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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Darcy Tejeda: They look so different!
xeddie carpio: he's so cute I love his voice.... pero parang may future din sa pagiging beauty queen...
Abbie Trengove: The Merc would kill it on the straight? Maybe, but the straight is not where you really 'drive'.Loved the airborne part where it jumps the grass verge. 
Schilani: Thanks Vechs for making my day ^-^
1919dpg: since mayweather will probably be out for the rest of the year and pacquia, cotto are all busy, sergio should destroy julio again in december and cash in, while he waits for real competition.
Steve Loud: good video, thanks
Shukrimoto1: I just bought these from Best Buy and for the price range the sound quality is pretty nice. The biggest and for some most important downfall is that voice talk is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4. Which really sucks because If you like to listen to your music and you get a call the person on the other end CANNOT HEAR YOU! you can hear them just find.... I did find that if you disconnect the extension and plug the ear buds directly into your Galaxy S4 device you will be able to use the voice and the person on the other end can hear you fine but then again you have to deal with using a short cord. JBL needs to fix this as more and more people are using Android devices. It does say made for Apple iPod devices on the box but in my opinion, we should at least get to use the talk function.

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