Mazda 3 Headlight Bulb Replacement

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Mazda3 - Headlight Bulb Replacement
Mazda3 - Headlight Bulb Replacement
Mazda3 Headlight Bulb Replacement 2004 and up How to
Mazda3 Headlight Bulb Replacement 2004 and up How to
2007 Mazda 3 - Replace Headlight Globe / Bulb (both sides)
2007 Mazda 3 - Replace Headlight Globe / Bulb (both sides)
Mazda 3 Headlight bulb replacement
Mazda 3 Headlight bulb replacement
Installing headlamp bulb on 2005 Mazda3
Installing headlamp bulb on 2005 Mazda3

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Jake Smart: Without this tip, you need a master degree in engineering to understand the design of this rubics cube spring.

Osa Uwubanmwen: Retaining clip swings out, this will save you 20-30 mins trying to pry it open our move the arms out of the way. Push in up towards you.

Charles Rumahlewang: thanks

Steve McCoy: The easiest way to get the clip back in place is to grab the smallest open ended wrench you can find. I used a 4.5mm that was only about 2 1/2" long so it was easy to maneuver into place in such a tight space. Simply put the open end of the wrench over the clip then push back, push down, and release. It takes about 2 seconds and works every time.

g h: lousy video..... trying showing how the retaining clip goes in.....

Kendra Cameron: This actually helped alot. I replaced the passenger side, so not as complicated, no housing to remove. I agree it would have been nice to see it put back in,but this helped me understand what parts are there. I'm a woman doing this for the first time, so I had no idea. when I pulled on the outside box with the wires the whole rubber piece came off, with the stock connector thing attached. Just the headlight was left inside with the silver clip over it. Not sure how that happened, but it kinda worked in my favor not really having to dismantle that much. Also having small hands probably didn't hurt. Ten minutes and done. Never paying someone to do that again. I can't believe it was that easy.

masterp@1ne: who's the moron who made this video?

Esteve: I also needed the passenger side ,at first I was frustrated with getting the clip back on, and what really threw me off was the terminals being a different size,,,,,but this gentlemen cleared that up....after I looked at it and compared each side ,it was easy.
Don't let the clip get to you...use the force.

XtremeChiliPepper: Thanks for the video!  I just did the driver side low beam on my 2008 in about 10 min.s total!  No tools, was just really careful with the clip.  Push in, move to side, same thing putting back on.  38 degrees outside, so maybe my hand shivering back and forth helped getting the clip back on :D

Doctor Octagonapus: You skipped over the hardest part... getting it back in...

c63 AMG: Oh sure, just push the clip and it comes right out. Yeah right! That clip is rock solid in there, and you cant even get any tools inside to pry it off

matt toronto: I'm trying this tomorrow on my 06 mazda….thanks for the tutorial !

Jày J: I'd never done this before but after watching this video, it was a piece of cake. Thanks Anthony! Cheers

delightfulme1: I was able to change the bulb in my 2008 Mazda and wouldn't have been able to do it without this video. That clip was a booger to get off lol. Thank you soooo much!

Rio Cruz: fail.....waste of time - show the right side getting put in

Michael Le: hi everyone . i just bough  a Mazda 3  2015 model , i want to change the Headlight bulb , is there anyone can tell me  what type of globe for .. H7,or H4   v..v?  thanks

Steve Franklin: Thank you for this video!

Valerie Houseman: That clip! Oh my gosh I hate that clip so much.

heychas: Thanks for the Vid! I watch it before every time I change a bulb... which is a lot for some reason (about 1-2 per year). 

yackadus: Maybe it is because I have freakishly small hands and fingers, the clip does not bother me that much.  The upper portion should be squeezed (strong pressure to be applied), but the very end is quite flexible and easy to pop out and back in.  It also is on a hinge, so once it is unclipped simply swivel it out and pull out the light bulb.
Mazda 3 Headlight bulb replacement 5 out of 5

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Jake Smart: Without this tip, you need a master degree in engineering to understand the design of this rubics cube spring.
cory s: its much easier to remove the toilet whole and disassemble it after when its off the flange.
Its also easier to pre assemble the toilet and install it that way. Take a look at my video to see how a real pro does it .

Azra Naz Çataklı: hazal saçını düzleştirici tarak vb. düzleştirrrr
Sandra Bejster: Thank you, SO MUCH for posting this video (and thank you Kelly from another Michigander). I haven't used my machine in a while (kept it unplugged and covered) and went to do a simple name to put on a Christmas gift this morning. At first I thought my screen was completely dead to the touch until I unplugged the embroidery unit and tried the regular stitches. The touch was actually off 1" to 1.5" to the right. I didn't see anything in the manual for resetting so went straight to the internet and found you. Christmas is only six days away and I dreaded having to take it in and not have that name in time for the gift. You saved Christmas!
Paolo Marletta: you should use specific plastic tools, not those two thin metal screwdriver.
Carl G: Don't know which I'm more infatuated with. Wether or not she is playing her role as Annie Lonora embodies everything angelic about this world's natural beauty
KaRonpage: and they say you need a licensed plummer to do this basic crap

Mazda 3 Headlight bulb replacement