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Whale God: You are really bad at this game -_-
Mike Hillsgrove: A good review. I thought it was the best movie that I've ever seen. It was way to complicated for my wife (who isn't terribly complicated herself), but it grabbed me instantly, stunned and ripped out my heart. Since then I've watched the movie some 50 times and can quote back most of it. What the review does not cover is Doona Bae and her magnificent performance as Sonmi-451. This was the most heart wrenching of the story lines and the dialog is philosophy that you can build a life around. My Buddhist buddies loved it as the whole karma past-present-future storyline is nearly pure Buddhist. Watch it if you have an introspective nature and are capable of the complexity of seeing 6 movies at once. Really one movie, one storyline, but it will take several viewings to come close to understanding this fantastically complex philosophical thriller. 
pischi16: yes this is a very nice motorcycle But I have to say next year it will be something new
Esteban Velarde: #DramaAlert
HopeaToffee: 720 or 5.1 ?
Tamara M: @sheadjones thanks hun! And i dont live in Houston :( if i did i would hook you up lol...i am currently obtaining my cosmetology license :)
Panda Jam: Dose it come with the pet?

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