Replacement Of Rear Struts On A 1992-2001 Toyota Camry | SENSEN Shocks And Struts

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Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1992-2001 Toyota Camry   SENSEN Shocks and Struts
Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1992-2001 Toyota Camry SENSEN Shocks and Struts
Replace Toyota Camry Rear Struts
Replace Toyota Camry Rear Struts
2004 Toyota Camry Rear Strut Replacement
2004 Toyota Camry Rear Strut Replacement
Nissan Maxima Rear Strut (Shock) Replacement
Nissan Maxima Rear Strut (Shock) Replacement
Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima   SENSEN Shocks and Struts
Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima SENSEN Shocks and Struts

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Terrell: Are the 1995 Toyota Camry and 1995 Lexus es300 interchangeable in suspensions? So could I buy a Camry's suspension for my es300?

Herb The Cat Whisperer: great video, although you didnt mention what the torque spec were for each bolt that was removed/loosened

LegacyWarriorDestiny: so why not show the hard stuff? the times when you ran into trouble, you stopped the video.

Al Shriver: Helpful video. Napa had complete strut, cheep. Saves time and safer.

ex powah: How much with parts and labor?

dner37: Great video. Really make it look easy for a beginner. Thank you.

Bob: This was very helpful for installing struts on a 2005 Camry.  Nothing had changed.  I used KYB struts, which offer a better ride, though a little more costly.  I checked out another YouTube video about removing the back seat of the Camry, in order to understand how to remove the outside of the back seat, to get to the bolts on the top of the strut.  I used the free strut spring compressors from O'Reilly Auto Parts, available from their tools behind the counter.  I didn't see any danger in doing this.  There are other videos about replacing the front struts, which explain how to use the spring compressors, but it's pretty obvious; you clamp them down on opposite sides of the spring, so you can remove the spring and other recyclable parts (there's a spacer and foam piece around the arm that extends out of the top of the strut).  I did not find it necessary to replace any parts other than the stuts and the result was a ride that was improved dramatically.

Prarie449: Do i need a press for the spring?

TheKreesman: Also, the sway bar nut OEM is 14 mm but you may need to do a replacement if it's old and the stud doesn't stay stationary anymore. These are about $20-25 apiece, and the nut is often 17 mils. You failed to mention taking the bolt off that holds the ABS wires to safeguard them. That's 10 mils. And the main mount bolts are NOT 22 mils, they're 19 mils, at least on a '97.

TheKreesman: Be really careful with that first nut (14 mm) on the sway bar linkage, especially if there's a lot of rust.. The hex nut slot strips easily and that is NOT a bolt; it's just a stud going into the socket. The hex nut slot is just there to stabilize the stud while undoing the nut. I turned it too hard and the stud broke off inside the socket. Now I can't get the nut off either, and will have to replace the whole 6" linkage.

EvendimataE: springs don't need to be changed?

Ken Watkinson: Thanks you Bryan Barnes for you input.My worker replaced struts and didn't remove bolt for abs.I was accused of tampering with abs system.Abs light came on.

hondaatc1987: Will  OEM  Toyota rear struts for a 1997 Camry XLE fit a 1993 Camry LE rear? INTERCHANGEABLE in years?

Edmund Williams: Nice video. I need a rear strut mount for my 1996 Camry. What brand do you recommend? Thanks

Bryan Barnes: What about removing the bolt that holds the ABS wires on the strut? I did not do that and now my ABS warning light is on. What now?

rfn944: How do you replace the rubber ball joint on the stabilizer link? Are you referring to the rubber boot only? Do you have a video on this?
Also does the new strut come with it's own rubber boot?  Someone in the comments said no.

Teo Lopez: Great video. Struts that he shows to use are just horrible. Ended up getting higher end struts. These lasted me 6 months. Here in MA roads are horrible, Rt.9 and back roads

Dustin Cavanaugh: Awesome video. Thank you for sharing your expertise! You are a master of your craft.

Seth Bruns: Me too buddy, me too. Wouldn't we all love to get our Camry ride quality back to factory, these Camry's were magic carpets. I love my 99

Timothy Branthoover: Good video, only thing I would add is if you have the cloth interior, remove the pieces by the seats first. Dirt sticks to it easy.
Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1992-2001 Toyota Camry | SENSEN Shocks and Struts 5 out of 5

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Replacement of Rear Struts on a 1992-2001 Toyota Camry | SENSEN Shocks and Struts