Honda's Self-balancing U3-X Electric Unicycle

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kalon1972: It's now 2016, this did not take off. Too bad.

Chia Han Ze: This is a RYNO rip off they just coped RYNOs idea!

007thematrix007: Look ma, no hands!..... blam

Juan Gimeno: It could be very interesting in a office environment, they make the models high enough we can use them as office chairs and be more efficient picking up prints and moving around bid office plates.

Roberto Del Vecchio: Cual es el valor y como se hace para enviarmelo a argentina?

Charlieboy 69: if something is going to replace cars it need to allow sitting down and relaxing, also it need weather protection.

Ηλίας Ζαχαρόπουλος: ridiculous for an able person but even for amputees. A USELESS GADGET

john McDonald: which direction would it go if you farted while using it.

CNL _: 6:00 remember that in the last 30 years battery energy density barely increased anything at all. so don't bet the lives of your grandchildren on your several orders of magnitude increase in the next 100 years. this technology's already very close to its limit.

Colin Smith: And you can do the same thing with a cheap electric scooter costing $100 today.

Thomas Coughran: Just shut up and take my money!

William Ross: The big attraction to this over a Segway is parking. I don't want to leave a $3000 Segway outside of a store or school. I can carry 10 kilos in a shopping cart or shove it in a school locker. At work I can shove it under my desk. Pretty attractive device. We're living in the future!

FOAD RIGHTNOW: Where's the hands free transporter today? I want one!

Manu Pre: But one question we need to think about is if this new short-distance riding wehicles are MORE HEALTHY for us than just WALKING? Isn't walking important for us?!!

Ardent Fan: The wheel of the U3-X is too small and fragile for use on public pavement and road. The Airwheel which is currently on sale, is a more practical transport on public pavement and roads.

AmazingArends: Normally, I LOVE future tech, but this is going to be just as much an alternative to the automobile as the Segway was (In other words, not at all). It's not autonomous, it provides no protection against the weather, and, in this age of increasing obesity, it's not even good exercise. As far as aiding the handicapped, until it can climb stairs, forget it.

Ahmad Malik: 2:23 there was no accelerator, brake, no steering wheel. just BODY ENGLISH??

Kakto Tak: If you want to move around at a walking speed in an intuitive fashion and with the least extra weight required, there's an old, well proven way called "walking".

jetpaq: how many of you thought of the combo of Asimov and the unicycke,.,then immediately thought of "Rosie:" from the jetesons!!//.?  Cmon Honda!!  u need another mascot..bring on rosie! LOL

Rohan Baidya: 7:33, i almost thought that device could be made a boomerang.
Honda's self-balancing U3-X electric unicycle 5 out of 5

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madmax2069: Oh boy, real time 24 hour race. I only done that once. It was fun and tiresome at the same time. I am sure glad they had a save feature when you went in for a pit stop or i might not have been able to complete the race (had to work)
Raden Ardh: are there any offline-coop indie games with a story line?
BeXybcDuza: when Mona said ring ring almost sounds like Wren Wren (lol)
Fairy “Jed” Queen: Please add that Mac is required for this method in the title or at least descriptions. Um duh.
Alpha “Qilbe” Omega: Money doesn't belong to the individual. It belongs to the government. Those individuals should spend it on something else and hold that as collateral (precious metals and the like). The premise of the argument is correct. Who knows: maybe the idea of making money was the actual end goal of said individual - regardless how absurd that may seem to a rational person. Nevertheless: it could be true. However: I doubt that would be the real reason unless to prevent others from obtaining it was that end goal. In that case: it would be the duty of government to devalue said holding by printing more money to stimulate the economy - even if it results in weeding out others with the same intention. Governments have a duty to tackle economy warfare the same way it does with any other undesirable action perpetrated upon its citizens. That is the role of government. The individual is still free to do as he or she please. They just have to accept there will be checks and balances to combat their ill will - like with any action deemed unacceptable to the benefit of society.
Kaila Karns: Always look back at this experience with a smile ^^
One of the best marching band experiences I've ever had <3 (center clarinet, 7th rank)

iloverandomthings: I like the polar express and I love that shirt.☺️☺️☺️

Honda's self-balancing U3-X electric unicycle