Logitech G9x Laser Mouse

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Logitech G9x Laser Gaming Mouse Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse
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Logitech G9X Laser Mouse Review- Call of Duty MW3 Edition
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Обзор Logitech G9/G9X Laser Mouse
Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse (Unboxd / Reviewed)
Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse (Unboxd / Reviewed)
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Logitech Laser Mouse G9X COD MW3 Edition Unboxing & First Look
Logitech G9X Review
Logitech G9X Review
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G9x Laser Gaming Maus - Test/Review - Games-Panorama HD
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Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse Hands On Review

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spilf1998: What is the good thing about having such a fast scroll wheel? I always wondered why you would want it...

Alfalfapost: This mouse is so good

Jan Zhang: my old g9 broke, I used it for 8 years, it took me 4 months to buy 3 new ones in a time like this.

Davina Haisell: I splurged today and bought a new mouse; at 25% off it was still a splurge :) My wrist has been bothering me with so much time being spent at the computer. This one is so comfortable!

KungenOverNorge: Need help! cant find out if i should buy this or the Roccat kone.

iMPRE7ed: indeed

CharismaticX3: to people commenting on this... it's from 2009 the mouse is probably older. Mice favourites is really up to the user. I honestly don't like the feeling of Logitech mice. of course that's just a personal preference thing. The customizable grip thing sounds really cool though.

Ryan Skuse: yeah they still make them. check out logitech on ebay they are currently doing good deals on them now

Frizz.exe: So this or the Death taker mouse?

xXxDAJANTOxXx: concerning the technical aspects like dpi, sensors, scroll functions, click contacts and on, there actually is no better mouse on the market. seriously, its just the best of the best. ultra high quality mouse, beautiful manufactured

Jayraj073: I have had this mouse for 2 years, this is a damn lie. This mouse is a very good mouse.

Smitty Smith: even though specs like 8 million clicks and 250 kilometers is really high i still dont like thinking about the time, if it ever happens, when it reaches that point

BreakOfDawnRemixes: ppi? Dpi marks sensitivity

Mark Jordan: I think its the newest version. Go for it. you need a week to get accustomed to the new shape, but later you will never go back because conventional mice will feel very clumsy in your hand.

Sieberliebangbang: hehe

Derek Hayes: my g9x goes up to 5600 dpi....

emin257: Is this mouse good for claw grippers? I got a razer deathadder but it totally sucks, i cant get used to it even after a year...

fallout3mrman: Depends on what you're using them for, MMO's - most buttons, FPS's - most dpi, Other - best ratings

Andrei Carneiro: LOL, nice isn't?

Bazic: then youu should take your time to learn some jokes

Neoplan6o: The Apple of the computer peripherals market.

qluuuuuuuulp: Only 250km?? What if I wanna travel further?

Dr Vagax: Get the Razer, you won't regret it.

punkkerboyzz: g9x

23BiGFailure: its quite wide irl

Thunder Kat: Logitech G900 Logitech Performance Mouse MX Logitech so far best performance, also free of bugs like bad precision. if you only care about performance G400 and excelent choice for fps. for MMO RAT 7/9 or Cooler Master Inferno are up for any job...

Phil Bradley: Razer is garbage and will break in a year..

WayneWSC: easy, G9x.

destinystruth: Depends, never go for a mouse just for it's features. First go for the ergonomics. If you use palm grip, go with the g9x hands down. If you use others, go for rat or naga.

I Am Batman: copy of alienware's ha?

sr Hard: zephhyre mouse :3

FallenHavoc: Since I posted that comment I bought this mouse. I've gotta say even though there wasn't a newer model this one is soo advanced for it's time and I'm so glad I bought it.

Red code: no this is the latest mouse for now, and im getting it too for video editing..

Jacob Riis: 8 million clicks? If you play LoL that's used fast.

TheLich17: updating something thats already almost perfect sometimes proves as a negative thing for a product, most of the time it turns out worse.

Glaciares YT: R.A.T.7 CONTAGION !!!

qluuuuuuuulp: True my man!HAha

Irishmura: no, but i got this mouse 2 years ago, never thought to change since <3

FallenHavoc: Why is everyone still replying to this comment I bought one like a week after I posted this comment and have been using it ever since.

cbf2122: wow youre a fag, thumbs up because the dot come magjic where to the be fosho if it were to the dot com efo sho what it is in dat dere dot com fo show what it is in dat dere majig

vBDKv: So compared to the G5(v2) how is it? I'm looking for a replacement and cant seem to find a G5(v2) which I would prefer.

Strongdocoteur: I think you're retarded. The deathadder is anti-clawgrip if anything.

BourbarianSammy: G9x, or G500 if you want to go a bit cheaper. Both are very good for gaming very smooth.

xanderlane: I'm american.... I'm not familiar with the metric system. When I posted that comment I honestly did not know if an ounce was the weight of a coin or a brick.

FineSprinter: i have the MW3 Version

Judexes: The g9x is an overall better mouse if the user is a claw gripper because the mouse is rather small and fits perfectly to the claw gripper. If you have medium-large sized hands and if you are a palm gripper I highly suggest the g500 as it most suits you. Fps wise both mice are awesome.

Alex Curiel: RAT 7 SUCKS! A lot of pple have trouble with them, seems after a bit, the mouse cursor stops working.


Johnny Fishfingers: Lefties are also usually way more ambidextrous than righties. Not saying I could use a left hand mouse with any proficiency, but I'd probably do allright. I'm also a leftie for writing/drawing, nothing else. I think that's the way about 95% of all lefties work. Wikipedia says that 70-90% of the worlds population are right handed, and judging by how almost everything in the world is made for righties it proves that, for the most part, lefties do just fine living in a righty world :)

Pie Man: hehehe lol ;) everything you say?
Logitech G9x Laser Mouse 4.8 out of 5

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EnQuner: ill see about combat in two world is great to fight you cant just useing 1 button its imposible to win fight like that. That game have one of the best fight system of all i was playng...you can buy and try yourself.

Logitech G9x Laser Mouse