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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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sw1000xg: I already own it on the cheap dvd one! Just surprised it was so expensive when I got it for a song!
Brendan Fielding: I bought 50 boxes of pop its off amazon for four dollars
Slet en Tet: wow most boring vid i've ever watched in my life
Fabric Garden Australia: Another great video showing the #QuickCurveRuler #QCR from Sew Kind of Wonderful. I now stock this ruler! http://youtu.be/JOsrBST1AXo
gabriela ramírez: Gracias,la informacion es muy clara y completa. Me gustaria ver videos con mas regularidad pues tienes un amplio conocimiento y una credibilidad enorme.
200jassiel: the masks
Ruski Ryan: What a sleazy grease ball sales man! ha ha! I wouldn't want him turning anything into a reality for me!

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