NBA 2K14: MyCareer EP1 - Creation Of Pass First PG Wally McGee

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blaze slushy: Is this jumpshot good for a sg or sf?

JustPlaying2020: setup the pick n roll game. pass first pg is perfect for that.

Jake Lang: I average 14 a game

stephen chesser: SHOT!

DJOTRIX993: Do you have to be connected to save the game or you can just play offline all the time?
Thanks in advance...

Tanmay Sethi: you play good

QuakA Oats: how tall can you make your point guard ?

TenToes: my guys in 2k14 wont shoot or cut. i cant get any assists. i didnt play much 2k13 but i dont think it was this bad. is there something i can do to make these guys move to open spaces and not just stand around?

TVdizzy: Subbbed. I got drafted to Utah,sadly, and no matter how much I try to facilitate the rock I cant get my teamates to shoot the ball when I want them too? Any advice?

rockieRAGE117: North dakota state ay? nate wolters? lol

Stephen Eduard Solivio: Why you don't have pts

Kev Metke: He reminds me of Aaron Craft on Ohio State, very fundamentally sound

Charles Gallagher: Dude shoot more craps wack 1 shot

Charles Gallagher: It's in there just look haha

Oscar Koller: What hair style is that??????

Sean Kiley: DPOTY man!

Pat Carroll: 2k13 is that you?

Klay Thompson: aww

sportsfannoahtv: Hey North Dakota State getting some love Go Bison

JhonnyKing0001: I hoped that there would be some mature differences to the 2013 version, but after watching your video it just looks pretty much the same... Is there something new in the game?
NBA 2K14: MyCareer EP1 - Creation of Pass First PG Wally McGee 5 out of 5

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Great Dane & Co: I made a video on the lip kits I purchased from AliExpress and they made my lips stick together like glue!
Joel Fernandez: Great .22 cal CO2 air pistol. I bought this CO2 to just shoot at my backyard and I'm having so much fun. I recommend this pistol for plinking or target shooting.
LazyQ8i: i died to the yeti more than anythin in this game xD
Hotlead: How about putting ammo in boxes in the bottom half of the can and five mag in the top, you'll have a good amount of ammo as well as a handful of mags, do every can this way and it won't matter which one(or several) you grab.

NBA 2K14: MyCareer EP1 - Creation of Pass First PG Wally McGee