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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ih8theblues: I dont know why I took the piss when it didnt work for him, he doesnt own one I do :/
Darci Strobel: fuzzy picture
Jaret Boston: What is the purpose of stacks again?
kevindlinc: Where are you Clymer girl?
Rodrigo Rodrigues: Bom Dia Moacir, que marca e essa mascara... desde já agradeço pela atenção.
garagecrap: The only thing that puts me off getting one is the cargo door opening sideways. So far I've not found on reason for it to have an advantage to doors that go up for easy loading. Any ideas?
Fex: I just love He-Man. And I agree with the other comments: the ending of this video was epic. lol

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