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Nick Austin: "ZyzzIsBack" I died
Juliano Nhonho: Amigo, vc tem essa maquina para vender, quanto custa, se tiver me passa o valor por e-mail mas sem a desparafusadeira. obrigado nhonhodauniao3@gmail.com
NJPurling: The MD80 clones have changed since this video was uploaded.
The MD80 clone depicted here is based on the #3 '808' keychain, wheras the most recent clones are based on the #9 keychain.
Chuck Lohr's site is a great referance work on the keychain camera.
Nobody seems to have done a similar thing for the MD80: Who issued the first one?
I would love to know which is regarded as the 'genuine' item.
IMHO: The genuine MD80 has a aluminium case, the switches are a different pattern & the camera itself records 640x480 video.
Not sure about the timestamp on the 'genuine' MD8, it's colour or whether it can be turned off.
I have hunted down what I hope is an example of a genuine MD80 & I also have a clone MD80, so I may be able to offer a comparison in the future.

Nivaldo Ribeiro: Nice, but.. mobius give you a better image quality in the goggles?
Sharon Rogers: Where can I order one of these? I live in Arizona.
Nick Highway: Do you have a thick hair? i want to use this product but my hair is so thick and yours looks thin on the video.
Frost Archer: First off, Pohatu's claws are to give her dem childbearing hips.

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