Range Time - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum

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Review Taurus 44 Magnum Raging Bull Long Barrel
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Ruger GP100 357 Magnum vs Pistol Training Cube
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Taurus Raging Bull .44 Magnum
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Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum back from the range!
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Shooting the Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull
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Taurus Raging Bull .44 Mag POV & Range Footage

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Leo Corona: Sooo I want to get a Taurus Raging Bull some day, but I've never shot anything so powerful. Do you lock your arms to withstand the recoil or...? tips please?

Blake Otte: *comparing

Blake Otte: Comparing both of those is like com pairing roller blade to heelies 

S. Tony: We can see who the better shooter is... At any rate, that GP was developed for the 125 grain loading. Use 125s and the right charge of the right powder and it will print ragged holes at 25. I have been shooting one since 1986.

Southninja: You guys are funny. I have a GP100 and love it. Keep up the good videos. 

Pandu Prabowo: Did Raging Bull can kill an elephant with one shot, sir? diameters 44 with 35.7 ... i think more penetrates... in 44... but no problem.. dont ya? how dangerous gun... not for sale... for civillians here...

anthonychan1000: That's exactly two of the revolvers on my wish list, too!

jsbeith: Which 3 dot sights do you have on the GP100?

barracuda7018: Any Ruger is better than this Brazilian crap....

John Dough: Dude you putting your finger prints all over Bullet casings. Us A Magnet. Lol

jamesapps35: Both of them or bad ass guns

ikeman99cobra: I'm not going to sit here and argue with you, I've owned both, and .357 is a better gun. period

ikeman99cobra: and as far as shooting for over 20 years your a moron if you're think you wouldn't learn a thing or two.

ikeman99cobra: never said its more powerful, read again, I said I dont think the .44 is any more powerful and I think .357 has better penetration.

Joel Fox: I own both a TAURUS TRACKER 627 (357 MAG) and a TAURUS MODEL 44 (44 MAG) and its obvious .44 mag is more powerful, but .357 magnum is cheaper to shoot and can be found anywhere. so I would personally say in my opinion .357 is maybe slightly better for a target shooting pistol. but you can't go wrong either way

BadWolf: My opinion of course, but .357 is always more fun to shoot. .44 becomes tedious very quickly.

speaknup1: Both great guns!

BadWolf: Agreed. Thanks for watching.

firebladeflow: how would a .44 become tedious? The only advantage on the .357Mag is the cheaper ammo ...

ikeman99cobra: OK Ace, you know it all though I've owned both. so this is over so stop making yourself look stupid and shut it. And I'll guarantee I know and have fired a lot more than you.

sauce12211: Then you need to learn ballistics 101, .44 magnum is more powerful than ANY .357 load out there.


sauce12211: You keep putting your foot in your mouth dont ya? Get over it, your ignorant when it comes to firearms. Oh and for future reference the .44 magnum is more powerful and penetrates more than any .357 round. Thought I'd let you know.

sauce12211: I didnt say the .357 isnt great but its no use saying its more powerful than a .44 magnum.

BadWolf: What I was trying to say is that the fun wears off after lets say about 12 rounds. Bigger bang and recoil is fun in the beginning but wears on you after a while. With .357 I could shoot that all day long and not be bothered by it.

sauce12211: Apparently not cause you dont know jack crap, all your doing is trying to beef your own resume then when someone comes and knocks you on your ass with facts, you cant take it.

ikeman99cobra: and I was at Benning for 6 years. so I know what goes on there

ikeman99cobra: im sure it does. I have a gp-100 and its a monster. i had a .44 mag and i like my .357 a lot more. I really ddont think the .44 was any more powerful, and the .357 has maybe even better penetration.

Robert Sauceda: "I really ddont think the .44 was any more powerful, and the .357 has maybe even better penetration." your own words. You obviously need to learn about guns cause you dont know the first damn thing.

TOBORE8THMAN: Hell yeah, Man. I chronograph 180 grain Double Tap hardcast bullets through my Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum (4.6" barrel) at 1340 FPS (average). 17.6 grains Winchester 296 with Winchester Magnum Small Pistol Primers. Flattened primers but no pocket deformation and no case split. .357 Magnum + Ruger Blackhawk = Gun Porn.

BadWolf: Right on the money with the "hot home load .357"

Smokeless1167: True, but really ineffficent for most people and very expensive.

TOBORE8THMAN: Two fine guns and two amazing calibers. Hot home load .357 Magnum is a handful and a hoot. The 44 Magnum is second only to the .50 AE and not by much at all. Enjoy.

ikeman99cobra: really, dont know anything about guns? Ive been shooting since I was a young kid and i'm 35, plus 7 year active duty us army. I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two about guns, so maybe you might want to go learn some before butting in.

sauce12211: Really now? THats why with hard cast bullets and even most hollow points , hornady xtp, offer more penetration in soft tissue and hard objects.

sauce12211: The army doesnt teach you crap about the .357 or .44 mags. How do I know ? Cause I was with the 4th infantry, did basic at Ft.Benning, Home of the infantry. So I can safely say that the army didnt teach you anything about ballistics or facts on these two cartridges. And shooting since you were a kid doesnt mean crap either.

ikeman99cobra: Im sure I know ballistics better then you. I'm talking about penetration, sure the .44 is 11 tenths of an inch wider, but not any faster with mussel velocity with proper load. i prefer the .357. even mythbusters did an episode about bulletproof glass and prooved the .44 had no more penetration than the .357. .44 is way over rated there dirty harry.

killernascarfan1: Hahaha 357 is like a 22 bullet to a 44mag

TW RetiredVet: If you think that raging bull kicks, try the 454 Casull I had one and shot rapid fire all 5 shots with in 5 sec. I'll tell you this you'll only want to do that once. LOL... I did enjoy shooting it. Nice 8 3/4" barrel ported very accurate out to 50yds. I managed to keep 4" groups at that range. by the way the 454 is 3 times the power of a 44 mag. Plus you can get up to 335 grain bullets big enough to drop a bear. Plus you can also use 45 colt which is nice. If store out of 45 or 454 but has other

ikeman99cobra: when did i get knocked on my ass dipcrap? and what couldnt I take? you are a freaking moron and have probably no experience with either weapon. so you have no clue what you're talking about, so you might want to shut up while your not as far behind.

ikeman99cobra: did I say they did teach us about the .357? But they sure did teach quite a bit about ballistics, unless you went through just recently. and I said I,ve been shooting multiple weapons since childhood. and did I post that to you ?

BadWolf: Sounds like a hell of a load! ( big bullet )Great gun to shoot loads like that. My load maybe not as impressive is 158 grain bullet with 7.5 grains of Unique which is still pushing the upper limits. Gotta get me a Chrony...

georgeof78: I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of any caliber. By the way 44magnum is more powerful. Shot a junk car with both calibers. The 44mag went through the trunk and all the way to the engine block and cracked the block. 357 magnum stopped at the block and sometimes the firewall.

Smokeless1167: I used to own several variants of the GP100 and it was a great revolver in the days when revolvers in stainless steel were cheaper(!!!) than newer autos (like the Ruger 89 or S&W 5906, for example). My how times have changed. It's ashame that the revolver ammo prices skyrocketed (even before the ammo drought).

ikeman99cobra: .357 way more badass!!! watch the flames come out of the barrel every shot, none on the .44.

rubens pessoa: estes são meus calibres preferidos pena que aqui são proibidos gostaria de possui-los.
Range Time - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum 4.4 out of 5

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Range Time - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum