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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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cesarhidalgo23: How much is it? Is it available in the US?
Angelyne Horan: Jack + Finn + Tyler = Perfection <3
tomiscoolish: I love u maddo
i is Simon: Mad because it received too many negative votes?
iiTzBenJi: @oyapon Yes, there is a remote port on the left hand side (lens facing away) with a jack for a panasonic Mic, not 100% sure which mic but it does have audio output.
Jessica Facciol: a few hours ago i went to switch on the blutooth as i normally do but this time my device name was deleted :/ .. and i tried to tick again to switch on the blutooth and i wrote my device name again and saved it but it didnt switch on .. can someone tell me why is this happening pls ?? even when i enter in the blutooth settings i find my device`s name box empty and nothing ticked . i appriciate it if you reply xxx

Faultmate MSV-2 Discovery 3 - LR3 - General Overview