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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Keressa Beverage: What is the acronyms he suggests for the refrigerator, and what did they stand for again? SALADS AND GNOMS? Something like this? Thanks for any help!
jordy velthuizen: +MotoGamesTV they need to put in the sls amg black series of this one alot sicker than this one
tehhfuzz: Hello Slack, if you ever decice to buy Dead Space 2 (which I know you will) and make a walkthrough, I WILL do 20 pushups for ya! :)
Jacob Moon: 6:48 lol Big Hero 6 copycats...
MermanIShouldTurn2Be: Can't resist putting that aquarium live wallpaper eh? :)
Immortal: yeah but the person has the key if they want to open it dumbasses... it's not like your inside your house anyone could open it...
Quidditch Champion: This was such an outstanding review. I loved how you pointed out the different spots where it was mentioned in the books and the way you read was gorgeous. This was by far the best review I have seen of this product and I could tell you were a Ravenclaw just by hearing you speak. Absolutely beautiful and wonderfully done.