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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Jedzada Maijaroen: ลำโพงมันไม่เปียกน้ำหรอ ??^^
k1BIH: i had this cologne definitly one of my top 5, hyooge kitty magnet. and it bring back feels. also longevity was great for me. bought mine in europe in 2012 right before new years
KingCrafter25: Is he still available?
weeraphol warinthon: ทุกคนมีสิทธิ์ปกป้องตัวเอง ไม่มีใครดูแลตัวเราได้ดีเท่าตัวเราเอง
Nikolas John: Perfect video. Thanks a lot!
Luis Sergio Curay Benites: So, I've been doing some research, mostly about Coil and Rail guns, and I have a few questions I thought you guys might know the answer to. correct me if i'm wrong but, Coil guns are where a capacitor is charged up then the charge is sent through a coil create a magnetic thrust to move a projectile. Like this; HMInnovations: How to make a Coil Gun A rail gun is where magnets are used to pull a projectile, kinda of like this; MAGNETIC RAIL GUN SCIENCE PROJECT III Neodymium The rail guns from what i've read, are generally less powerful but they also don't require any sort of electrical charge, and are easier to reset compared to coil guns. However, coil guns seem to be more powerful, but they also take more time to reset (charging time etc) Comparing these it would seem to me that the best one to go with would be a coil gun, and so I have some questions. If I hooked a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechanically_powered_flashlight to a capacitor, would it be possible to fill the capacitor this way, instead of a battery? I'm considering using the insides of a couple of disposable cameras (i have learned they have the best set up for the capacitors) and wiring them together and connecting it to some pvc and other materials to make a coil gun. Is there anything I should know before I get into this, and do you guys have any advice for a new-to-electricity person?
lava12005: Mine is HD 4850 512 ram, with 1920 x 1080 I need to play in low setting.. T.T

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