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Xbox 360 - Official Skyrim Mods Save Before Character Creation
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Xbox 360 - Official Skyrim Mods - 1337 Game Save
How to Mod Skyrim (Xbox 360)
How to Mod Skyrim (Xbox 360)
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Xbox 360 - Official Skyrim Mods Helgen Save & Project Orc
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How To Mod Skyrim For Xbox 360 - Skyrim Testing Hall On Xbox 360

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Bruce Hartin: my skyrim name is james the theif wow

Luiz Felipe Peres Morerira: ?

SpartanLoquendo: does it have the miraak set?

country redneck: well for some reason mediafire wont work for me ive been trying to dowloand different mods all day and it wont work so some one plz help me figure out what I'm doing rong I'm pretty good at getting mods ive don it to minecraft pc version so I don't know whats rong with it and id u can LeGamezz plz for me put the moded save on drop box bc it works for me and I would put my email but affered some would hack me or somtheing lol but plz help me LeGamezz or some one thx for ur help lGameMaster4790/logan Dotson

LeGamezz: if anyone reads this im not really up to date with these mods so id be just as lost as you guys would be, but it is like 2 years old soo... hahah my bad guys

Ermalhaft 231: thank you

Gavin Rodrigues: When i try playing on any of those characters it says im on version 9 and the save is version 0please help

Legio XXI Rapax: I don't have rbgh or jailbreak, is still possible to put this mod in a usb and play it?.

Miriam Tennent: Good cough jk u suck really a lot 

Nicholas Soto: Thank you so much a save that I wanted

BornBlueDucks: I'm so sorry it was loading :(

BornBlueDucks: Froze my Xbox u son of a bitch

happylolman321: male Breton file  pls

Baylen Bernard: ------------------------------
An error has occured while injecting the following package:
Save 8 - Landor, MODDED PROFILE 

If you see a developer, tell him this:
FATX: detected an invalid filename length on directory entry Save 8 - Landor  Proudspire Manor  95 (1).exs.
------------------------------ this is what it says when i go to save it to device.....damn
can anybody help me? u dont have to i'll wait ti'll next year and find out.

Ebola Desu: for some reason my game crashes when i go to shouts

Fang of the Shadows: Thanks for the Lady Nocturnal mod. Love the robe. 

Brandon Reahk: Did not try the nord update save but both the snow elf and lady nocturnal save give me errors on horizon that they were not the right format not sure if someone could help explain why it be a huge help.

Brad Wright: Hi... I been playing Skyrim on and off for a few years and have tried so many modded game saves. And by far this is one of the best game saves that I have had the chance to come across. And believe me I have tried almost all of them. Wish I had a JTAG or RGH Xbox but I don't so modded gave same is how I have to go. Or wish I had a PC to use the creation kit to make modded saves but don't. Only have a tablet... But I was wondering if you still did mods for skyrim... Or if you could make some slight changes to this already awesome mod. For instance. ( 1. ) Make this where it had Character Creation... Or make it where you where not Lord Harkon or Lady Nocturnal. I have noticed that when you play and try to marry someone you can't for some reason. I believe it to be because you are playing as someone your not expose to be playing as in the game. This is the same for other modded game saves I have as well that are other characters. ( 2. ) Make the trophy room a display room instead. Like add more mannequins and a few display cases that actually worked like the display cases in Hjerim house in Windhelm. And not like the ones in the Heartfire houses. And also add a few weapon racks.... If possibly ( 3. ) Set all perks to 100 and all perked out. And set Magic, Health and Stamina to 500 and that regenerate slightly faster.... And not like a god mode.... Just a little better. ( 4.) And also add a safe or chest with materials... Like Jems, animal pelts, and that kinda stuff. Which I found where not in this mod... It has everything else and keep everything else the same. If that could be done to me this would be in my eyes the all time Best Skyrim Game Save Ever. It already is to me for that matter. But with those few things done it would be. I have this gamesave already on two profiles on my Xbox and have played it almost to 90% completed on both and the only slight glitch I found was that you just couldn't marry someone. It is way better than any other out there also as far as a game save glitching out on you on missions. Anyway Thanks for the the Great work of the games save as well. Its has offered me Hundreds of hours of great entertainment. If you could do this that would be Awesome!!!! 

Parker Miller: And could you please make sure there are still enough perks to fill all of the trees?
Thanks again!!!!

Parker Miller: You rock bro. I love the snow elf mod. But can you please make the skill levels 100 on the snow elf mod. It's an updated save so the oghma infinium isn't an option.

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