Range Fun - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum

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Nick Mahonski: I have a 6 inch gp-100 and I thought about trading it for a Raging Bull in 44 mag. Thoughts?

Frank Castle: This looks like Waterloo, Ontario.

Paul Eberly: Maybe next time don't ask Michael j fox to hold the camera.....

rudysmachine: I shoot a BFR revolver in 45-70 caliber with my own hand loads. I shoot a 405gr at 1900fps and a 500gr at 1800fps. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Father n Son Cars n Guns (FSCG): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9hCk9h4zjw

Alex Davis: The Taurus looks like a Canon and sounds like one too. lol

Silverado4x4: I have a GP100 and a S&W 44 mag. I prefer GP100 all day long. Both are nice guns but after 6 shots of the 44 magnum my hands sore. With the GP100 I can shoot till I get tired of spending money on rounds. They are built like tanks and fun to shoot.

Vicente Villanueva: I have the gp100 and 50 AE desert eagle

Austin Wilhelm: Raging bull is great gun just picked one up built like a tank! Most people who say they are crap can't afford one or have never shot one lol. And Taurus is one of the best gun company's with reliable firearms. Ruger is having trouble right now with there company sales for them are crap and stocks are falling. Not saying Rugers guns are piece of crap because there not. I have shot plenty of them just can't say something is crap just by saying it's crap! It great gun value for your money and recoil is supposed to be reduced to how the muzzle or the end of barrel is designed.

thisiserk: i am compelled to tell you your math is wrong. on one of your guys' seccond shooting of the taurus .44 mag, you incorrectly tallied your 20 as a 26, so you actually had 53 rather than 59. you still beat the other guy tho :P

Gabe Musashi: i got a friend with a ruger security six, when i gets me a raging bull i know what we're doing.

Leo Corona: Sooo I want to get a Taurus Raging Bull some day, but I've never shot anything so powerful. Do you lock your arms to withstand the recoil or...? tips please?

Cali Cowboy: Comparing both of those is like com pairing roller blade to heelies

M. Johanson: We can see who the better shooter is...

At any rate, that GP was developed for the 125 grain loading.  Use 125s and the right charge of the right powder and it will print ragged holes at 25.

I have been shooting one since 1986.

Southninja: You guys are funny. I have a GP100 and love it. Keep up the good videos.

barracuda7018: Any Ruger is better than this Brazilian crap....

jsbeith: Which 3 dot sights do you have on the GP100?

rubens pessoa: estes são meus calibres preferidos pena que aqui são proibidos gostaria de possui-los.

anthonychan1000: That's exactly two of the revolvers on my wish list, too!

Pandu Prabowo: Did Raging Bull can kill an elephant with one shot, sir? 
diameters 44 with 35.7 ...
i think more penetrates... in 44...

but no problem.. dont ya?
how dangerous gun... 

not for sale... for civillians here...
Range Fun - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum 5 out of 5

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Range Fun - Taurus Raging Bull & Ruger GP100 357 Magnum