Key West , Fantasy Fest ,Pool Party

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Key West Fantasy Fest Dante's Pool Party
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key West Fantasy Fest
Fantasy Fest Key West
Fantasy Fest Key West
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redsprite81: cruelty to my eyes

Dodo Diddlina: Where da fuk are the young people

mrbishi1000: aww crap! I just got turned off people in swimwear

Jose Torres: beer guts, fat tits oh well

MrDjSaneR: Instead of molly, they're all poppin' Viagra. Thanks for making me want to rip my eyeballs out.

alex lee: WTF? 50 and over meth head gatherings?

texazmade713: white people pool partys suck compared to blacks

anis feroza: hi i m anis 27m in greece any female sex chat on skype plz add me mub6944 thanks my mobile no 00306944606828

vambo13257: the woman at the 4:00 mark needs to put some clothes on, NOW!

jabbard gilstrap: This party has alote of old people and fat chicks . 

Arak Seepoom: be careful in that pool; you might pick up a bug

smallies7834: ohhhhhh godddd 

Doug W.: looks like a good time.

Uranus Butwype: I wonder how many of them pissed in the pool?

AndyLC1144: got pee?

hendra penghunikegelapan: asss...mantabbb sexy sexy masbrooo

rockocba: nice herpers jajajaja

Laurence Hartnett: Is this a pit bull video?

Gujjar Hamid: This is life in buteefull

Chris S: Looks fun

Audriyana Goolsby: All I see is old folks

Clay Filstov: HAHAHA It's spring break for old people!

aronnepiperno: the biggest loosers parade ever seen

Tyler Buttram: remind me to never go here, theres nothing but old, fat, or ugly women

hunter jernigan: amen

Nathan Steiger: I'm not meeting the fatness requirement for this.... DISGUSTING!!!

Alejandro Gallego Jaramillo: it is called the song that starts from 4:36 minutes?

Usman Silenters: Kontol

Money Talks: Yikes

Seth Ryen: Oh this is Geriatric Fest. 

Brandon Dorsey: Murica

bigscale1: looks like a 1990 spring break reunion. come on 98% of these people should be required to wear shirts in public

Alison Battle: Seriously

Brady Miceli: I spy, lots of bad tattoos.

Pendu: check out the weirdo at 0:46 being creepy in his crapty hat and recording women lol

Anowar mohammed: it's really hell situations. 

WreckerR: WTF??? That's...just not right...

justhuherr: Red neck pool party....freaken awful

Erin Bouchart: Oh god. I live near here... Never knew stuff like this was happening so close. Creepy, and repulsive xD haha so many old people.

Fidget245: no thanks but noooo

Phillies19064: dude from pawn stars at 3:10

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Robby Potter: I wonder if they got their pampers on in the pool?

ichigo Ame: Wtf the world in danger ...

vasilios menexis: So boring it's light years away from those splash Jamaican parties

hien_rong: Trung Thanh

vanhalenrocksssss: How much you wanna bet all they listen to is jimmy buffet?

samad khan: Usa.sax.

tammy hollywood: youtube/google suxs,everytime i try watch a fantasy fest key west video it says innapropriate it says i must sign in to prove my age,wtf im 45 and already sign in 4 times..

Robby Potter: This is child abuse!!!!!
Key West , Fantasy Fest ,Pool Party 3.6 out of 5

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Bunny Evans: Hmm, Remastered from the original negatives. 25th anniversary. I wonder how well it has aged? 4:3, stereo (probably stereo was AWESOME back then) They clearly haven't learned anything about pricing. 38000 yen for 320 minutes. Even if you get a 196 page booklet and a copy of the CM thrown in.
spikey911usa: Are you still using the radio? How is it holding up?
Maddie Moreway: I Like Sammie's Sweater and the Mario Minifigure too..
jnr381shinano: ターボノイズかっこいい!
BREGGREN Papadoo: Prophecy Update Motion Pictures/Videos; Your Videos are Close to The Truth, Like None Other!! Thanks!! I Love The Speaker!! Top Notch!! and I Watch 'em ALL!! Very Informative!!
BlackCat Sakamoto: What kind of tank is ''Easy eight''? Same confusion when hi says ''luuurber''
NerdyTurd307: if u watch the credits in resistance 3 u find that the chimera are in even league with the humans, infact the MP is sort of set right after the campaign, bcuz the chimera r dying out due to heat & the humans r re-populating.

Key West , Fantasy Fest ,Pool Party