Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Review

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Cooler Master Cosmos II Case Review - PC Perspective
Cooler Master Cosmos II Case Review - PC Perspective
Cooler Master COSMOS 2 Review [HD]
Cooler Master COSMOS 2 Review [HD]
Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Review
Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Review
Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case Review
Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case Review
CoolerMaster Cosmos II Review
CoolerMaster Cosmos II Review

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Bryan de Paepe: I feel insulted because I don't believe I'm so stupid that everything is repeated so many times, I can handle a camera move without it being explained to me twice every time.

AcerDerp: These cabling... :D

John Evans: is watched this ages ago. finaly got one on the way thank you for the good review

TheCJWGamer96: you may know this now but i figured id mention it dose have a place to mount fans on the side do right next too the gpus

rachparov: 9:28 heaviest tape measure  in the world!

thereddog223: who would be crazy enough to take this to a lan

Neil Campbell: Love the coverage, just bought myself of one of these babies! 😃

griftrr: This or Caselab's SMA8?

Electrical Lord: what case is it

HSS Revenir: How much room for the PSU is there, would an AX1500i fit?

TheMrBaus: Cosmos > 900D

Rev Mewingtons: Hey! are the hot-swapable bay covers removable??

koch: You didn't mention that the quick change ssd port on top is a JOKE..and major design flaw...

TeaBoneXD: what's the size of it in a Measurement that i can understand ( inch,feet Ect.) you should call out both kinds of Measurement's not everyone uses mm infact i don't know anyone in person that dose. im kinda offended you didn't call out both kinds of Measurement's. if i was doing the review i would have called them both out so more people could understand me. now i have to pause the video and check google to convert the Measurement's each time you say one -.- anyways...other then this one Gripe i have and im sure a lot of other people have the same Gripe ( i know im not the only one ) you did a Great Review

Arjan Kuiper: Well...... this case is definately a candidate for for a near future build.
And so what if you can't use a push/pull config at the top, this case is massive!
So if you're handy, there are more than enough options to keep the goods inside nice and cool. ;)

TGA: I recently bought this beast and got tons of help from oc3d forums on how to build it and wire it, i was actually gonna go for the 900d or the phantom 820 but i would have regreted those decisions! 

starkness65: Need better lighting, video is terrible.

Angus Morritt: The only problem I will have with this is moving it, and fitting it under my desk.

Lindsey harris: look pretty well made. And solid. But the price tag is kinda high.

Ashish Shetty: Good review
Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Review 5 out of 5

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Ashwin Manoj: You are running iOS 5
xXDrakeIsGODXx: Love you Imoan! 
dial2fast: It still works but only use it to take pictures of my son's ball game. It's a heavy lens to lug around. I will say the Sigma OS (optical stabilizer) isn't very good.
Maxon214: I really like how they handle this epsiode as it does something similar to what the manga did when it got to this point originally. Where Rokuro was starting to use his abilites again but was not fully back to be an exocrist just yet. Also the way Shimon was used and recalled really did fit as he was merely taking the role another one of the 12 guardians.

Cooler Master Cosmos 2 Review