Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo

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David Ji: just got the gun, havent shot it yet, but it feels great, the scope come with it is great, and i heard a lot of people dont like the synthetic stock because it is plastic and feel cheap, but i love it, got it for christmas boxing day, so the price is good too, just one thing, the safety can not be turned to on if the gun is not roostered, is it suppose to be that way or is there something wrong with my gun?

Tyler Ewing: ill have to check local pickles sporting goods I'm looking for one in .308 every where I've been has them for over $400

Tony Briggs: Try Federal 69 gr. Sierra Match King BTHP...SHOOTS GREAT.

Cody Mierau: How much does the gun weigh?

Sean Gonzo: Thanks for the review buddy! Decent groupings from you 100 yds. I will inherit a lot of guns later in life but none in .223 & I'm really looking at this or the Remington 783. Thanks again! ;) 

ghost_squad_airsoft_: Does the Tula Ammo work good in it?? Please let me know I have one of these rifles and found 500 rounds of it but don't want to buy it if it's crap. Thanks!

Romeo Rifle: Yup, putting the 5th round in can cause some issues while shooting.  Usually on the 2nd or 3rd round into the chamber.  I thought it was a 5 round mag when I first got the rifle, God I hate being wrong.  LOL

garageguy879: Good video.If it says it's only made for 4 rounds it seems that maybe putting that 5th round in the mag would wear the spring out a lot quicker.Have you had any problems with the mag yet?

Edward Forsyth: hey dude, i have been pounding rounds out of my axis for a long time now, if you want great accuracy step up to the hornady 75g match loads, i make my own and tightened up a group that was already impressive at 300yrds,, will never go back to 55g for how i shoot..... if you want i will get you my specs on powder type and grains used to make tac driving better

Blake Patterson: So it shoots steel case ammo with no problem??

IJP9: Mine is a Winchester but u can go with a Harris and my friend has a blackhawk and its the same as mine. Look on line u can find something nice for a good price.

René Spaan: Great review. I'm to receive my Savage Axis .223 in a week, which comes with a picatinny rail and a Hawke Hawke Eclipse 30 SF 4-16x50. What bipod would you recommend?

Captain Slappywacks: Why would you offer him tampons for buying a .223? I have the same rifle and setup for coyote hunting and it's perfect out to 300 yards. You could do even better with another scope. Your 30-06 or .270 is great for deer but overkill for varmint hunting you idiot.

IJP9: Thanks, it don't bother me your always gonna have those trolls

lecter255: wow seeing some hater comments below. wtf guys. Good review IJP9 don't mind them.

Circadin: How's the trigger?

IJP9: Holds zero great I have an update video it

IJP9: I didn't get it because of the recoil you dumb ass, and I would buy a fun in 270 maybe 30-06 but would rather have 308 or 338. Got it in 223 because of the straight trajectory, and at the time ppr.

incredibleCANADIAN: Remington bullets are freaking junk lol, if you want to have greater accuracy use better bullets like federals or Winchester

incredibleCANADIAN: .223? Let me buy you some tampons for that vagina of yours. Get a .270 or a .30-06
Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo 5 out of 5

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Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo