Sharpening With DMT Diamond Bench Stones

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Ljungman Agforty: ...but how do you actually USE it?

Timothy Kamalu: Wonder why I can't hear the audio on this video like the rest of you videos.

DIADMT: The stones can come out of the wood case. You can place on a non-skid mat or towel and sharpen out of the case.

DoS: I think my right ear died.

woo2fly21 .: is this better than water stones?

dirtrider169: got the first one. works great

ardvarkkkkk1: The advantage of water stones over other (non diamond) stones is that they cut fast. The down side is that they are messy and require constant maintenance. Diamonds stones cut faster, are not near as messy and require very little maintenance. I have used about every thing out there. My current setup is a two sided (fine and extra fine) diamond stone, a hard Arkansas stone and a leather strop. Gives a razor edge, low maintenance and is fast. Clean up consists of a quick wipe with a rag.

jedirifleman: Will the 3 diamond stones come out of the wood case or are they glued in ?

cheetah5115: Audio is annoying as hell, only coming from the left.
Sharpening with DMT Diamond Bench Stones 4.3 out of 5

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Sharpening with DMT Diamond Bench Stones