HF-Cement-Mixer-Assembly Part 2

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Tammy Thomas: I have the 8 bolt upper/lower drum. the upper drum has no arrow to show where to align upper lower halves. should paddle bolt holes be aligned with each other?

benson420710: +a2zmovieproductions thank you so much for this more than understandable video

benson420710: if you like to get beyond pissed off with crap instructions and missing bolt packages dont bother with HF. bought their 3 1/2 mixer and the instruction say hex bolt (56) when there is only bags 2-11. bag 1 was nowhwere to be seen

Courage The .Cowardly Dog: how is this mixer working for you? I'm thinking about buying one ...Can you fit 2 80 pound bags of quikrete in this? Please if anyone could answer me would help.

romansten9: Nice video. Unfortunately I was only watching to see the wiring (only yhing not in the manual) and you skipped over that! Haha. Not sure how you got the paddles to line up when the 2 yellow arrows on your 2 drum halves weren't lined up. Maybe you got lucky and got it 180 degrees off so it still worked.

Mike Achee: Thank you for taking the time to video putting the mixer together. I was geting pretty frustrated with the sorry instructions it came with. Thank you. 

N Russell: Thanks for the video! Mine is exatcly like this but from home depot and I would have been lost without this video. The only confusing part was the numbered bags. Mine were numbered differently and I think you said to use bag 12 twice. I used bag 6 for attaching the arm to the stand and had to play around with it before i figured it all out. :-)

a2zmovieproductions: I have continued to use this mixer and have had no problems with it.  Yes some paint has flaked off in a few small spots but not an issue.  I would just spray some Rustoleum on it :)  After almost 2 years I have am still very pleased.

Paul Bottine: Thanks for the vid. Watched it 3 weeks ago after I ordered and glad I did. Mixer got in this week and I put it together today. After watching I picked up some grease and sealant so had that on hand. If you had not posted it would have taken me a lot longer to put the thing together particularly since yes, the instructions suck and also I did not have 15 bags of hardware. I had 13. 1-12 and another number 1. Again, thanks for posting. Oh and my junction box was broken too.

TheS killet: I wish I would have watched this last night before I put mine together.

jwright650: I have oone of these at home, still in the box. Hoping to get it put together soon and mix some concrete. How is it holding up now that you have had it a while?

Mark Ouwehand: Hi, great video, thanks a lot! I am looking for a machine that can mix flours and other ingredients well. Do you think this one could do the job? I noticed some paint coming off, that would not be great in food. Please advice. Thanks again.

MrJHEagle: Thank you for the video and glad you never got your finger caught while it was going )))

James Spain: Thank you for the video. The printed instructions suck to say the least... funny that I notices the same misalignment of arrows on the tub and had to take out a couple of bolts to put the paddles in.... I also used gorilla glue for the gasket sealer which I think will be ok.. had some gobs streaming down the inside which I'm sure will help mix the cement. Plugged it in and it worked like a champ... I fell for some of people trying to put this thing together that aren't mechanically inclined.

thedirtygermans: thanks for sharing. the cameras focus adjustment sound every 3 secs adds to the noise when it runs; haha.

Peter Smith: I skipped the gasket sealant and mine works just fine no leaks

Adam: Also remember to line up the arrows on the drum halves. Otherwise the holes won't be perfect

91945punx: Thanks a lot for the video.

DOMINICPAULL: I had the usual problems, but they would have been much more difficult to solve and much more time-consuming without your video. I was having trouble setting the key into the keyway on the driveshaft, so I installed the drive pulley on the driveshaft without the key, taking care to align the two keyways squarely, and then carefully tapped the oiled key into the keyway, as if tapping in a nail. She went in smoothly. Timewise, 5 hours, but she runs! Thanks, again, friend.

BattMann911: Yes, the "key" (small square piece of metal about 1" [25mm] long) goes into the slot (keyway) in the shaft (what you refer to as a piston, I presume) before you slide the pulley (wheel unit) onto the shaft. It transmits the torque from the pulley to the shaft and prevents the pulley from spinning around the shaft.
HF-Cement-Mixer-Assembly Part 2 5 out of 5

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HF-Cement-Mixer-Assembly Part 2