535 Shotgun Mossberg

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fallshermjager: try contacting mossberg or go to your local gun shop or dealer and have them order you one

RangersAirsoft: Where could I purchase a bird barrel for this gun? The sabots cost to dam much and I would rather just use rifled slugs.

fallshermjager: its ok glad to help

fallshermjager: its not bad if you know how to handle it

JugBrothers: okay thanks jager much apreciated

fallshermjager: if i remember its 5 in the tube and 1 in the chamber have not used 2.3/4's in a while haha

JugBrothers: i got one of these and im curious how many 2.3/4 shots it can hold without the plug

RangersAirsoft: i just bought mine last night...what is the recoil like on 3"inch sabots if you know?

fallshermjager: @FreeLunchSWAG did you get it new or used ???

fallshermjager: @daleboyrdm nope it is made of real wood this saturday i took my first turkey with it and its such a sweet shooting long gun with even the heaviest magnum loads i can get my hands on

daleboyrdm: @fallshermjager is the forearm & stock made of wood or is it immitation plastic?

fallshermjager: @mkasp316 yes if it is 12 gauge you should be able to use it seeing as how the mossberg 535 is meant for 12 gauge magnum it would work

mkasp316: can you use nitro magnum 12 gauge shells with it

fallshermjager: @Grooovetrain cool il have to check that out but im just fine with the plastic safety.

Grooovetrain: I have the 535. I just replaced the plastic safety with a metla one from Brownells. Very easy upgrade for $20. The one way screw came out easily by just bearing down on it with sharp flat screwdriver. Just don't lose the little bearing inside. Keep the action open and safety on as you work on it.

QualityAirsoft: got the same case

Aaron J. A.: sure, hopefully i end up going shooting sometime this year. i haven't been able to as often as i used to.

fallshermjager: nice can you put a review of it or better yet shooting it ???

Aaron J. A.: sweet, i just got my shotgun recently too. it was a mossberg model 88 20 gauge though. gotta love pump actions. mine looks pretty similar to yours.

fallshermjager: @ww2guy1945 ya but i dont even use it that much any more i might as well sell it haha
535 shotgun mossberg 5 out of 5

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535 shotgun mossberg