Table Saw Dovetail Jig Build 1/2

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Table saw dovetail jig build 2/2
Table Saw Dovetail Jig
Table Saw Dovetail Jig
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Jason T: what program are you using for schematics?

Grab Thousands of Woodworking Plans Here: Use normal safety procedures when using power tools, including safety glasses, and a dust mask when cutting treated wood.

Steven Cope: what kind of drills do you use?

Charles LaGreca: Your editing out/speeding up repetitive segments is the best on the internet.

Carl Zorro: OMG all that science to make a rotator, could have been done  with a few washers upon an up right wood.

Jorge Gonzalez: Congratulations on the video, I would like to know the make and model of the saw table, as I have loved her, lol; a greeting from Spain.

Andrea Fabbrucci: Hi Matthias are always the best!
I want to know what software you use to create the project on paper !!!

J Schultz: does anyone know the name of the computer program used to make these plans and templates?


Toby Harrison: I think your videos are really good... You are very talented.

Виктор Жердецкий: все так красиво, но приспособление ну уж очень сложное, можно придумать по-проще

J Alvi: Not trying to pry, but about how much is that delta you run? How comparable is it to the 600+tax Delta from lowes and homedepot?
You mentioned "this saw can't run a split knife" would the circular saw conversion be able to use one? I'm tallying up the numbers and with a good saw, my time, materials, and etc its creeping up on that figure, trying to justify the "buying vs making" aspect when even if I buy one I would still end up making the bad@$$ sleds and jigs you have ;-)

Please advice :-)
My biggest concern, and I'm only asking this because there is no way to search within the posted comments in YouTube to see if it has been answered already (they should really come up with that feature!!) but equipment focus on making things on a budget but also good and solid, how do you pick (select) the equipment??. (I have noticed you don't show a "budget" harbor freight tool on any of your equipment, and I know it's for a reason)
Like the router for this project, the circular saw for the table saw, the band-saw motor for the other one.....or any other equipment you use? Please advise :-).
Now another question..... Printing 1:1 you get this done at a kinko's (similar place) or get them from the purchase of the plans? My largest format printer is 11*17 :-(
I'm darned good with a T-square, but I don't want to "re-draw" the work you've done (and introduce unwarranted alterations) :-/

Let me know if you can :-) 

Martin Lindkvist: At 08:10 you said 7,9 mm, but I think you meant to say cm... Correct me if I'm wrong.

1873Winchester: I've added a piece of plywood that I slip over my fence, I can then adjust it to the length I want, such as a short length for ripping, it works real well and makes internal stresses much less likely to cause binding, and it's a super simple jig, just three pieces of 18mm plywood, glue, screws and varnish.

Thomas Oppenhoff (Lochkarte): I still haven't found a turn on/off magnet anywhere... is there a source on the interwebs anyone can recommend?

Dan Updegraff: Hi Matthias.  When making a hole slightly larger with a "roughed up" end of the rod, how did you rough up the end?

Jack Chen: I see answer below. thanks
Table saw dovetail jig build 1/2 5 out of 5

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Table saw dovetail jig build 1/2