Honda's Self-balancing U3-X Electric Unicycle

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john McDonald: which direction would it go if you farted while using it.

CNL _: 6:00 remember that in the last 30 years battery energy density barely increased anything at all. so don't bet the lives of your grandchildren on your several orders of magnitude increase in the next 100 years. this technology's already very close to its limit.

Colin Smith: And you can do the same thing with a cheap electric scooter costing $100 today.

Thomas Coughran: Just shut up and take my money!

William Ross: The big attraction to this over a Segway is parking. I don't want to leave a $3000 Segway outside of a store or school. I can carry 10 kilos in a shopping cart or shove it in a school locker. At work I can shove it under my desk. Pretty attractive device. We're living in the future!

FOAD RIGHTNOW: Where's the hands free transporter today? I want one!

Cri Cri: Amen.

Manu Pre: But one question we need to think about is if this new short-distance riding wehicles are MORE HEALTHY for us than just WALKING? Isn't walking important for us?!!

Ardent Fan: The wheel of the U3-X is too small and fragile for use on public pavement and road. The Airwheel which is currently on sale, is a more practical transport on public pavement and roads.

AmazingArends: Normally, I LOVE future tech, but this is going to be just as much an alternative to the automobile as the Segway was (In other words, not at all). It's not autonomous, it provides no protection against the weather, and, in this age of increasing obesity, it's not even good exercise. As far as aiding the handicapped, until it can climb stairs, forget it.

Ahmad Malik: 2:23 there was no accelerator, brake, no steering wheel. just BODY ENGLISH??

Kakto Tak: If you want to move around at a walking speed in an intuitive fashion and with the least extra weight required, there's an old, well proven way called "walking".

jetpaq: how many of you thought of the combo of Asimov and the unicycke,.,then immediately thought of "Rosie:" from the jetesons!!//.?  Cmon Honda!!  u need another mascot..bring on rosie! LOL

Rohan Baidya: 7:33, i almost thought that device could be made a boomerang.

Zooni2: For it to be significant people must want to drive it.

N.I.: Looks cool, but I wonder if its airbags will explode?

SolarizeYourLife: I want to replace my desk chair with this device...

CARL WongTW: Yaaa but my Airwheel, an electric unicycle is a lot more pratical, portable and way cooler. Just went for a spin in the city yesterday :)!!!!!

manstie: That's all cool and stuff, but there's a thing called walking...
Honda's self-balancing U3-X electric unicycle 5 out of 5

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Honda's self-balancing U3-X electric unicycle