Logitech G9x Laser Mouse

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Logitech G9x Laser Mouse
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse
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Logitech G9x Laser Gaming Mouse Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips
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Gangi Films: I have 10 G9x in my closet, never opened.

Jukka Salotaipale: I'm (still) happy for having this G9x mouse in good shape and working :D

Klea Rusnim: Still the best mouse. Wide load shell all the way with max 7G weights.

anaalinaama: Took the gamble and bought one of these refurbished (as new ones aren't being made anymore) from Ebay.
Almost three years later and still going strong.

Kris A: It's 2017 (ALMOST!,.. at the time of typing this up),. and my G9 has been working every day since I bought it in 2008,.. I only replaced the scroll wheel this week after 8 long years of millions of scrolls.
A freaking brilliant piece of kit this,. Logitech, THAT was money well spent - pity ya had to discontinue it though, (despite that making sound financial sense to you I expect).

Christian Schmidt: My Corsair M65 pro is laughting about this mice

swardmusic: please help! so... ive crushed the pins in the connector trying to put the new cables female end back in. Anyone know if this if fixable or replaceable at a electronics store repair shop?? :(
I dont wanna lose my beloved G9X

xShockPvPx - Minecraft: i have a logitech M185 wireless mouse is that any good i havent opened it yet though (also im to lazy to change my freaking name so dont even)

Jo S: Die beste Maus die ich in meinen Leben jemals gehabt habe!!!
Es fängt schon wie beschrieben alles an mit der Perfektion - Vereinigung von Maus mit dem benutzter..
Form und Gewicht individuell
einstellbar ein Traum !!!!!
Habe die Maus nun 10 Jahre, ungelogen hatte 2 mal einen Kabel Bruch aber einmal vom Fachmann löten lassen schon funktioniert es wieder.
Leider schon lange nicht mehr zu kaufen war für mich damals eine "Der" Besten Investitionen meines Lebens was pc anbelangt.

Thunder Kat: This old video almost bring nostalgia.

Hyper Nova: i got mine for free
a computer shop gave it to me

Chelsea Sealasaurus: I have been pulling my hair out, my boyfriend has his profile on the PC with perfect pointer settings. But on my account for the PC the mouse moved quickly up and down but super slow left to right. After watching this video I figured out how to hold the profile button and move through different profiles. You saved our mouse's life!

Cenker Canbulut: Want me to be honest. This is the mice that was the best mice been produced ever!. Used it in 2008 -2010 and can't get the same performance ever!

mgkpraesi: Best mouse ever. I used the G9 for 5 Years and the G9x since its Release. Why on Earth did Logitech canceled this awesome mouse...?

dave: why is this thing 300$

TheLoucM: The trick is to use it WITHOUT a shell ;)

Thanks me later

pew pew laser beams: good mouse, but the cable breaks easily, it´s guaranteed this mouse won´t last you a lot of years, you can always buy a new cable in ebay.

boomjerry: RIP G9X

Wo Ra: ''week'' ;D + for joke

Khalid Mohammed: Zeph. YOLO!
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse 5 out of 5

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Gangi Films: I have 10 G9x in my closet, never opened.
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Logitech G9x Laser Mouse