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CANAL DE MrJaaz: Like si pensaste que ivan de verdad en un avion y te cagaste de rrisa cuando Te diste cuenta que era una pinchi autobus
hans vader: ??? what is the trick there i didnt see it ... hop from one board to an other??? what is so tricky at there? show me an olli or kickflip!!! sry for bad english
Guerilla Racing: How do you win a Time Attack competition? Advan shows us how in this video. Check it out and make sure to put your speakers up high to hear all of the Cyber EVO screaming glory. The Cyber EVO is on the beautiful and lightweight AME TM02 wheels (contact us for a set with new reduced pricing) http://buff.ly/GU2dHT
Latetzki: These days they say that Jag is crap.
Maykhen Al-Qainza Ghainez: faggs
dionvdl: coole cars auto's! kijk ook naar mijn collectie
zoneracar18: Does anybody understand that the graphics are supposed to be like that? It looks amazing and very interesting.

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