Test Drive: Ferrari - Premier Trailer

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ExusOne: Still looking for name of that remix.... It's sad that this music is not present in final game...

Angel Varela Faroppa: amazing trailer...but the game....

Darko Dropulja: but grid is my favorite for keyboard play,my guitar equipment takes to many money to buy my self a nice wheel like the ferrari

Darko Dropulja: try simraceway,its online and free adn you need a wheel,in the 5th gear Tiff Needell have a test witch game is near to the real thing with some serious gaming equipment (grand turismo,sim race,need for speed,dirt 3,grid..,),and this guy drive many supercars,his favorites are simraceway and dirt3.

Bojan Kekezovic: i wish i have a normal pc to play this. great details

Raziel Milky: Lol, TDU2 is one of the best simulations up to date. They were just inappropriately placed as a racing game thus making a whole lot of people angry.

sandy beck: i just wish they made this add on for shift 2

Kremer Drei: Who gives a crap about ton of cars when the handling is crap and not realistic enough.

Lewis Main: This is clearly WORSE than TDU2 haha

saiiad737: its a good driving game tdu2 i have more than 200h on it

Staff PSMag: En avant première, on a testé le sublime Test Drive : Ferrari Racing Legends ! psmag.fr/fichejeu-504-2-test-drive-ferrari-test-test-drive-ferrari-racing-legend.html

Renz Christian de Lara: Slightly Mad Studios also made this one. Hmmm..... we'll see if Atari is a better partner than EA

XCocoBryceX: more like crap 2 unleashed: ferrari racing derp

chekolin007: This game is for true Ferrari Fans.

neo_anderson2069: true..im playing grid campaign for the 3rd time. i need multiplayer, im waiting for nfs most wanted...

p3tr4x1: ce l'ho ed è una cosa spettacolare

mzzzhedison: You should really just stick to GRID and keep playing it...that's the only truest and most realistic racing game I've ever played. It's just a shame XBL servers are no longer around. Don't buy this crap.

mzzzhedison: The handling on all TDU games is like sliding your ass across buttered cement....

Kremer Drei: is this sim or more arcade?

saiiad737: jes it is for xbox or ps3 on pc it isnt playing with a force feedback wheel like the g25 it freaking awesome try it !
Test Drive: Ferrari - Premier trailer 5 out of 5

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Adinda de Wit - de Jong: It is very cute, the way you show the falling and stopping. It's probably not why you demonstrated the axe, but, well, I had to say it. ;) Now, I am gonna look further for the tip about the length's of axes on the internet. Thanks for your enthusiastic demonstration, I loved it. 
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iwant mymoneyback: Kann man mit der Lenkradtaste (*) auch auf die Adaptive Cruise Control zugreifen, sprich eine voreingestellte Geschwindigkeit per Knopfdruck abrufen?

Test Drive: Ferrari - Premier trailer