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Jos B: The move at 4:28 may have been the best dribble move combination that I've ever seen in 2k... to this day...
Nard Cox: I though the 300 series didn't support active stylus? Seems there are plenty of shots were the 5000 series is shown (silver buttons and silver Dell back logo)?
yagusa99: wow....... :)
Hari Lakshmanan: Running Shadow Android and IOS Review in 4K-HL35 …: http://youtu.be/btPhMiT5Iks
7249xxl: Sell the idea's to Hasbro. Instad of selling the current crap toy this one is would make more money for them and for you.
robbiepayne97: It only does that when you text. Not like the Pantechs. Yours is different than mine because you have a different carrier. Mine says Message, yours says SMS. But yeah. I hope it helped.
idan flax: dude this game is 16+ -,- you sound like 10 or something

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