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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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EPICTerryPerry: The Elyos look more heavenly and such. They each thought the other race died, but recent portals in the abyss have led them to see otherwise. Now they each blame the other for the destruction of the tower, and you get to fight the other faction IN THE ABYSS, where the Balaur who are basically like dragon-bosses live. So if you aren't getting killed by the rebel faction, you're getting killed by Balaur. Enjoy! :D
Katarzyna J: Na popękaną z powodu kataru skorę najlepsza jest maść majerankowa. 2-3 zł w aptece. Pomogła mi też, kiedy jakieś 7 lat temu odmroziłam policzki. Zapach majeranku pozwala też lepiej oddychać przy zapchanym nosie.
deeedeeexy: Hi Amber! I love your channel! You should do more videos like this!
Greetings from Slovenia!

EJSFilms2K: you have to state "how to defend yourself with mace against a mugger" The way you state it seems like the mugger has mace
chiefs1216: How did you about the vacum hoses etched that were on the stock intake manifold.. Cheers
tara6035: no offence but you're boxer dogs face looks nothing like a boxer..
Nancy Djembe: YAY congratulations, what a pleasant surprise!  A lot of happiness to you guys in Jesus Name AMEN!

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