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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Mike Griffin: Hey Jim No, unfortunately you need to reflash each time 
BTechTalk: It's really impressive, thanks for all the coverage!
tgm Turtle: romeo and juliet much when the tower fell on them
SpiderZilla 04: Cool video and channel.Also why is Gargan Venom and not Brock?Is your Venom based off a comic venom?
Virtually Dark: How much does it cost to straight pipe one im looking at buying one of these at some point over the next year or so and all i can find are smg's 
iElepple: Ma nella mia non ci sono le due linguette! (Ho una Lancia Ypsilon penultimo modello)
USMarineRifleman0311: 4-5 rounds a minute with Prussian design muskets. 3 at a max with the Brown Bess. Parade ground demonstrations were done with blanks and period sources do note that fact and that live rounds were tougher to load and fire. Sustained rapid firing was impossible and usually limited to only a minute or two. The officers lost control of the men afterwards and were lucky if the rate would be 2 rpm. One Prussian officer complained that you could push them men over with one finger due to the exhaustion suffered in the mad minute. 

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