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Annette Martin: What is an inexpensive brow makeup on a budget
Nixon Chan: thanks, l did that, my note 2 is still so slow, MY 16GB is full l think, as when access my camera it says it will use the external card as insufficient space. l also get a warning window "there is not enough space (100MB) in your device memory. delete some files" will deleting those files mean l will have a faster note 2. currently its like pressing the icon and waiting for ~2 seconds before anything happens :( l tried uninstall some apps as well, any other tricks l can do to speed it up? thanks
SuperDman90000: Fun fact THE SV98 rifle, is a competition rifle that is given a higher caliber for military use! Most competition rifles have "Not Filled" stocks for lighter weight and a forward center of gravity to allow fast precise aiming while standing!
Bryce Rush: What size hook would you use on a culprit 12 inch curl tail
Bryan Rodriguez: Mitsubishi Mirage sedan
Jason Chuang: #sentai 
Fattie Fat: A cameraman didn't film it. It was a remote control helicopter with a camera...

Atualização iGO8 com 4 mapas do Brasil 2014