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Mark Blewitt: awesome, you wanna long wash

dadnevercries: i have BEKO D1 7101 E until 2007. it works pretty well.

ElectronicDeLuxe: I watched this about a year ago and I've had this stuck in my had all that time lol

Roley Martin: UPDATE: Ours is still going strong!

Katie Keeley: Katie Keeley Got it brand new and the bloody thing wouldnt even start, not impressed at all, however the Beko staff are friendly and helpful. I wouldnt buy a Beko

Jamie H: This made my day :)

dragfish100: Lol

TechnoMoffat: Not really. they are garbage

Ilove Servis: nah

bogdannb b: I bought Beko :) We will see!!! Lcd, 1200rpm, 7kg ;D

servisslimline: beko's are terrible, the WM6123W i had was defeated by a sim card, which stopped the pump by getting caught in the impellor, not to mention rinsing is terrible, sudslocks all the time, wash times take 2 years and 6 months each, and the fact that the motor is so bad that it sounds like its going to blow up when it starts a tumble

ilovemiele1: good to know, atleast theres a good one out there.

Roley Martin: I've had mine a year now, still going strong and used nearly every day

ilovemiele1: "freak u" no there not. miele motors dont burn out... you've just made that up. LG are better than alot, including beko. and beko are terrible and people only buy them because of there cheap prices. and i would be worried if you had had problems in the month that you've had it. bye.

ilovemiele1: beko arent a good brand mate..

mark89474: @bogdannb its model number de2542fw

bogdannb b: @mark89474 hahaha :D What model of dishwasher you have :D

mark89474: @bogdannb my dishwasher was matsui flooded the neighbour 3 times ha

bogdannb b: @mark89474 We have old washing machine ( EIDA ) its good, dishwasher is Gorenje and its crap! :O

mark89474: @bogdannb yes im very satisfied with the dishwasher it excellent better than my old one i had my beko fridge freezer about 15 yrs and it fab what model have u ghot in the washer

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