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Lynel Simpson: @joeshmo14760 a 4 stroke engine requires 2 rotations of the crank to aheive full cylce. Also the 5L of air you talk about is at atmosphereic pressure, or 1 bar. You will only see this at 100%throttle. All other times the engine is under vaccum, which is stretching the air, that is why for calcuations always use weights of fuel and air. You can work out with a vac gauge how much air/fuel is required to idle your vehicle coupled with some simple maths. They you can try and make enough hho
Berri Stieb: Btw if u do fire works a guy named Michael will do fire works with u, they would be orange
Hezekiah Ramirez: Kirby's Block Ball FTW! I rock the hell out of that game! It was one of the first Game Boy games I played all the way through. I still play it sometimes.
Talya Sallie: So cute!
Karla Walker: Love Jenny, but it's great to see others contributing videos and tutorials to the excellent MSQC Utube Channel! MSQC ROCKS!!!
Candy: I love your videos , what do you use to record ? and is it free ?
Sephinadarkwinds: I tried this method. I did everything exactly as shown and now my wig is all tangled and frizzy. I used one of the epic cosplay wigs too. I'm a little disappointed.

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