Remora Holster Review: Part I

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Remora Holster Review: Part I
Remora Holster Review: Part I
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mikunan: Great review , and as always, numerous laughs.

EquipaPatriot: Holy crap! That's how these are meant to be used! I just bought a Taurus TCP 738 and a Tagua Remora style holster thinking the holster was a pants pocket holster. When I was trying it out in the pocket of my jeans with my TCP I was disappointed with it since it would not stay in my pocket as I drew my gun; the gun would pull the holster with it. Now, I'm glad I researched this style of holster and saw how it's really intended on being used.

TheYankeeMarshal: @FirearmPop Nope, apple Jolly Ranchers.

Pinggong272: LOL!!! Your videos make it worthwhile to sit through till the end to read what you write LMAO

CHeWy: 4:53 LMFAO!

Shamnon M: Remoras are great for women because most of us don't routinely wear belts. I tried many clip holsters but they pulled my pants down so much I quit carrying. Remora doesn't put the gun's weight on the pants, it's a friction fit. I can wear it with loose fitting pants (even sweats and scrubs when necessary). I hike with mine, it never moves. I highly recommend this holster for those who don't wear belts. I'm waiting on another Remora to try with my heavier Glock.

Nuttin Much: Whoa you look cleaned up! Were you sober for this one?!?!? ;-)

KCWes: I think this would make a great pocket holster. As for the IWB without a clip option... Why? I don't see why you would specifically want a holster with no clip unless you are just trying to be edgy, cool, or different. Is it just the cool factor of saying I have a holster without a clip where a clip should be? It doesn't take longer to clip a normal holster on. There are so many great holsters out there with clips where you don't risk dropping your gun or becoming the next Plaxico Burress.

Ctmrxmas: I really enjoy your sarcastic sense of humor....its much like my own, wait, maybe it is mine.....GIVE IT BACK you thief......

Brady Taylor: I just subscribed yesterday and have been enjoying your videos, thanks! I spotted your Remora review and was anxious to get your opinion on it. I met Alan from Remora at a local gunshow and it turns out he lives just down the street from me. We even share the same watering hole, small world!! Anyway, I've got the Remora for my Bersa Thunder 9 UC, with a Lasermax Micro attached (fits great) and one for my Taurus CIA 85 revolver. They both fit like a glove and haven't caused any irritation at all!

devilpup1992: They now have a FS (full shield version that covers the entire pistol on one side.

TheYankeeMarshal: Nope

Nathan Sawyer: you got maggot skin or something??

Semper Fi: Take it off and put it under your armpit when going to the bathroom. You won't forget it for sure.

kwgunworks: The Remoras are great! You just have to get used to the fit and feel. I have tried with a few firearms, and really love them. Great CCW option!

The Shooter's Mindset: I really like the remora holsters but you make good points on the negatives. Thumbs up

Cperry62105: i was lmao!!! at all the comments great review man i loved the vid.

Lookinformemarbles: These are great! Alan is a good guy too! I just got another one for my 686! I use the one for my 27 often!

BronsonQuinoa: I love watching your holster reviews even though I can't carry where I live. Also, is that a giant mustard stain?

exechobo: Agree. Getting two more Remoras this week. Oh, one more thing, thanks for all the laffs.

EL3minutero: are actually funny. Thanks for the reviews. I will try this holster for a coat pocket carry for this winter.

commieforniatactical: I just don't understand why you wouldn't want a clip

TheYankeeMarshal: @56tigwelder I only have the one for my SIG P238 so I do not wear it often, but since it is for my small gun I tend to carry it when i am just wearing a t-shirt. That means it is against my skin and it did cause me irritation because of that. With an undershirt that is not a problem.

bmw76308: Public Bathroom issues & gun holsters ! That would be a video all on its own there ? Thats what i like about your videos .. you tell it all ! Using bathrooms for gay sex & what to do with the gun ? Ebomey said he just puts his gun on your back ? Is this true & cant you put your gun there too for these so called "bathroom breaks" ? Peace SYH

TheYankeeMarshal: Come get it, bitch.

aerhearts: Against bare skin mine has never given me a rash, but it does sweat there. The sweating there isn't too bad, in fact I've found it easy to get used to, and on colder days it actually feels good.

nebxd: I just tuck my remora inside my shirt under my armpit of the "idle" hand.....

XGC Scrappy: ROFL What's your phone number? They repainted the bathrooms, so I don't have it handy.

TheYankeeMarshal: @KCWes A clip dictates how high the holster rides. The Remora can be placed as high or low as you like.

sacrifice4liberty: Holy Sh@t! Where's your hat?!

ronlitton: @jacquireilly123 I have a Remora with the reinforced top and sweat shield. My one BIG negative comment about it is the edging sewn around the top. That snags on the rear sights of my Kel-Tec P11, and tries to draw the holster along with the pistol - NOT good! I'd suggest a redesign to make sure there are NO "snaggy edges" inside the holster, all the way to the top.

zaldumbide13: Stick to eatting premies and you should drop 10# in no time, Haha.

YD Daniels: I enjoyed this review, you are too funny. Thanks

FirearmPop: Hey did you get a lollypop with that haircut?

lskw1: within a few days your skin will get used to that and you won't have that issue anymore, was the same for me and im way fatter than you are and i sweat in zero degree temp, and c'mon dude you know that when your crapting the clip holsters just drag your pants in the piss covered floor and at the end there your sounding like my mother in law

Gray Panther: Fact that it rubbed your skin due to not being absorbent, causing you to sweat there. Definitely not a good thing & glad you shared.....

thewu1313: man if youre poopin for that long, you need some fiber in your diet.

MrCleanerNash: someone is more emotional today than usual. you having a rough day buddy its ok :-) ... great review

BucsFan1017: You really crack me up... thanks! :-)

docwilkey: I carry my LCP in a Remora and I love mine. When I use the restroom I just drop it in my front pocket while taking care of business.

BulldogsRule12: Dang dude you look different in every video. LOL

i3utterflykol: Lmfao awesome video

hobbiehobb: Remora id the most versatile holster I have ever bought and customer service is fantastic!

xtinexs: does your remora holster have the RFT feature?

John Booth: I have several Remora holsters, and I like them.

flexx1987: Love your vids, keep up the good work.. Love the subtext too haha

Food Porn Network: Great point about sitting it down while using the bathroom, Im scared im gonna leave my gun on the top of a toilet one of these times.

Brian Ellis: Another great vid. Excellent point about the issue of needing to use the restroom with this holster.

mgonza29: fake and gay

jpaho: @MrCleanerNash Must be that time of the month.
Remora Holster Review: Part I 4.8 out of 5

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Remora Holster Review: Part I