Deer Hunting With The 300 Blackout

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bailenforcer: No offense but in Michigan that sized deer is called a dog. My last was 248 pounds dressed wight, 8 point. Yes that is a larger deer here. but we have had 300+ pound deer in farm lands.

Thanks for adding in the load information as so many forget to. Also thanks for the video

Devon Rounsaville: Hey great video sir. Have you thought about trying 168gr bullet?

bar20arms: Yep your right. We are simply harvesting our meat for the year. We found it very difficult to video are actual hunts so instead of ruining a great hunt on camera we decided to hunt off camera and harvest on camera. Thanks for the comment though we got a kick out of the "edible target" LOL thanks.

MeetTheMattsons: I hunt by hiking miles into the mountains and packing the deer or elk out on my back. Shooting out a window at deer at a feeder isn't hunting, it's just target practice with an edible target.

Slav BK: Good for you.

bar20arms: Yes. We eat all the deer we shoot. We survive all year on wild game meat. Thanks for watching and commenting

Slav BK: I hope you gonna eat bambi! If you are salute!

Gern Blanston: oooh hell yeah!!

bar20arms: Great!. I am using a 4X12-40 Leupold. I am going to put a 3X9-40 on it though I just need to switch it out. The 4X12-40 is way to much scope for it.

Chuck Beams: Love the the 300 blk out... Have the Advanced Armament upper on a Daniel Defense DDM4... Going to slay some deer this fall... Trying to make a decision on an optic... Keeping in mind that the Zombies are coming... What are you running?

bar20arms: Nope not visible at all. It is a fraction above the blade. Pretty cool.

MrMatt5252: Can you see the front sight in your scope being mounted that low. Its something Ive alway wondered with guns that have the a2 front post

Jake Schimmers: I like the .300 win mag

JonathanGuenther: ok, ill be looking forward to seeing them

MrSabotSlug: I've been thinking about getting a 300 blackout upper for deer and hog hunting. This vid may have just sold me on it.

bar20arms: It was too far to the right of the window. My partner couldnt get it into frame. We will film all of our hunts this year. We will make sure that we get good footage.

JonathanGuenther: why didnt you put the impact shot in the video?

bar20arms: I used a MIL spec magazine capacity of 30rds. The legal limit is 5rds. Because we were hunting on our private property and only had five rounds total I used that magazine. There are several manufactures that produce 5 round magazines. midwayusa com has several. If I were you and you were concerned about the legalities of ammo. Hunt with no mag and one in the chamber, and a couple in you pocket. But you can purchase 5 round mags for less than 20 dollars. Thanks for watching and commenting

okieltr450: What brand and capacity of magazine were you using? And whats the legal limit where your at? I live in ok and we are limited to 7 rounds in the mag. I've been contemplating a 300blk for deer but have no way to legally fit it into my ar while hunting. Thanks for the video and help

bar20arms: Yes you have! Excellent caliber for either use. Check out our other hunting video. We used it for a fox hunt. I cant post a link here but you can click our name to check out our channel
Deer hunting with the 300 blackout 5 out of 5

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Deer hunting with the 300 blackout