Deer Hunting With The 300 Blackout

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ted x: thanks for the video. this answers my question will a 300blk 165gr. Sierra sbt kill a deer. I will be working up a load for the 2017 deer season in pa.

bailenforcer: No offense but in Michigan that sized deer is called a dog. My last was 248 pounds dressed wight, 8 point. Yes that is a larger deer here. but we have had 300+ pound deer in farm lands.

Thanks for adding in the load information as so many forget to. Also thanks for the video

OEFVETERAN 2010: Hey great video sir. Have you thought about trying 168gr bullet?

MeetTheMattsons: I hunt by hiking miles into the mountains and packing the deer or elk out on my back. Shooting out a window at deer at a feeder isn't hunting, it's just target practice with an edible target.

Gern Blanston: oooh hell yeah!!

Chuck Beams: Love the the 300 blk out... Have the Advanced Armament upper on a Daniel Defense DDM4... Going to slay some deer this fall... Trying to make a decision on an optic... Keeping in mind that the Zombies are coming... What are you running?

MrMatt5252: Can you see the front sight in your scope being mounted that low. Its something Ive alway wondered with guns that have the a2 front post

Jake Schimmers: I like the .300 win mag

JonathanGuenther: ok, ill be looking forward to seeing them

JonathanGuenther: why didnt you put the impact shot in the video?

okieltr450: What brand and capacity of magazine were you using? And whats the legal limit where your at? I live in ok and we are limited to 7 rounds in the mag. I've been contemplating a 300blk for deer but have no way to legally fit it into my ar while hunting. Thanks for the video and help

Scott L.: Danger autocomplet... "touch" below should be "...that you..."

Scott L.: @bars20arms: I understand what you mean, had similar concerns originally. but what I think touch will find is that you can seat it pretty far out due to both the short tip (extreme HP) and an give that's *very* similar to thwarting Sierra 125 P.H. You will like need to with power to a more high energy, condensed powder. Lemme know.if you need some rec and I'll run some software simulations to find a likely candidate :-) Thanks again!

Scott L.: Btw, went back and looked at the videos on the MRX - ack! Yes, I've shot all types in the Barnes line except the MRX. I can certainly see, given the density of the rear "fill" material and the construction of the MRX how the weights could be off-not good! I also wasn't thrilled with the original Barnes-X, but have found the TSX and TTSX lines to be a vast improvement. Thanks again for the great work and the videos - LOVE the info! As a cartridge wildcatter, the information is extremely helpful!

Scott L.: @bar20arms: Yes, if you could test that bullet specifically, it would greatly appreciated! Given the large frontal cavity and the velocity envelope it was designed for, after talking with Ty and some of the techs at Barnes, I was thinking this might make for an good home defense load. I was curious, what specifically were you dissatisfied with in the quality and on which bullet/s specifically? I've had good luck with their TSX and TTSX bullets, except some 6.5 TTSXs breaking tips occasionally.

Scott L.: If you are going to be performing ballistics gel testing, would most definitely recommend not overlooking the Barnes TSX FN (Cat.# 30820.) They are specifically designed for 30-30 velocities (similar to the 125gr. Sierra Prohunter) and have a large open frontal cavity. Should be absolutely devastating, and being all-copper, should stay fully intact and track straight through the terminal material, be it animal or gel.

Bob Solla: great video!i just got into the ar platform and have never hunted before.i have many friends that do hunt and i`am interested in hog and deer hunting.i live in Florida and have a friend with a hunt camp near Columbia,s.c.;so i `am in the process of building a 300 blackout with a 16' noveske stainless barrel and noveske n4 upper with failsafe bolt carrier group and maybe troy trx handrails.i`am glad to see this round easily take a good size deer!i was thinking about a leopould scope.

Ieatveggies: @bar20arms Sounds great. Thanks for the interest!

Ieatveggies: @bar20arms I was thinking a 125gr Sierra Pro Hunter. I just bought 200 of these and they have an OAL of 2.000". They are straight and need to be crimped with a factory crimp die from Lee to avoid a setback. Really, I am interested in any round below 130 grains.

Ieatveggies: Do you think you will load any lighter grain rounds before the season ends?
Deer hunting with the 300 blackout 5 out of 5

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Deer hunting with the 300 blackout