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MinkAsmr: Please make more of these videos. I love your positive energy!!! Thank you!! 😘😍☺
Eric Joseph: Hi I'm a student at a college in Grenada currently perusing mechanical engineering and I have  a golf cart which I have chosen to project but it refuses to start watching this video leads me to believe the microswitch may be the problem but can it keep it from creating spark because we bridged the two poles on the solenoid to make the starter turn but it still isn't sparking tho. what do u think could be the cause?
FITFANS: Vitorbez, Se o carro possui um conector OBD2, ele consegue fazer a leitura. No caso do Civic, se for os modelos vendidos oficialmente pela Honda aqui no Brasil , eles possuem esse conector. Lembrando que nesse caso do PLX Wi Fi, funciona para iPhone, iPad ou iPod Touch. E preferencialmente user o DashCommand, que pode ser comprado na AppleStore (~o^)
Marshall Goodwin: Great to hear Greg Ritchie once again.......miss these days when West Indies were competitive....
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TheCodedtestament: Probably the best game in the Splatterhouse franchise. Given that it was edited for the 2010 re-release there's still some value in owning an original cartridge. It's gotten really pricey these days though so be prepared to empty your wallet,It's probably too expensive for the casual player to pick up unless they're a serious fan of the genre but It's available as a bonus on the 2010 Splatterhouse or as always you can put on your pirate hat and fire up an emulator.
Simply OJ: SECOND 

Atualização iGO8 com 4 mapas do Brasil 2014