Remora Holster Review: Part I

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Doug Ruzicka: Remora says on their site that you can heat it with a hair dryer and form fit it to your specific gun....

kcp91: one of us cheap bastards eh?

n e: I am a grown ass man!

Rescue9156: Great review and LOVED the humor! Will be subscribing... Since I'm a retired "slob", I practically live in sweat pants or shorts. Is a tightened drawstring going to keep this holster in place?

avg.citizen: Young buck! lolz

Emil: I have a Remora Tuckable for each of my two pistols.  They work well.

Chris Sieler: When drawing the gun. Is it an issue of the holster being drawn with the gun or does the holster stay in place?

Tdubya48: Mine came in the mail today. I'll be playing with it later on. I got it with the sweat shield. They make one with a clip too.

StarWarsFreak2111: Dang TYM, In 2011 you looked like Spence from The King of Queens. I have a Remora for my S&W SD9VE and the only problems that I have had with it are like you said without an under shirt it rubs you raw. Also sometimes when practicing drawing the gun the holster would catch between my thumb and the gun so when I drew the gun the holster would come with it. I have worn it in a car on an 8 hr trip and forgot I had it on, it's that comfortable. But for the second con alone I went with a Cloak Tuck 2.0 holster from Alien Gear and I could not be happier.

Jeremy McGowan: Hi.  This is a full review I did on the DeSantis E-GAT holster.  I'd be interested in your opinion on this holster and on the review I did.  I'll be subscribing to your channel and I'd appreciate the same if you find my review a good one.

alberto carrasquillo: Bought one of these yesterday. I just got my ccw card . And I think iwb carry would be comfortable. But that holster made it very comfortable. Especially since I was carrying a Taurus 24/7 G2 compact. I wore the holster for a 16hr work day . And couldn't believe it never felt uncomfortable not once did feel like falling out. For $25 I think I got a great deal . Ramora works . Cheaper then buying a $70 crossbreed 

Bobsur Uncle: I tried one and sent it back because the reinforced top I ordered made it totally unconcealed, plus terrible customer service on the exchange attempt.The restocking fee was almost 50% of the cost of holster and their website was fraudulent. I won't bother to try another. Man up and buy a belt and leave the cute holsters to the women.

ultramegabob2: I have a remora for about everything I carry, great inexpensive holsters.

Aaron Thomas: There is a story that goes with it, cross dressing for charity. 

Aaron Thomas: I appreciate you and would miss you.
I like your comments and humor. 

Robert Carpenter: kill all the captioning..... completely irritating 

TheGoatMumbler: Not all of us sit down to pee so our guns don't fall out. :)

mikunan: Great review , and as always, numerous laughs.

docwilkey: I carry my LCP in a Remora and I love mine. When I use the restroom I just drop it in my front pocket while taking care of business.

Semper Fi: Take it off and put it under your armpit when going to the bathroom. You won't forget it for sure.
Remora Holster Review: Part I 5 out of 5

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Remora Holster Review: Part I