Verizon MiFi 2200 Hotspot Flashed To Prepaid

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Verizon MiFi 2200 Hotspot Flashed to Prepaid
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Flash Your Mifi 4510L 4G LTE to Verizon Unlimited Prepaid $100 A Year
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r1ckyw670: How's it do on playing an xbox 360 online any lagging?


Justin Davis: hey can you flash my verizon mifi 4510L for prepaid $5.00 a month

POWERTEAM9988: Is it true unlimited to that fake 5gb unlimited

abe lincoln: The cat's out the bag on this verizon is aware of this and kicks any mifi device off network that's been flashed the only way is to keep flashing until someone figure out a way around this

roclikewhat: Yes it can be flashed.

Geovanni Abarca: can we video chat on all 5 devices at once ? or would it super slow down ?

bigbudha168: where do you go to find refill cards?

kristie howard: I called you Walter but your voice mail box doesn't work. . . Just wanna know if I can use my 4510L for the flashing service?

chrubio: Hi, I got this mifi 2200 but I lost my number and pin , do I need to go to the verizon store to ask to support to get it ? Thanks in advance

roclikewhat: Just go to Walmart and buy Verizon refill card it's 1 cent, then put $100 on it and it will last 365 days.

brian75455: I go to w w w . celltimeonline . com and select the refill option. You can order the $15 PIN Card from them. And then it's emailed right to you and you add it yourself or they can add it for $1.00 extra. Their number is 888-580-5575.

mike lopez: does that mifi work for xbox live gaming?

Michael Miraflor: where can I buy the $100 for 12 months prepaid plan / card?

roclikewhat: Yes it would slow down it would not work well for that much bandwidth.

Toye Boy: Are you sure they won't ever throttle you?

Brandon Neal: im interested in paying for a tutorial on how to flash rather than actually having it done for you offer that type of service.

pctechwizzard: @ roclikewhat how would i get unlimited for as little as 5 dollars a month can you explain that how it would work with prepaid what you would have to do?

blubusdrvr: What are your typical transfer rates? Does Verizon throttle your data? If so at what rate and at what triggers? Thanks

pctechwizzard: what would i ask for at a verzion kiosk for the 100 a year?

roclikewhat: It's really unlimited not the fake 5gb lol

roclikewhat: 1.2mb down 1mb up peak time and non peak time 2mb down and 1mb up. They do not throttle your data.

roclikewhat: It's $30 every 3 months or $100 for 12 months. Right now I'm only flashing the Verizon mifi 2200.

Juan Bravo: Me & 2 more customers having no wifi from ur devices. Hit me up to see if u can help us.

roclikewhat: This video is from August and the $5 plan no longer exist $8.33 is the lowest now.

Toye Boy: I bought one of these from a cell phone store locally and I'm getting 2.5Mbps uploads and .8Mbps download, it awesome I hope verizon doesn't ever catch onto this because its absolutely the best deal out there for Internet right now!

bigbudha168: how do you refill?

Bao Le: how do u prepaid it since it have no button for it

roclikewhat: Sorry I don't have any tuts

Toye Boy: Weird thing, I bought a Verizon mifi 2200 that was already flashed to verizon prepaid. Most I've gotten is 2.5Mbps, I have a Virgin Moible mifi 2200 that someone flashed to Verizon prepaid for me and I can get 3.3mbps that's a big difference

alexissixela1985: Walmart you buy the 100$ prepaid card

POWERTEAM9988: Did you ever figure out how to fix the no internet

roclikewhat: Not sure how good a job it would do for Xbox gaming, but I had a customer call 2 days ago saying her kids were playing PS3 online with it and she needs to order another mifi.

POWERTEAM9988: OK cool I have a few questions how much us the service per month and how do I pay for the service do I buy a prepaid card and do I have to have a Verizon mifi or could you use a sprint or virgin mobile

William Walters: You can get them from callingmart com you would just enter your details in the site and it will automatically have those payents applied. But I am actually mad as I got one from an alternate seller and it stopped working after a month. THey are saying there was a change made from verizon and it killed all the hotspots. So I am kind of thinking they will never get back to me to get it reflashed but hey no big deal. My monthy rate was $70 for unlimited 3g.

roclikewhat: You would need to find a corporate Verizon Kiosk location. Not sure if you can get the $5 a month, but you can still pay $100 for the year.

Donlonte1: What if you already have an account with verizon

William Walters: How would you be able to get it for $5? I have seen the minimum of $15 cards. And the $100 would be at $8.33 a month. So if I was to get one how would I get the $5 a month?

roclikewhat: Give me a call (239)218-8195

kristie howard: Does this service work for the Verizon Jetpack Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L from Novatel?
Verizon MiFi 2200 Hotspot Flashed to Prepaid 5 out of 5

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Verizon MiFi 2200 Hotspot Flashed to Prepaid