How To Change A Battery In A Prius

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How to change a Battery in a Prius
How to change a Battery in a Prius
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Prius Smart Key. Battery Replacement
Gen 2 Prius - replacing 12v battery
Gen 2 Prius - replacing 12v battery
Prius Key Remote Battery Replacement 2004 - 2009
Prius Key Remote Battery Replacement 2004 - 2009
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Graham Davies: I suppose it didn't occur to you that there are more than one model year of Prius and to tell us which one you're working on.

Victor Damian: thanks man

Kenj Miranda: thanks for the prompt reply. did you have to hook up a line output converter too?

Kenj Miranda: hi. are those red and silver wires for an amp?

Cldfsn0200: Thanks bro!

Rick Silberman: Thanks. Helpful, but instead of saying "this bolt here." Or "that cover there." it would be helpful if you could point with a screwdriver.

Jiten Arora: Awesome !! :)

Jonathan Warner: Is the aux battery the same as the starter battery?

Susan Priano:  Thank you so much! This was a great help when my battery died after hours I was able to get a new one and install it in a few hours. The only issue I noticed is my clock seems to return to 1:00 after the car is off for a few hours. Any ideas?

buyandby: I just got my 2009 back from having this replaced. $365 US, and it fixed tons of problems that I have been complaining to Toyota with no response other than we can't do anything about it. 

First off, my car was sort of Deiseling out, when it the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) was not supposed to be in use (Stopped, going down hill, batteries all charged up in the green, and no A/C on) and yet we never got better than 40.6 mpg because of this problemwith the 12V battery since day one. Toyota service people make you feel so small and yet I was right all along as soon as the battery was replaced, it operatesperfect. The ICE stops without dieseling out, or continuing to run when it shouldn't, and I get over 45.4 mpg now for the first time. TOYOTA YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES!!!!! SERIOUSLY YOU SUCK!!! 5 years wasted you arrogant bastards.

Michael Owens: Very helpful, clear steps, instructions uncomplicated, now I'll see if this mechanically challenged missionary priest can get it done??!!

CTP8585: SORRY, this video is  completely useless to me. I kept hearing, here, and there,  without  seeing you POINTING at  any location.  Therefore I do not  know  where is  " here" and  where is  " there".  Sometimes  the the video did  not  show  exactly  "  WHERE'  you  were  talking  about.  IF  you  use  something  to point  out  exactly
 " HERE"  and  exactly "  there",  that  will  show  everything  clearly.  Can you  make  another  video  to  show us (me)  where is  "here" and  where is " there" ???Thanks for  your effort of posting  this  video  but it  did  not  work for  me.

Mark Bauman: Thanks for the info. Could not have done it without it! NEVER would have found that last screw holding the vent tube. Not as bad as changing the driver-side headlight, but close.

Steven Wise: Very helpful. Battery cost me $175 at an oreillys in chicago, but maybe I've saved that in gas. Probably not. 

Gary Browne: Ryan,
Sure appreciate that you took the time to do your video and help others like myself! I changed my wife's 2009 battery.  Best regards.  Gary Browne

Rex Takasugi: Very useful video!  Without your video, I think I would have just taken it to the dealership as it looked kind of complicated with all the electronics and air vent tube to remove.  Thanks!

Bill Furlong: Just encountered needing a new battery as well. Thank you for making this really easy to understand. I too will save dealership money and do it myself, thanks to you!

Linda A. Noble: Thank you! I will call the dealer now and order it and cancel my appointment at the same time :) I'll let you know how I do.

Ryan Bailey: Glad I could help! Best of luck to you.
How to change a Battery in a Prius 5 out of 5

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How to change a Battery in a Prius