks

67gtxdad: Nice!What is the model number on the garrett 2052? I want to do the same thing to my 3b. Where did you get the parts for the swap?

G Man: If ya really want better mpg's straight pipe it! 15-25% gain in mpg! Slight power/torque increase too.

birddogg501: @hunzala92 you must not driven a diesel xj before

Charli Doan: using turbo for offroad???

seafogdesigns: no alpha for that baby

TNssrx: nice nice, must go good with a garret, i myself have a 95 hilux surf 3.0 turbo diesel, with a garret ball bearing turbo, pwr intercooler, and a power chip, for a surf, it flies,quicker than a new toyota hilux diesel...
Toyota 3b diesel w/ Garrett Turbo bj60 bj42 fj62 4.3 out of 5

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toimiikotaa: Sorry for missing the microphone in speaking part =D
Pam Vanila: ตกใจ นึกว่าน้องเค้าจะทำคนเดียว ><
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Jammin Dave: ha ha ha you are funny...those clamps really give you a hard time...didn't they? 
YensR: Beautiful crane, beautiful video, love your timelapse work! 
vegetasasuke0: Personally as much of a DBZ fan as I am, I didn't care for BoG, I expressed my opinions alot before, this movie could win me back, it might not, all I know is, I would rather see Naruto Road To Ninja when it comes to the states, despite seeing it before, it's still going to be more fresh to me than BoG.
itsJudysLife: grrrreat, i find myself shopping the hm website! haha! ohh and I gotta check out that scented oil!!

Toyota 3b diesel w/ Garrett Turbo bj60 bj42 fj62