Taurus Alternator Test

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Use a meter, When you disconnect the battery it will cause damage to the alternator. The test you describe has not worked since about 88, modern computers need a steady voltage and ground to work. Ive had more cars come in for stalling or jerking due to loose connection on the battery, this confirming that most new cars will die when disconnected from a battery even if the alternator is good.

DragonTamer2345: Issue is that by doing that, you can fry the voltage regulator in a good alternator, and then you end up with a bad alternator that wasn't bad to start with.

rmcdev: This is not always the case.

daniel vela: this guy is making everything look so difficult and is not. just unplug the negative cable and if the car dies is the alternator that simple

snore lax: The fastest way is...pull a cable of the battery while it's running and if it stays running...alternator is good...if not... alternator is not good.

stylesclash101: My car has battery issues and I plan on getting a new one asap, but now I think I have an alternator problem. My car turns on but it shakes and vibrates like never before, and it's shut off while I was driving like six times.

revampted: My car starts to struggle when the electric fans come on, I does it at idle or at a stop light but once I get her going it doesn't do it. Could it be the Alternator? It cold also be the fuel filter but don't have power issues at above 20 mph

huntedFX: last time i drove my car, when i turned it off it noticed the engine was smoking. i popped the hood and it looked like the smoke was from the alternator. im not too familiar with taurus engines yet, so i dont know if it could be another factor beneath the alternator. i turned my car on again o check if the electic stuff was doing fine, and it was, i didnt get any warning lights about the alternator. does anyone know about this particlular problem? thanks. its a 2000 model.

MrMusicDreamz: I can appreciate the way you inform people but an alternator is not complicated. With all the mystery you put into such a simple thing, it's no wonder why mechanics are so hard to trust and just by this video, I can tell you folks are way overdoing the task. When your voltage gauge in your car is acting funny, many auto part places can check your electronics for free. Alternators are the easiest problem to resolve and poor folks could teach you how for almost nothing! Common sense prevails.

Ron Benson: Its really nice you guys show us how to use the devices but how about adding, where we can get these things and how expensive they are. Keep up the good work Duane

KrejciDangles: just saw the postal LLV im from boston and we do work for the post office also the trucks are actually the old chevy blazer frames mostly with the gm 2.3 in them up here...are they the same as your vehicles?

kdknitro: those mail trucks must live at your shop do you have a contract with them or somthing??

MisterMattyMo: How good of a load will turning all the electronic equipment on in your car give you? I don't have a device that can load the system :\

HP11208: cool

mazzmari: Quality troubleshooting!

AlpoR6: Thanks!
Taurus Alternator Test 5 out of 5

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Taurus Alternator Test