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my pitbull82: i don't think froch could take another battering like he did in the ring against groves i wanna see a rematch but i don't think carls got the bottle to take it he will get mullered by groves 
17earth: Gorgeous clothes!!! love the saris!!
Dru Dawg: Auto sent :) nuff said 
hennesmafian: everyone! u can find this car on the online collector place. it costs 1mill!
ericou812: is it true only 7 or 8 were made?
sonofsarek01: kmart had the zune for the entirety of 2008 and they sat there collecting dust, the ipods we couldn't keep on the shelves. eventually we just discontinued carrying the zune altogether. and mind you this is with it's own endcap and massive billboards/signs to let everyone know. the ipod had no advertisements in-store at all and was selling like hotcakes
Simon Slayer: Ребят, я один после просмотра захотел этот телефончик?

Atualização iGO8 com 4 mapas do Brasil 2014