Norica Dragon Camo Cal. 5.5 (.22)

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Cowboy Gonzalez: Todo el mundo presume de ser miembro de Mexico Armado. Como puedo distinguir a los legitimos de los piratas? Yo no soy miembro.

Joel Trejo: compañero, una belleza, felicidades

Carlos Resendiz: muy buen rifle bonito y potente felicidades

AirgunMCS: Norica Dragon is a beautiful camo air guns :) :)

ReyTIGREMexArm: No es presucion, es compañerismo, entre compañeros tratamos de compartir nuestros conocimientos asi como tambien nuestros gustos y aficiones. Para distinguir quien es miembro y quien no puedes pedirles su nick y verificar en el foro quien de verdad pertenece a Mex Arm.. en mi caso mi nick en el foro es "El Rey TIGRE". Saludos!
Norica Dragon Camo cal. 5.5 (.22) 3.9 out of 5

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Cowboy Gonzalez: Todo el mundo presume de ser miembro de Mexico Armado. Como puedo distinguir a los legitimos de los piratas? Yo no soy miembro.
Frédéric Jeanbart: My personal usage of a compact wireless multimedia keyboard is mainly for the living room, either via an HTPC near the TV set, either connected to a PC in another room (if that room is near the living room, also allowing the other PC to be connected to a TV and 5.1 speakers through a hole on the wall with a clean mounting), making up for an excellent and complete home cinema / multimedia / gaming solution for the living room. GOing further could command a PC or a NAS to be used as a Media file server, while a small form factor and elegant HTPC would lye in the living room, "wirelessly" streaming movies, music and such form the file server to the living room while allowing for video games, complete Web navigation or common Office/PC usage in the living room. A setup which would also be useful in some Office meeting room for presentations. For the above case which is the trend nowadays, no back lit keys = useless in the living room = bad product ...Useless, unless you work at night (or don't work at all) and/or always watch movies/use HTPC in broad daylight. But I don't think this would represent the typical usage in such targeted market segment (watching movies/browsing-searching the web/listening to music/replying to e-mails from the living room). Come on guys, whatever the bells and whistles, if we can't see it then it's useless, and no I will not have another remote for the lights just to use this thing, lmao *Note : I took the time to write this rant here although it applies to too many other brands, because this particular product looks really neat and well built, well designed. As such, I feel that it's very unfortunate that it doesn't offer back-lit keys, otherwise I would've bought it right away (nice clip btw).*
rocky schaeper: <= Look over there. now...please tell me: What free wheel/cassette are you using that can handle that amount of power for the extended amount of time you are riding? I too had the same conceptual idea and built a bike with a similar set up, but ran in to the only problem that the free wheel ratchet system shattered under 25% engine load and before that I stripped the teeth off of the smaller sprockets (5,6, and 7th gear). 
Tim Capron: Problem is when it fails (and it does), it's a horribly expensive fix. My shade for the panoramic roof failed at 3.5 yrs and 75k miles. Nothing worse than the sun beating down on your head through that glass with no shade and the ENTIRE headliner has to come out to fix it. Called the dealer and he said most people just forget about it and tint the glass!!
Norma bisoen: Airlines for women is not easy Haat en nijd bij mannen als een vrouw gelijkwaardige positie hebben. Overal terwereld denk ik dan. Nederland op 1 india england etc etc achterhaald. 
Tom Parry: freaking camera work is about as good as the music. What a freaking abortion!
Sean D: As a mechanical engineer, I can say with great certainty, a impact wrench or drill on the end of that will make your life easier and faster.

Norica Dragon Camo cal. 5.5 (.22)