How To Replace The Screen On Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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How to replace the screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
How to replace the screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
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Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Screen Repair
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How to Replace the Screen on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
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Tmothy Modeste: I'm a geak

Ian McGowan: Thanks for this just saved me over £60 following this video

Pierre Lassalle: hi guys, just to let you know regarding the tablet 2014 edition P600, the glue is not only on the sides but ALL over the screen, that make it IMPOSSIBLE to remove the screen without damage the LCD. :(

rudraigh: Fantastic! Thank you so much! My wife SHATTERED her screen. I bought an inexpensive digitizer on Amazon and, with this video, she now has a working Galaxy Tab again!

I will say her screen was much harder to remove than depicted in the vid. Perhaps that's because the glue was so old?

Omar Cruz: I Have A Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4inch
I Dropped it this Halloween lol XO But Plan on Fixing it my self..
Is this the Same Processes as for my Specific Model thanks ahead ^-^

John Paul Gabriel Zuluaga: my friend will this tablet surgery prove affective with a galaxy tab S (T800) ??

thank you kindly

canice foley: how do you replace the lcd screen on galaxy tab 4,if the front glass is ok?

Tim Roberts: Would this be the same process for a Tab S 10.5? It looks pretty simple but just requires patience. Let me know, thanks.

Matthew Childs: Do you know if the same process will work on a Tab s T800?

fredrik wredenberg: Safety goggles on

Benoit Tranier: An advice... Do not try to replace the glass by yourself. Too complicated, too risky, too hard, you may damaged your tablet even more it was like I did.

Benoit Tranier: Not that easy to take off the screen. About 30 minutes after hard tries the glass is still on. On the video it s seem so easy that I just can't believe it is true.

Nesto JR: very helpful and well-made video, thanks!

TONY BONAVIA: can anybody tell me where i can get a touch screen for my chinese samsung galaxy note 10.1  n8000 (6gb) quad-core  tablet pc mobile phone, please, i tried everywhere

Eyemallfunkedup: Great Video Instructions! Is there an alternative to using a "heat gun"?  For example a blow dryer? 

Paulo Costa: Thank you so much, my friend. Just a little piece of advise: I think wearing a mask would not be a bad idea. At a certain point, very small pieces of glass were floating in the air and I was afraid of inhaling it. Anyway, your explanation was perfect.

e5frog: Just swapped the digitizer of a Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T535, if using a metal tool like a putty knife it's very easy to scratch the chrome finish from the frame when removing the glass. I suggest something in plastic instead, perhaps a butter knife or a plastic card similar to a credit card. With a shattered glass it's quite a pain to remove it but I thank you for your help.

miamidecor: Hi, I'm wondering if you can tell me what I can do if the tiny connecter tab (it's the gold part you slide down at mark 3:26 on your video ) that you lift up to slip the cable in and then push back down to secure the cable tab then cover with the tape has fallen off? I can't tell if it's actually broken or if it's possible to slide it back into the connector on the board, nor can I tell what side is up or down which is left or right...

I tried to replace the digitizer but I believe I ordered the wrong digitizer for my tab 2 10.1. 
My Tab2 says GT-P5113 on the board inside but says GT-P5113TS WiFi 16 Gig on back of case.
The replacement digitizer ribbon that didn't work says GT 5100 (espresso 10.1") KH REV0.1ED R.D63.

I'm about to order another digitizer but I'm worrying about the connector tab being off and if there's a way to buy/install a new one if it's actually broken or if I can slip it back together or if it's possible the cable can still work by taping the tab down firm enough! Any advice would be appreciated.

M Brush: 1.  My 10.1 has 1 screw on each side of the charging port under plastic stickers.  I did not notice this until the housing cracked around those screws.  Very minor cracks and the back did separate, once the screws were dislodged from the plastic.  If had noticed, would have Google searched and found that they are 'tri-wing' screws.  Oh well.  Cracks were minor and didn't get in way of reassembly.
2.  Be aware that a severely shattered digitizer (think spider-web) can be a much messier removal.
3.  Note that your putty knife can get in between the digitizer and the adhesive strip that is secured to the face of the LCD, as it did for me.  The result is a much messier removal as glass shards dislodge without that adhesive to hold it together.  Note that the video shows a silver frame around the LCD on 3 sides.  If you get done and it's all black w/ adhesive on it, you left a layer on the LCD that needs to be removed w/ heat gun.
4.  Fear not if you think you scratched the LCD w/ your putty knife.  I thought I messed the LCD up when my hand slipped, but it turned out to be nothing but adhesive that spread out along the path of the knife.  Some windex and some light elbow grease and it was gone.
5.  Be careful about the placement of the new digitizer.  It can seem flush on all 4 sides, yet still have one of the cameras partially blocked.  Luckily, I was able to slide the digitizer enough to clear the blockage before the seal was final.

Thanks to the original poster.  I hope these additional tips help.  Good luck!

Fabrizio Malta: Thank you for video!!
With this procedure I repaired a Tab P7300 screen.
How to replace the screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 5 out of 5

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How to replace the screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1