Ammo Test - .40 S&W Winchester White Box

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thejpar s: Thats good considering they are not bonded and will do the job if called on..

Erik Sparks: Very scientific :)

12footsativa: I understand the expansion, is what the vid is and im not knockin on hollow points, i own plenty; in my Glock 22 is a 180gr JHP and next is a FMJ- JHP- FMJ- HP. Simply so the HP hits, expands, next round goes to your spine, so on and so forth, i dont care how big, thick, tough the man is he's not getting back up from a shot to the breast plate, heart, lungs and spinal cord or head

12footsativa: Everyone is always arguing bout the best HP's the energy on .40cal 180gr JHP "winchester white box" is 408 ft-lb's, the vel is 1010 fps and the 165gr FMJ also "winchester white box" the energy is 412 ft-lbs. A Full metal jacket bullet will kill, it is often over looked as a weak type ammo but the military uses them simply due to deeper penetration,

KJ guitarman: I got 50 at Walmart.. glad to see there Somewhat good, if not Great for the Money!

j simmons: awesome rounds. all 3 expaned in water. bought 100 today. good budget hp round. thanks for test

jonboynumba1: Cool video but I gotta say...word is...and it'd been shown in different calibers on youtube that these bullets are "old 80's erra technology" and are more for match open water almost any hp will ballistic jello with denim in front they plug and act like a fmj. They are not bargain carry ammo...they are expensive target/range ammo. Now their supreme bonded and ranger talon tan box HP's sre good stuff

jordanaug81: I love your vids andreleger but I would like to offer some constructive criticism, I think these tests would be much more informative using clothed ballistics gel as any round down to a .22LR will make a mess of a jug filled with kool-aid. I would like to know exactly what im buying in the way of penetration and how the round reacts to clothing barriers, just a thought.


crazydiesellover: @greygoosevodka1 If you look he also has test with denim jeans and things like that. Im sure that may show what your looking for

greygoosevodka1: i dont see how these tests show any good info, because the main reason for bullet failure is thick clothing clogging up the hollow poing keeping it from expanding properly.

glenncantel: remington white box jhp varmint rounds suck big freakin balls you can hear the firing pin say one befor it goes off wtf i mise well buy a real box of ammo snap my fingers then pull the trigger lol

Derail07: This stuff is 25 bucks a box and the JACKET COMES OFF. But it shoots perfect everytime.

andreleger2001: @APatrioticRebel In general, I would say the .45 ACP has more power. The tradeoff is less capacity compared to .40 S&W. As far as penetration is concerned, it would depend on the specific load. There are too many variables to account for to determine that overall. Either one will get the job done. If it is your first gun, I would get a .40 S&W since the ammo (at least around here) is much more available.

APatrioticRebel: @andreleger2001 Yeah i was asking as in penetration and over all power for self home defense just real stopping power.

andreleger2001: @APatrioticRebel As far as recoil is concerned, the .40 S&W has a sharper snap whereas the .45 ACP is more of a hard push (over a longer period of time) if thats what your asking. The .40 S&W pushes a slightly smaller bullet slightly faster (in general) than the larger but slower .45 ACP. Both are excellent rounds. The .45 ACP has been around since the early 1900's; the .40 S&W round was developed from the 10mm in the 80's. (the .40 is a high pressure round, .45 is not)

APatrioticRebel: Hey how are 40S&W compared to a 45Acp?

SeeYouNextFall: Im not a fan of the Winchester white box JHP's. For a personal defense round, I think Remington Golden Saber's are the VERY best. But I appreciate the video.

andreleger2001: In this case I think staying together would be better for deeper penetration. With the .357 mag, I think it wounds a different way and fragmentation would be a good thing.

punahawaiipball: fragment so it causes more damadge
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Ammo Test - .40 S&W Winchester White Box