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Dion Gabaldon: I'm a girl... U should file the phone case so the silicone won't literally peel off :)...
pek ngayngo: cac may tuoi bay
jim apple: those corn cob holders....
cz75fanatic: My wife and I just watched this. I had to look at her at the "paycheck" line and comment "yeah that'll be us." (her earning the paycheck though >.< )
Frank's Channel: Fabulous job on this scale model. Kudos to you, sir! I'd love to know the scale (is that a 600mm??) and if this is scratch-built or if I could acquire the requisite shell to convert either a 450 or 600 size heli to a Dolphin. Truly excellent job!!
Jacek Placek: Właśnie co go widziałem nad Mławą
nickwick35: Looks decent, worth a pickup

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