Pse Stinger Compound Bow 70#

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Yellowsub999: nice i have the same bow and draw i love it

troodon2: hey nice shooting, but try to take care for your target, cover it when its raining. i think its nice you also like to shoot heavy weight bows, they really are helpfull when hunting and are more effective. you should get every pound out of your bow, why shoot 40# or 50# when your bow can pull 70# or 80#? slightly build up muscle to pull the maximum. archers these days are not archers anymore, a bow is made for hunting not only just shooting at targets. why practicing archery if your not hunting?

OZZYBOWHUNTA: Hey mate nice work on the vid, what are you using to fill your target butt? Sounded real metal like. I got the Stinger a few months ago and I'm loving it Do you get out hunting much?

fusionstar916: you need a new target :D. good shooting mate.

golfer15963: it can or cannot maybe thats what he likes it at and with more weight means more knock down power for hunts

shermonator88: That is why i shoot at 70# our bush terrain is covered in dry bark and sticks everywhere so getting in real close is extremely hard as the ground crunches like mad, at least with a 70# it makes the hunt better as i have more range to play with,

shermonator88: Im not shooting it at 70# to be more accurate, im shooting it at 70# so i can shoot from a much longer range, trust me it helps when your stalking deer or boar over thick dry leafed and tree branched terrain and you can get as close as usual, we dont use treestands much in Australia, we mostly stalk all our hunts on foot.

shermonator88: Im usually much more accurate but i had to adjust a fair bit for the wind, it was up pretty high that day, was still pretty happy with how i shot though.
Pse Stinger compound bow 70# 5 out of 5

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Patrik Prommer: HOLY S#hit :D :D :D :D SOUNDS REALLY BETTER THAN 500 euro poplar drum kit's snare !!!
I want to make one for my jungle kit :D F#ckin awesome!!! LOL :D :D :D

gotzolones: Ellion Hmr Una buena marca de mediacenter para grabar y reproducir.Tendria que tener mas actualizaciones,pero tiene buenos aparatos
Susie Q: I have learned much more by watching your video, thanks for honesty and knowledge. I'm looking forward to trying this essential oils therefore I'm new at this oils.
LadyZodiac76: Happy to see you! Great haul...I love make up. I can't wait to see your Spring/Summer fashion haul videos. I know you're going to be posting. I just recently decided to start trying tone lip colors. TFS
princenara: @Sexy25Diva Carry out ft justin timberlake
Khizar Racer: everything aside.. does anyone notice Dec is looking extra cute here!!!
Terry Alan: this is messi when he's 35 years old

Pse Stinger compound bow 70#