LG 840G For Tracfone - Unboxing And Overview

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LG 840G Tracfone Review (Wi-Fi):
LG 840G Tracfone Review (Wi-Fi):
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Tracfone LG 840g 3g GSM Touchscreen Review
Tracfone LG840g review
Tracfone LG840g review
LG840G (White Version) Cell Phone Review/Overview - TracFone
LG840G (White Version) Cell Phone Review/Overview - TracFone
Tracfone LG840G Review
Tracfone LG840G Review

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Joey Orange: I used to have a phone like dat it sucks

Xavier Ventress: awesome video u inspired me to get that phone 

drickheads: wifi is free when there is wifi available. 3G can be costly, though

drickheads: twitter is already on the phone under "SNS"

vibewithrih: Can you download twitter with out the opera?

Stephanie Wolfe: Can you download instagram onto the LG 840g?

Cerelle: Umm. I have a question about the phone, I just purchased it recently and I was trying to get on facebook just to message and I was told to use the sns app cuz it links you to facebook, but everytime I click the sns app and click facebook it tell me loading and it wont do anything and the loading will go away and it will just sit their... Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong or what might be wrong with this? 

Rachel Alazar: hey um question for wifi my mom keeps saying I have to buy a plan for wifi or pay money and says i'll have to burn my minutes up... but I say that I only have tot connect to wifi and I won't burn minutes up um can you tell which one is right? @jbasketballgirl16

X-MISMA-X: They are developing a non android version of Skype for that. 

X-MISMA-X: Yeah, I can also do that.

matthew massie: A good thing you can do is use the bluetooth for music/pic./vid. streaming. :) 

matthew massie: yes,but make sure to get the trackphone/net10 version. :) 

matthew massie: No,wi-fi use is with out minutes. :)

matthew massie: No,but you can get on Facebook and other apps that will let you message people with out using your minutes :)

matthew massie: It's Resistive touch screen is like when you touch the screen but have to add pressure,It ensures that your touch selection is exactly what you pressed (not so good if you plan to text) A lot like the lg 800g.

TheLightHouseLady: Good Video!!

Everything Nerdy: I was wondering if there is a way when you're connect to wifi that you can text without using minutes.

alshey huynh: HAHA funny i have one 

April TracFone: Hi! This is April from TracFone Wireless. Yes, the LG840G phone can play videos from YouTube website but it should use the WiFi network. Should you need further assistance, feel free to send us an email at TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfone.com.

SuperScootDude: as well as what apriltrac said you can also simply remove the mini sdcard from the phone and drag and drop music files from your computer. entire albums, it even copies the album art. you can also add / delete pics and video the same way. just drag and drop. put the sd card back in phone and be happy =]
LG 840G for Tracfone - Unboxing and Overview 5 out of 5

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Joey Orange: I used to have a phone like dat it sucks
thisdyingsoul76: Great versatile pedal. Sounds great with every guitar I own. I typically like the tone between 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock depending on which guitar I'm using. I like using it with gain I. The 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock range and for a thick metal lead tone I'll stack it with a Son of Hyde with gain between 10 and 12 o'clock. For my metal rhythm tone I use a graphic EQ to scoop out some high mids and boost the low mids slightly then I'll turn off the EQ for my leads.
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ehsnils: It's mounted way too low, too much of the ground close to the vehicle is illuminated which impacts the vision for the driver in a negative way. Raising the bar to the headlight level will improve the illumination at a distance where it's needed.
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LG 840G for Tracfone - Unboxing and Overview