Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo

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Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo
Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo
Savage Axis XP - Sighting in and Accuracy Test
Savage Axis XP - Sighting in and Accuracy Test
Savage Axis XP .223
Savage Axis XP .223
Savage Axis XP .223 Review
Savage Axis XP .223 Review
Savage Arms Axis XP Review @ Trigger Happy
Savage Arms Axis XP Review @ Trigger Happy
Savage Axis Rifle - First Shots 100 Yards (5 Round Group)
Savage Axis Rifle - First Shots 100 Yards (5 Round Group)

"Savage Axis: $300 Hunter" by Nutnfancy
Savage Axis XP .270 - Hornady Superformance SST 130 grain.
Savage Axis XP .270 - Hornady Superformance SST 130 grain.
Savage Axis Review
Savage Axis Review
Savage Axis .223 Shooting
Savage Axis .223 Shooting
Savage Axis Rifle in 223 Review
Savage Axis Rifle in 223 Review
Savage Axis SR .223 Review
Savage Axis SR .223 Review

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HabsGeorge: How do you like gun? I am looking at one either in .243 or .308 caliber. Cabela's have them on sale this week for $339.

Bri S: What kind of Bi Pod did you fit? Good vid mate. Cheers.

tommy brown: i got some russian steel cased i have yet to shoot not sure i want to

itsalloverpeople2012: just bought one of these here in Australia , $509 , same colour in 223 , cant wait till i can pick it up , your video has given me confidence that i made the right call buying this gun ... Thankyou for the video ..

incredibleCANADIAN: Remington bullets are freaking junk lol, if you want to have greater accuracy use better bullets like federals or Winchester

IJP9: Hey ya I think it would be a good rifle because it is 223 and its a low recoil round,it's the same round as an ar15 and the ammonia inexpensive if you can find it.

IJP9: @juniorjay5117 i have used American eagle not bad but around here it's $11.99 per box of 20. I use Pmc and seems very good and accurate and is brass cased and cost $6.99

IJP9: Yes that you could.

Holesinsocks: @ijp9 : And last, let the rifle decide what ammunition it likes, If my rifle should be any indicator, yours should really love PMC 55 grainers. Welp, good shooting, take care.

Mike Rice: When I pull my bolt back it grinds and i can feel it rubbing a bit ,does it do the same on your's?

IJP9: Mine is a Winchester but u can go with a Harris and my friend has a blackhawk and its the same as mine. Look on line u can find something nice for a good price.

david wong: so could i use a 223 5.56x45 cartridge in the gun?

IJP9: Holds zero great I have an update video it

christy michelle: no you can't.if the gun doesn't say 5.56 on the barrel then you can't shoot it. most semi auto on the other hand, its what the NATO rounds are made for.

Will Brownlee: I just did the same at pickle's Sporting Goods in Crofton, MD got a 308 win for $296.

robowarrior100000: Your in the past now a box of twenty is like thirty bucks

IJP9: It's been good to me I just put a bushnell banner scope on it and I've never had a problem with this rifle, it's also very accurate, deff wroth the money.

IJP9: No. You can use 223 not 556. The barrel is stamped 223 and 556 round has much higher pressures. If the barrel is stamped 556 then you can use either 223!or 556

kcmoto001: i just bought this rifle after a lot of research on it i got it in 223 from pickles sporting goods and i payed 413 after tax and background check etc i got $20 off with my card too i get to pick it up on the 8th i cant wait to take it out:)

david wong: Edit* can i use American Eagle .223 55 gran fmj rounds in it?

Circadin: How's the trigger?

Joe Parker: Good explanation for the .223 Savage. Thank You I'm thinking about buying one or the savage .309

jason peseski: I put a Hawke sidewinder 30 tactical on mine. Incredible optic. But I just can't seem to find some good but cheap ammo for mine. I bought some norinco .223 for $6 and I was able to put 5 rounds through the same hole. But the Winchester and Remington white box is allover the paper. And I live in Canada and so our cheap ammo selection is limited. Has anyone tried American eagle through the axis? I hear its not too bad. Any insite?

Mr1MOA: That's pretty good accuracy for a hunting rifle with a sporter barrel, I have a Mossberg MVP that is amazing crazy accurate at 100 yards. I'm actually considering to pickup a Savage .223 Axis for hunting season, need a light rifle chambered in .223. Good job on the video man!!!

IJP9: Thanks, it don't bother me your always gonna have those trolls

Erik Determan: Read all of this before you say anything....223 and 5.56 are the same and interchangeable, HOWEVER there is 223 Remington which cannot shoot 5.56. Some guns are stamped 223 Remington and some are stamped 223 and some 5.56. When you see Remington you cannot shoot 5.56 and my proof is the Mini 14 ruger. Check it out and have a good day.

Holesinsocks: @ijp9 : Hi, I liked your video, and wanted to provide some of my experiences. I own a Savage Axis .308, and Savage Axis .223, and a model 10 .308. I usually don't tell people how to spend their own money, so I will tell you what happened with me. Over the past 12 years I must have blown over $1000.00 on Bushnell optics. They are horrible. Easily broken, they do not hold target from year to year sitting safely preserved in a rifle case. I would suggest do not follow that path. Buy a Nikon Rifle

wagstag89: Why would you offer him tampons for buying a .223? I have the same rifle and setup for coyote hunting and it's perfect out to 300 yards. You could do even better with another scope. Your 30-06 or .270 is great for deer but overkill for varmint hunting you idiot.

medic81983: Thanks for the info. I was debating between this and a remington 700. But as I am just going to basically be shooting paper at the range I think I'll go for this.

honix1: My local outdoor shooting range accommodates shooting up to around 600 yards.... Is the .223 really effective out to that distance?

Blake Patterson: So it shoots steel case ammo with no problem??

ParasidicGeneration: man nice rifle right there

kreator75: You can use 5.56 ammo in a .223 BOLT ACTION without worry. Semi auto I would not advise it.

IJP9: I didn't get it because of the recoil you dumb ass, and I would buy a fun in 270 maybe 30-06 but would rather have 308 or 338. Got it in 223 because of the straight trajectory, and at the time ppr.

IJP9: Thanks. Shoots great.

worddunlap: PPU is decent, I use an AR so clean burning ammo is important to me. Steel case is OK but the steel is harder than brass and doesn't fireform as well. A bit of gas escapes around the chamber and dirties it up faster. I have some steel case and don't agree with people that say it damages a rifle, it just dirties it up faster. PPU is brass case and only a little more expensive than the steel case ammo. Competitive shop and the price difference is negligible.

Herebia Mike: you from the East Coast??

IJP9: Well to me it all depends on what your use is gonna be, I use mine just to target shoot from 50- 150 yards at the range, I don't hunt and I wanted a caliber that was inexpensive to shoot as the 308 is more expensive to shoot than 223, if you hunt or you don't care about the ammo price then I would say get 308, the fire arm is same price in all calibers, and if you have a pickles sporting goods close by I would go to them because for me they ordered it and it only cost $279.99 any questions, ask

IJP9: Grinding? No you might have some dirt or something on the bolt and if it's new I would take the bolt out and clean it and oil it because when I took mine out of the box it was dirty because they bore-sight it at savage so you might just have some crud in if not then I would give savage a call and do u have any rubbing marks or scrapes on the bolt or chamber if you can make a video response so I could see what it's doing.

Holesinsocks: @ijp9 : In addition to, clean it down to the scope bases, and check the torque on the bases. Install a Nikon with BDC Reticle, I would suggest a 4-12 at least, the 3-9 fits just a little too tight. Use Blue Locktight on all threads. Tighten everything to a tight snug fit, do not gorilla torque or you will be very angry with yourself. Then, sight it in removing as many human factors as possible. I like to sight in with a Lead Sled.

zoommonkey: nice vid

honix1: Can't decide wether to get this in .223 or 308...... What do guys suggest?

deathsxangels: Hey im 14 a moderate shooter and am looking to buy a gun. Do you think this would have too much recoil for me. Also how much does this ammo cost.

Jake Harder: i have the axis in .223. the trigger pull was a little weighty so i removed some of the trigger spring and now it's got a very nice, crisp pull.

IJP9: Yaa great rifle I recetly added a differet scope. I put a bushnell banner 4-16x40 and its so accurate.

Younggun2231: I was thinking about buying this from Academy for $280 and putting a bushnell scope on it so how has it worked for you, i plan on using it to hunt coyotes and deer

incredibleCANADIAN: .223? Let me buy you some tampons for that vagina of yours. Get a .270 or a .30-06

yankeeben211: where did you get the bipod from

IJP9: @holesinsocks : thanks for the advice and I agree I'm looking into a Nikon scope just have to come up with the funds because they are much pricier but I believe that you get what u pay for

Puffin: You have the best YT name... My initials are IJP and my fav number is 9...
Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo 4.7 out of 5

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Savage Axis XP 223 Review & Ammo