Savage Axis .223 And .308 Rifle Review

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Local-Yokel: I'm no where near frugal, I'd spend 1K or much more in a heartbeat, BUT poverty keeps me in the AXIS 223 with a heavy barrel neighborhood. I love the axis has it in pencil barrel and it was good but HB is better.

Brittany Goodwin: have u shot 556 out of it

Max Zweck: nice review

sina Bagheri: what an amazing accent . which state are you in??

Wolf burgis: Great video you should make more you seem like well experienced and know exactly what you talking about

danahan01: I bought one of these Axis rifles in 223, put a Nikon M-223 scope on it, and I'm drilling quarters @ 300 yards. Took out a starling at 350 yards....Poof!!

Nantambu Okechuku: thanks for the video, I'm much like you when it comes to being frugal; I'm  thinking about the 30.06 or the 308 I really want to get out and hunt deer and other animals, once again thanks for the lesson. 

MAC Cap: Great Vid, i have this rifle in 22 250, i got the whole package for under $300, The closed top of the action on these rifles make a very sturdy base for scope mounting, so i let the Cheap Bushnell scope that came with it on but put some good quality weaver rings on it. and this rifle will shoot under 1 inch at 100 yards consistently,  Its really a better rifle than i expected and now for very little money i have a great varmint rifle for not a whole lot of money..

Kolochuk: do you know if the spray foam will work?

Douglas Barrow: Great review. I was looking at the Savage 11/111 XP but decided for my needs it'e too expensive. Plus I need more scope, a 4-12x40 I think. I have a Simmons 3-9x50 on my .17 HMR and have trouble seeing my range target at 100 yards. I like the new Axis II that now includes the AccuTrigger. Need to put some funds together and pick one up.

militaryolivedrabme1: oh yeah and i bought a stainless steel 30-06 savage axis today. cant wait to shoot

militaryolivedrabme1: Did you say Crowville, Louisiana? I am from Winnsboro... That's awesome, great video man

gmodesike: walter sobchak?  :)

Micheal Johnson: Great video didn't know about the removable but pad thanks

Patrick Mitchell: hi my name is patrick i live in california and wont to by a savage axis but the dealer wounts 433.50$ for it and i dont know if that a fare price?

Robert Gomez: Good info and review sir, what in your opinion would be the ideal bullet weight for the .308 (most accurate) aand any recommendations for off the shelf ammo?

travisparsons63: Nice review you sold the 308 on me and I got it.thanks man!

Health Hedgepeth: thanks for makein that video i just got a 308. Savage Axis

jorc mcgillian: Awesome review! Take a look at Boyd's gunstocks, they just released a very affordable stock for them. Just got my prairie hunter with checkering it. They start at 90+ shipping. Very impressed with them!

GSXRfasterthenu: My girlfriend shot my axis .223 at 100yd and never shot a a scooped rifled before. 1 1/2" at 100 yds with cheap steel case ammo ammo. I did the trigger spring clip and that's it.
Savage Axis .223 and .308 rifle review 5 out of 5

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Savage Axis .223 and .308 rifle review