WoW Private Server Review - Arena-Tournament (3.3.5a)

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eyy bre: its a mage damn you

Kur Mitsos: give me a link to a review that you belive the server sucks and telling it

_Net_K_You _: Holy crap dude, what a great server, its perfect to me! they got to do a 5.4.8 MoP server just like that!

Bob Tital: I already have the 3.3.5 client, how can I just install the server info rather than the whole client itself again?

Malfurionxtc: balance druid ... lol its resto druid...

FLASHING9: Can i still lvl by my on? 1-80? And how much x1 exp gives?

realstylo123: made an account on the server and downloaded the files i started it up all seemed to work gd i logged in and then it asked for an authenticator wich i never got a code for or anything? any that can help me would appreciate thx ps its on cata version for mac

parker12c: Kinda jealous there isn't a NA counterpart

Dukisha bre: Dalaran-Wow is the best private server i've ever seen, make a video about it.

Patrik Johansson: yeah it's a balance druid. xD

Ingrid Morbid: Lol yeah, awkwaaarrddd

Leilly Snooze: Make a video about Dalaran-WoW

TemperrHF #KittySec: Hey MrGamemasterReviews, Please review my new World of Warcraft server, Fox Gaming. Awesome PvP/PvE with custom season 11 gear with custom tier 11 gear too. I have a preview video of my own that is not as great, but I think you can make a better one. Website is on the video, Name of the video is Fox Gaming Wow server part 1.

Ronald FlobJobbin: kasma(dot)org

Dennis Hoffzki: Very good review

Exata1337: I dont think you understand what i mean.. personally, i got on the server, found a good partner, played to 2,1k while both of us had full relentless, then both of us quit. The thing is, it's not that it's hard to get the gear, it's the fact that you have to constantly meet full s8 ppl if u make a new class. Not only that, but the server isn't exactly friendly to new players in that terms, if you're forced to play against people that are way better geared than you, already from the start

Kristian Stoyanov: thats kind of a skill issue mate , I started of an alt character couple of days back and went 90% win with full rele till about 1.7 even though i was facing donators. Sure youre at a disadvantage but gear isnt that much of an issue if youre good and not on high mmr. . Obviously I started getting smashed at 1.8 but thts because people started being brained and not just gear carried.

aztaclalz: gz = 1.6 on at

Joey Grady: 2k3 mmr on zhyper getatme yoloswag

Exata1337: same goes here though if you are a new player
WoW Private Server Review - Arena-Tournament (3.3.5a) 5 out of 5

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WoW Private Server Review - Arena-Tournament (3.3.5a)